A reporter and a Business tycoon. – Episode -20 Written Episode

20- Apology.

Twinkle Pov-

After having my warm bath, I got dressed in red cream anarkali. I went into room drying my hairs. Here temperature is too cold and presence of fog is making it much more harder to travel, specially at night yet it’s so beautiful. We decided that no one will go anywhere far at time of early morning and night as that time presence of fog is more. Everything covered in white and top of that, this winter season is of no help. Maybe winters are always like this here. No one wants anything bad to happen, so elders have decided that no one will be travelling or going out at early morning and night. My eyes darted towards Kunj, who is sleeping on bed with his face facing ceiling. His mouth is slightly open. He looked cute. I opened window curtains and sunlight came inside room making it bright. Sun is not so bright as clouds have clouded it yet it’s rays entered inside room a little. I heard a groan from Kunj and turned around only to see him burying his face deep into pillow. Yesterday’s night is something memorable. He came to me finally. I thought he won’t be able to attend Riyan’s marriage but by god’s grace, everything is fine and he is here. I went towards him and sat on bed beside him. His black hair, I admire it a lot. They are not too long nor too short. They are just perfect and completely suits him. I ran my fingers into his hair messing them more which are already messed up. He had a slight smile on his face.


“hmm.” he had still his eyes close.

“it’s morning, wake up.”

“no.” with that he took my palm into his and hugged it tight to his chest. I looked at him quite surprised because Kunj is not like this before. He never shows his affection, atleast this is what I learnt about him in these days. What happened to him? I ignored all other thoughts. All that matters to me is Kunj is with me.

“Kunj wake up. “

“Let me sleep na. I’m tired.” I rolled my eyes.

“that’s why I asked you to not to come to Dolphin’s nose point but why would you listen to me. ” I said to him in teasing way. His eyes got opened in a swap.

“You said no because you want me to rest?” he asked confused. I nodded my head in yes.

“then why would I?” I asked him back.

“I thought because you were mad at me.”

” Forget it. I’m going down and you better get up.” I stood on my feet only to be pulled by Kunj. I landed on top of him. My one hand he is holding while other is on his shoulder to support myself from landing on him completely and his other hand is on my other arm.

“You know Twinkle how much I missed waking up to you.” I felt my cheeks burning a little. I bite my inner cheeks not to smile.

“by the way good morning Mrs. Twinkle Kunj Sarna.” with that he kissed my cheek. I looked at him shocked. He kissed me many times on my forehead but on cheek, it’s the first time. Something is wrong with Kunj. I kept my hand on his neck and on his forehead to check his body temperature.

“what are you doing Twinkle?”

“have you got fever?”


“I think this change in weather is effecting your brain.”

“why do you think so?” he asked me with his one eyebrow shot up.

“because you are acting a bit differently, I mean…” I tried to search for right word.

“am I behaving weird?” he asked me.



“you are acting a bit cheesy.” I whispered enough for him to hear.

“aren’t you liking it?” he asked little disappointed.

“why would I not?  Infact I..” I stopped realising what I’m gonna say. My eyes widened on their own accord.

“you what Twinkle?” he asked.


“yeah! you?”

“I need to take out your clothes” I said and dragged myself towards mirror where his luggage is still standing. I looked at him through mirror, who sat on bed, rufling his hairs with a smile on his lips. I smiled in return. I opened his bag and frowned looking at clothes.

“Kunj are you going to wear these business suits for marriage and rituals?” I asked looking at him by showing his clothes.

“In hurry to meet you, I only brought them.” he said sheepishly. I looked at him agape.

“what?” he asked looking at me.

“then what are you going to wear?”

“we will go for shopping.” he said casually but I didn’t replied.

“what happened? Don’t you like shopping?” he asked me.

“shopping sucks and it drains out my energy.” I said. He made a sad face.

“but I should accompany you.” I continued.

“why?” his eyes shined although.

“because your taste sucks.”

“excuse me?”

“just look at your clothes. The only colours you have is black, brown and white like you are leaving in black and white delusional. Not only this, even your night dresses are of same. Life should be like a rainbow and we need to enjoy every colour it offers. Not only in dresses but also in life, that is when it’s beauty increases.” I looked at Kunj who is in now deep thought.

“Kunj.” I said bringing him out of his thoughts.

“I never went for shopping with anyone after that day. I always did it on my own without any help so it never mattered to me how I’m looking or what I’m choosing.” he said looking into void. I didn’t said a word.

” They never cared for me. Maybe I’m that bad.” he said. Something is definitely bothering Kunj. I always thought according to my suspicious and today it got confirmed. I sat beside him, cupping his face and making him look into my eyes.

“what’s wrong Kunj? What are you saying about?” I asked him softly. His eyes showed horror.

“you know you can share anything with me. I will never judge you or will leave your side.” I said.

“I.. Twinkle…” I sighed. He doesn’t want to share.

“it’s ok Kunj. Share with me when you feel like. I will never force you. But don’t let that thing affect you.”

“I wish I could.” he whispered but I heard him enough. I went towards him and kissed on his forehead and hugged him. He hugged me back tightly as he is going to loose me if I break it. I broke it and caressed his face.

“go and get ready.” he nodded and went into washroom. Today once again after many days I had seen him so sad and heartbroken. His eyes showed some unexplainable pain. When I went to talk this with mom(Usha), she always changes topic. It pricks my heart to see him like that. I kept his clothes on bed and went towards mirror to get ready and went down to meet with everyone.

All are having breakfast and discussing about where to visit. I cared least. Something is bothering Kunj. He is in pain and he doesn’t want to say but his eyes are so expressive. They express his every emotion. His relationship with family members is also not so good.

“di. you are also coming?” asked Rinky. I looked at stairs to see Kunj coming down dressed in black sweatshirt and blue jeans. He looks fresh from his bath. He came and sat beside me. His mood is good and it matters me the most at this moment.

“di say na.”

“Rinky I’m not coming as I need to go for shopping with Kunj. In hurry he didn’t brought his function dresses.” I explained and they understood. We completed over breakfast with random talks.

City is two hours away from our hotel where we are staying, so we booked cab. All others went to see some other places while me and Kunj are heading to city for shopping. I looked outside window and as we are still in city outskirts, the view from window is breathtaking. I pulled the glass down of my window and cold breeze hit my face making me close my eyes. I smiled feeling the cold breeze. My hairs are dancing to it’s rhythm. I opened my eyes and looked at Kunj who is looking at me keenly.

‘what?’ I asked through my eyes, he nodded his head in no with smile. I frowned at him.

“you look beautiful.” he said making me smile.

“you are no less.” I replied.

“no I’m not. I look handsome.” he laughed which made me smile more. I like this bubbly Kunj more than that Kunj, who always keeps himself busy and hides that pain behind his smiley mask. I held his hand and he interlocked it further. Rest of ride went with our talks.

We are in mall and trust me in my whole life I never felt such annoyed. Kunj is picking the first dress that came infront us and saying done. I got irritated. Seriously I also do hate shopping but never ever I thought that someone can also pick dresses like it. So finally I stopped him and started picking dresses for him on my own. I picked some designer sherwanis for rituals and also a normal shirt and jeans for him.

“these sherwanis are ok but why this ?” he asked referring to that red T-shirt with white coat and white jeans.

“these are too good and will look great on you.” I said and he smiled.

“You go and try it. I will do a phone call.” He went to changing room and I went out of shop and called that person. I asked him to do something and it nearly took half an hour. I went back and Kunj stood at billing counter.

“so all are good?” I asked referring to dresses.

“yep.” he replied. Next we went to have our lunch in restaurant. We tried some south Indian dishes, which are little hard to pronounce but are too delicious to forget. Next we went to buy a watch as Kunj wanted. Then we went to buy a gift for Riyan and Rashi as Kunj want to gift them. Among all, choosing gift for Riyan and Rashi was tough. We reached hotel by 8:00pm. I took all shopping bags from Kunj and asked him to open door of our room. He looked at me like I had grown two heads, nevertheless did as I asked. He entered inside and there was a note for him asking him to come to balcony. He looked at me while I shrugged and kept our things aside in cupboard. Kunj already headed towards balcony and I followed him. I sighed in content with decorations. It’s decorated with sorry balloons and notes. There is a white roses bouquet on table and a cake beside it with ‘I’m sorry. Please forgive me.’ Decorations are as per I had described. I looked at Kunj who is looking with his mouth agape, completely flabbergasted. I’m not sure whether he liked it or not. I went to table and took roses bouquet and went back to Kunj.

“Kunj I’m truly sorry for whatever I said on that day. I never meant it. Those words came out of my mouth without my hold. At that day don’t know what came into me that I said them. I never had a right to accuse you yet I did. I feel so ashamed of myself. I can never hate you throughout my life. You are so important to me. I broke your trust with my harsh words. I never intended to hurt you and I will never in my life knowingly but I did it. I’m sorry and I mean it. I regret every word that I spoke on that night. I hurt you with my words yet you are here with me. I’m the one who always says not to jump into conclusions yet I’m the one who did it. I’m so sorry Kunj. Please forgive me. I promise I will never do that again.” I stopped as I cant speak more. Tears are blocking my eyes yet I can see his face through my blurred vision. It showed pain. My tears fell even after my efforts of holding them back. He crushed me to his heart and I let my tears flow. The regret I’m holding is making to hard for me to even take a breathe. I accused him for no reason. I don’t know why but things with him are always different. I can’t help myself. He is affecting me much more than a friend and I’m liking it.

“why are you doing this Twinkle? You are doing things that no one had ever done. I’m falling for you.” I heard him mumbling under his breathe but I ignored them as I’m not sure. I didn’t listened them clearly. I broke hug and said.

“I’m sorry. Forgive me.” I said bringing roses between us which got crushed between us during our hug.

“I forgave you long back.” he said taking them from my hand and I smiled at him.

“you sure na? You are not saying this because I’m crying.” I asked him unsure. I don’t want him to forgive me because I’m crying or saying something. I want him to forgive me genuinely. He chuckled and nodded in yes. I feel so good now. That burden is left from my heart. It made me feel light.

“come, let’s cut the cake.” I said dragging him. We both fed each other after cutting cake together.

“Today we will have dinner together?” I asked more like a question and he nodded. I hauled that small food trolly and served us. We sat on the chairs.

“all my favourite dishes just like before my departure to London.” he said and I nodded my head.

“even I’m sorry Twinkle.”

“no more sorries. Let’s have our food, it is waiting for us.” A hearty laugh came out of his mouth making me smile at him. I pray to god to keep him always this happy.

“what?” he asked me when I sat there staring at him.

“you look good when you are happy.”

“whenever I’ll be with you, I will be happy.”

“now that’s too cheesy.” I commented.

“well it’s true.”

“oh really!” with that we continued our dinner.

After completing dinner we stood near balcony. From here we can see garden area. It’s looks beautiful.

“it’s beautiful.” I said looking at garden which is filled with trees and different flowers.

“indeed it is!” said Kunj and I looked at him.

“how did you made all these arrangements? You were with me all the time.” asked Kunj.

“when we were at mall I called Riyan and asked him to make these arrangements. I wanted to apologise from so long but didn’t get chance. I was thinking to apologise from morning and a way, luckily you gave me idea. But I didn’t wrote all those notes.”

“what you have done is more for me. “

“do you want to have cake?” I asked him as we only had only one bite.

“yeah.” I went towards table and had cut two slices of it. I placed them in two plates and went back to Kunj.

“thankyou.” I nodded my head. We had dessert in silence and Kunj loves chocolate cake. I can say it by his expressions whenever he takes a spoonful into his mouth. He closes his eyes and the corners of his lips will turn upside by it’s taste.

“I brought something for you.” said Kunj once we finished having our cake.

“what?” I asked him curiously.

“this bracelet.” he said giving me a red velvet box. I opened only to get freezed on my place. It’s not any new model, it’s some kind of old model with real pearls and silver chain. Pearl beads are embedded in a way that it’s showing it’s true beauty. I used to have same model and it was so dear to me. One day I lost it when I went out. I became so upset but with passing time I forgot about it. It was given to me by my dad on my fifth birthday. It was so special.

“when did you brought this?” I asked him.

“afternoon when you were selecting gift for Riyan and Rashi. At that time, I looked at it and the only face danced in my eyes is yours. I brought it. Do you like it?” he asked me. I nodded my head.

“my dad also brought same one on my fifth birthday but I lost it. I’m so glad to have one back.” I gave it to him and asked him to make it wear me. Kunj did as I asked.

“Twinkle it looks beautiful on you like it made for you. You know this resembles you. It is made of natural pearls and shines from its naturality just like you.” he said looking at bracelet. This were the same words said by my dad to me. I felt so overwhelmed. It’s hard to get a husband like your father. Don’t know what came into me that I kissed his cheek in happiness.

“thankyou Kunj. It’s so special.” I looked at him and realised what I did. I just kissed him, maybe only on cheek but still I kissed him. I blushed looking down.

“I’m going to sleep.” I said to kill awkwardness. Once I entered inside room, I peaked out to see Kunj ruffling his hairs with a smile. I headed towards my bed and laid on it. I have gone crazy and this new feelings. God I need to understand them but they are too complicated to understand.

End of Twinkle Pov-


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