A reporter and a Business tycoon. – Episode – 21 Written Episode

Episode – 21 Insecure 

Twinkle Pov-

From today rituals of marriage will start. Today morning there is haldi (turmeric) ceremony and at evening there will be engagement. With enjoyment there will be lots of work. I sighed. Yesterday went with us visiting some other places and Kunj getting mingled up well with my cousins and relatives. I got to know a little more about him. From our marriage, I observed that Kunj is not so expressive and talks really very less. I’m the one who is more talkative but it changed from his arrival from London. This Kunj is different. He talks with me and shows his emotions unlike previous Kunj. He compliments me and flirts with me, and trust me this is the complete new shade of him. I wonder what happened to previous Kunj, not that I’m minding, it just feels so different. This is bringing closeness between us and I’m liking it and at the same time I’m dreading about it. It’s like my feelings for him are growing more and more.

“But aren’t all business tycoons are selfish and plays with others emotions? ” asked my brain and there is a immediate reply from my heart. It doesn’t agree with my brain. I’m not saying my brain is lying, it’s just stating the fact which it had stored from message given by my vision and ears. With Kunj, it’s different. He is innocent and loyal. With Kunj things were always different, he always makes me rethink about my decision regarding business tycoons. I was never into any relationship and with business tycoon, I would rather prefer to die. Now, look I’m wife of one and whose presence and absence effects me more than anything. I know where my feelings for Kunj are indicating and I don’t want it to happen and it seems like my heart cares least about my warnings I give to it. The trust and belief I got from Kunj made me give a chance to our relationship and I see a complete different shade of my perspective. Not all business tycoons’ are same instead there are good too. I met many, although still there are cunning and heartless yet, there are some who are too good. I should forget past but this insecure feeling doesn’t leaves me. I hope, it will leave me sooner. Major part of me wants to forget and move on while some part of me still dreads thinking about having liking which is in a way is more than liking towards my business tycoon.

I closed my eyes remembering that particular incident. I had a sister who is ten years elder to me. She is my cousin but our relationship was of more deeper. She was always like a second mother to me. Her name was Dhrithi. She used to live with my uncle and aunt, only few blocks away from our house. We used to meet daily and I always shared my everything with her first than others. She is my first best friend. When I was thirteen years old I got to know that My Dhrishti di fell in love with a boy, who is also a son of business tycoon. A day di said about their relationship to my uncle and aunt. They went and talked with boy as his parents were away at that time. That boy said that he used my di for fun, he was never serious. On top of that he said so cheap about my di and her family. Already di was a sensitive person, even a small word used to hurt her most. Di couldn’t take it anymore when he insulted aunt and uncle. He also said that only money matters to him as he can’t marry a middle class girl. He kept such a cheap allegations that day on my di, di committed suicide. That is the worst day of my life. Only if I could have helped her. No one can imagine the pain that she felt. All says they can, but in real no one can. Aunt and uncle shifted to Kashmir where their son got job. That day I took oath not to believe any business tycoon. They all are money minded. I lost most important person of my life because of money. How can someone play with anyone’s emotions? I know what my di did was wrong but I can’t even say it’s completely her fault. She is such a sensitive person and her family and their respect was always prior to her. I wish di was alive.

“Twinkle where are you lost? Why are you crying?” I snapped out of my thoughts after listening to Kunj’s voice. His voice filled with concern. I didn’t know I was crying. I wiped my tears.

“remembered a not so good past incident instead, it is worst.” I said. He looked confused but said nothing. He cupped my face and my eyes stared deep into his. Those eyes holds some spell. It always makes me hypnotized and the warmth I get from it makes feel so good just like now. He didn’t said a word, instead hugged me like he knows what’s going inside my brain. I reciprocated. I don’t want to talk about it, atleast not now when ceremony is going to start in half an hour. His hug provided me warmth, assurance and comfort and I leaned more into it. After breaking it, I looked at him. He is wearing a Yellow sherwani with white pajama complimenting my yellow anarkali. He looked good.

“let’s go.”

Haldi ceremony is held in garden of this hotel. It is decorated beautifully with yellow and white roses. Riyan and Rashi sat in their places with a yellow transparent cloth as partition. First elders’ started to apply turmeric to both groom and bride. Then it’s our- younger ones’ turn. I went first ahead and applied it to Rashi and then to Riyan. Soon it turned into turmeric fight. Everyone got drenched in turmeric except me as I dodged every other who came to apply it on me. There are only little turmeric spots that too here and there on me. Everyone are looking so funny. We all went into our respective rooms to get freshen up. I entered our room and sight in front of me… I started to laugh so hard. There stood Kunj, drenched in turmeric, looking so funny yet so cute. I laughed so hard that it became difficult for me to breath. He looked at me with anger, before you can get any another thought I want to say I’m having really hard time in controlling my laugh.

“what’s so funny?” he asked irritated.

“you.” I said in between my laugh. He rolled his eyes.

“how come anyone had not applied turmeric to you?” he asked.

“well because I’m smart. I dodged everyone who came to apply.” I said proudly.

“then I’m much smarter then you.” he said.

“what?” I asked in confusion. His eyes danced in mischief. He started walking towards me and my laugh died when I noticed his movements. I took a step back with his every step towards me. I stopped when my back touched to the closed door. Kunj stood in front of me, deadly close blocking my way with his hands kept on either side of me. My heart started a marathon race and my breathing became little heavy. His eyes are showing some different emotion which is hard to decipher. His face moved close towards me, our noses are touching and his lips were hardly inches away from mine. I blinked my eyes trying to anticipate his next move. He hugged me tightly by rubbing his left cheek with my left one. I closed my eyes as new feelings started to erupt inside me. He broke hug and I opened my eyes. He had a smirk on his face. My eyes widened in realization. My dress got drenched in turmeric from his and my face too. My cheeks brightened from his before action.

“now don’t you think I’m smarter than you?” he asked huskily by bringing his lips close to my ears. I didn’t said anything. This effects me a lot. He moved away and winked at me. He took a towel and went into washroom whistling while I stood on my spot rooted intaking every moment of the incident which happened just seconds before. This is what I was talking about when I said in change of behaviour. I took deep breaths to calm my racing heart.


I looked at my reflection in mirror. I wore a red saree with my hairs open. I did a minimal makeup. I looked good. Door of room got opened and there stood Kunj in black shirt with black jeans and black blazer. He looked like Greek god. I looked at his face in mirror. His face held shock with his mouth little agape. I felt my cheeks getting heated under his intense gaze. He came out of his trance when the person on phone shouted. He ended call after clearing his throat. I smiled.

After replacing things I had used, I turned around only to loose my balance after colliding into something hard. I closed my eyes in fear of meeting ground with my body but that not happened. I opened my eyes when I didn’t felt anything such only to get lost in those beautiful eyes. I can never get sick by looking at him. I’m in Kunj’s arms with his hands around my waist. It’s completely filmy scene. I stood on my feet.

“it’s sin to look this gorgeous.” I gave him ‘you-are-back-to-flirt-mode’ and was about to say those words but stopped myself from doing so. His eyes didn’t held those mischief look instead I saw love and admiration in them. I don’t know what to reply.

“you are beautiful both in and out.” he said kissing my cheek. I guess I don’t need any blush to my cheeks when I have a person because of whom my cheeks get blushed naturally.

“you look good.” came words out of my mouth. He gave me his hand which I got hold of it gladly and we went hand in hand with ours fingers entwined.

All other functions will held in function hall which is also a part of this hotel. It’s decorated as per the taste of Rashi and Riyan. Mom is looking at last moment arrangements. There came Manohar dad and Usha mom with cutie pie Riya. I took blessings of them while Riya jumped into Kunj’s arms.

“mom, bhaiyya and Bhabhi?” I asked them.

“he got some important work and Maya wants to be with him.” I nodded my head in yes.

“Chachi. You look so cute.” said Riya coming into my arms.

“less than you cutie pie.” I said and kissed her cheeks. Mom and dad took seats while Riya stood with us. I talked with Riya for a while occasionally giving her kisses on cheek while Kunj got a call. There came some kids and Riya went with them to play. I went to bring Riyan into his room.

“Riyan. you are still not ready?” I asked him when he is making his hairs.

“why so hurry?” he asked.

“everyone are waiting for you.” I said stating the fact and crossing my arms.

“huh. Let them. I should look good afterall it’s my first engagement.”

“as people gets engaged oftenly.” I remarked sarcastically.

“Jealous of me haa?” he asked winking at me. At times Riyan gets on my nerves and this is one of them. If I’ll say anything he will retort back and will eat my head more. I don’t want any such.

“shall we?” I asked him once he was done.

“wait.” he held my arm stopping me in mid way.

“you are for first time looking good, I mean like a human.” he said.

“you don’t have a death wish. do you?” I asked him seriously to which he chuckled. Someone knocked saying mom is calling us so we went down.

After 10 minutes of our arrival at stage Rashi came looking drop dead gorgeous with her friends.

“Riyan close you mouth else fly will get inside.” I said clearing imaginary fly. Rashi came and stood beside Riyan. I brought rings towards them but backed off when Riyan was about to take.

“what?” he asked irritated.

“so desperate to make Rashi yours.” I said and he looked down embarrassed. All smiled at my comment while Rashi blushed bright red.

“my dear Riyan bro, you will get rings only if you propose Rashi in front of us.” I said and he looked like I had grown horns.

“no.” he said determined.

“ok forget about engagement.” I said and was about to turn but stopped when I heard his voice.

“Rashi marry me?” to Rashi and then he turned towards me and said “now give.”

“tch tch not such proposal bro. It should be of proper stating your feelings and most importantly Rashi should accept it.” I said and he must be planning ways to murder me. He looked completely pissed off. All started to support me. I know I’m getting on his nerves but as he said engagement comes only once, so don’t this moment deserves to be special. He sighed when he got I’m not going to back off. Well this is the promise I made to him in one of our little fights stating that I will make him propose his bride in front of all and a secret- ‘he secretly wanted this.’

Riyan went on his knee and all hooted for him.

“Rashi you are so important to me. I love you unconditionally. I promise to be on your side in every point of our life. Will you marry me?” he asked. All looked at him with awe including me,

“yes.” he gave me a winning smile and I chuckled giving him rings. Rings got exchanged and all clapped for them.

Everyone started to congratulate them by giving some gifts and taking pictures by making memories. I smiled looking at Riyan and Rashi. They both look happy. I sighed in content. I went into dining area to check on food items. I looked at dining arrangements then I turned around to bump into someone. I got hold on my balance in second and looked at person. There stood one of my aunt. She had that disgusting look in her eyes. I sighed. This had became common to me. I don’t know why people are thinking everything when they don’t have slightest idea about actual story. Another encounter regarding that incident, because of which I got married to Kunj. Thinking about Kunj brought an unknown smile to my face.

“how are you Twinkle?” she asked with fake extra sweetness. I wanted to roll my eyes but I ignored it. Instead I smiled at her.

“I’m good. What about you aunty? ” I asked her.

“I’m as good as always.” she said air coating her words. I nodded and was about to leave but she stopped me.

“you didn’t invited me for your marriage? ” she asked. I know she wants to push my buttons but I need to be keep calm. This day is special to Riyan and I don’t want to create any scene. She wanted me to marry her son. She asked my dad many times regarding that but dad never gave any response. He said that “it will be my choice. Only I have right to decide who to marry. ” Even her son is not interested in me. We talked about it but she never budges back. She always tries way to make spend some time with her son. Her this gesture made us little close as friends and nothing else. Who will make this understand to this woman?  She is hell bent in making me her son’s wife.

“it went in hurry so got no time. I’m sorry for that. ” I apologised politely.

“even I would have never come. ” she mumbled but I heard her.

“excuse me? ” I asked her pretending like I had not heard.

“nothing child. Have a happy life. ” with that she gave me a tight smile and went. I sighed and went inside function hall.

After a while all went to dining area to have their dinner. I went to Kunj and Riya, who is now in Kunj’s arms.

“chachi. I’m hungry. ” she pouted making me smile at her.

“come to me. Let’s have dinner. ” I said taking her into my arms from Kunj. Kunj chuckled looking at Riya, who is making cute expressions.

“see chachu, chachi loves me more than you. ” she stucked her tongue out. Even Kunj stucked his tongue out. I laughed looking at him.

“what? ” he asked. He looks cute.

“nothing. ” we went to dining area. Riya sat in between me and Kunj. We both fed her together. She looks tired. She must played too much today. After feeding her we had ours own. Riya wants to sleep with us and we agreed for it.

After changing into night dress we trio sat on bed with Riya blabbering about everything she did in our absence. After a while she stopped.

“what happened Riya? ” asked Kunj.

No reply.

“baby what’s wrong? ” he asked softly holding her hand. She jerked her hand back and shifted little close to me. He looked at me surprised while I shrugged.

“what happened Riya? ” I asked her with hope she will share with me.

“chachi say to chachu that I’m not talking with him.” she pouted angrily.

“why Riya? ” asked Kunj.

No reply again.

“why baby? ” I asked her, shifting close to her.

“he left without informing me. He is bad. I won’t talk to him. ” she said angrily. Kunj looked at me pleadingly for any help while I shrugged helplessly.

“I’m sorry Riya, my baby. ” Kunj sugar coated his words. I wanted to laugh at the way they sounded. Completely funny.

“go chachu I’m not talking. I’m here only for my chachi. ” she hugged me.

“please my sweet baby. ” I coughed awkwardly to control my laugh at his words.

“no means no. ” she nodded her head side to side.

“what should I do so I can earn forgiveness from my sweet Riya?” he asked hopefully.

“firstly stop calling me with that names. I hate it. ” she said showing her palm then continued “do five sit ups then only I’ll forgive you. ” she sounded serious in her baby voice. Kunj looked at her shocked.

“OMG five sit-ups. No way they are too many. ” I giggled at his dramatic answer.

“if you want my forgiveness then you need to do. ” she said peeking at him then again turning her back to him.

“they are tough but I’ll do it for my Riya. ” he said. Riya looked at him like he is joking. These both are amazing. Kunj stood in front of bed while Riya stood on bed with her hands on her hips. Too much cuteness for her age. Kunj started doing sit-ups while Riya started to count with her baby fingers. Kunj did slowly so that Riya could take her time to process both Kunj sit-ups and her count with her little fingers.

“am I forgiven? ” he asked after completing.

“I’ll think and say tomorrow. ” she said. Kunj looked at her with shocked written on his face. I laughed out not controlling my laugh.

“why are you laughing chachi? ” asked Riya innocently.

“nothing baby. ” she jumped into my lap and started to play with my hairs. From corner of my eye, I looked at Kunj, who is now having a smirk on his face. He went near cupboard and came back with his right hand behind, hiding something.

“I brought chocolates for Riya but Riya is not talking to me then I should eat them all alone. ” he sighed dramatically. Riya looked at him from my embrace. Kunj controlling his smile. He is definitely going to win this.

“but those are my chocolates. ” said Riya jumping from me on bed,  in front of Kunj.

“but you are not talking to me na.” Kunj with same sad expression.

“but I’m na see. ” she is smart. Kunj took two seconds to what to say next.

“but I’ll give this chocolates only if you forgive me. ” he said by supressing his smile.

“OK. ” Riya said after thinking for a second.

“I even want kiss. ” said Kunj. Riya jumped on him and gave him a sloppy kiss. I laughed looking at him.

“sorry. “said Kunj and kissed her cheek. Riya sat least interested trying her best open chocolate wrapper. When she got that she can’t do it, she came to me. I opened it for her. She took first bite smudging little at corner of her lips. She looked at Kunj and said.

“chachu you should say sorry to chachi also. ” said Riya.

“why? ” I spoke after really long.

“because he didn’t inform you also na. “she said innocently.

“sorry Twinkle. ” said Kunj before I could protest.

“and kiss also. ” she demanded. I looked at her wide eyed.

“what? ” came out word without my concern.

“yes chachi. Whenever chachu says sorry na then he also kisses me on my cheek. ” she said pointing towards her cheek.

“do chachu. ” she demanded. I looked at Kunj who is scratching his neck in awkward.

Kunj bent towards me and I closed my eyes when he is enough near. His lips touched my cheek making tingles pass all over my body. I opened my eyes when he shifted back. He looked at me with adoration while I looked away in shy. Riya jumped and hugged both of us together.

“come let’s sleep. It’s time for bed. “I said after she broke hug. I took chocolates and kept it on side table. She laid in middle with Kunj on her left and me on her right. I adjusted her blanket around her short frame. I and Kunj, both started to pat her,  I on her chest while Kunj on head. She took both of our hands into hers and hugged it close to her chest closing her eyes. I looked at Kunj at our hand contact who is already looking at me. I shifted my eyes to this little angel and kissed on her forehead.

“goodnight baby. ” I said and laid beside her turning towards her completely.

Kunj kissed her forehead wishing her goodnight then bent more forward and kissed my forehead.

“good night Twinkle. ” His this little gestures makes me so happy. He also laid beside Riya facing her. I closed my eyes shifting more towards Riya. I smiled when Kunj held my hand with Riya’s in mine. Such moments make great memories.

End of Twinkle Pov


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