Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 18th January 2019 Written Episode Update: Pankti accused of theft Written Episode

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Aarya prepares a chocolate cake for Guddu and thinks Guddu must be happy with his favorite cake. Mandagini comes there and asks her to prepare some sweets for her brother’s birthday. Aarya says Mandagini is fond of fighting, but she and Guddu are happy and will soon marry each other.
Bari Amma and Prachi come to Pankti and her mother and demand for their house rent. Pankti says her intentions are right but she needs some time to collect the money. Bari Amma strictly demands her to bring the rent by tonight. Pankti accepts the challenge. Bari Amma tells Prachi that this time she doesn’t want any problem in her Sahil and Vaidika’s life. She tells her idea to Prachi.
Guddu returns home. Aarya runs to wish him and slips over a banana peel that Mandagini left in the yard. Guddu holds Aarya saving her from fall. Mandagini comes into the house with the ladies of neighborhood; blaming Aarya’s character. The ladies hold Aarya to blacken her face. Vaidika comes there and stops the ladies. She forbids the ladies to interfere in their personal matter. The ladies say they also have young children and will be badly affected by all this. Sahil reaches from behind and questions what’s happening here? Sahil says Aarya and Guddu are both adult, and our country’s law allow them to spend a desirous life. Aarya didn’t push them out because of Vaidika’s brought up, she and Guddu didn’t cross their limits only because of values given by Vaidika as a single mom. He requests them to leave. Afterwards, Aarya cries hugging Sahil. Sahil assures her that everything is fine. Vaidika says she trusts them, but she wants to speak to them about what happened. Sahil doesn’t let Mandagini inside and requests her to leave the house. He picks up the banana peel and hands it to Mandagini to throw it in the trash bin.
Pankti rejects Bari Amma’s accusation and says she sold her mother’s gold bangles to pay the rents and didn’t steal any jewelry. Her mother pleads them that Pankti isn’t a thief, she has seen a lot since childhood and didn’t steal anything. Prachi winks at Bari Amma before opening the suitcase. She calls Bari Amma to attention after bringing about the jewelry from the suitcase. She accuses Pankti for stealing the jewelry. She paid the house rent by selling one of their earrings. Pankti tries to clarify herself and request them to let Vaidika and Sahil come. Bari Amma instead drags Pankti outside, recalling her promise with Tej Pratab.
Vaidika tells Aarya that they live in a society where all of this isn’t allowed. She wish them to… Aarya says she is ready to marry Guddu. Mandagini watches this from the door. Vaidika was happy and hugs Aarya. Aarya tells Guddu she is sure he will be a good husband. Guddu was tensed that if they find out he has left his job and has rented a taxi, he wonders if Aarya would accept her or not? Vaidika notices that Guddu was lost. Aarya asks Guddu if he wants to marry her, or there is some problem. Guddu replies he is happy and can’t live without her, they must fix the dates. Aarya wish to have an engagement. Sahil sends her to showroom to select a ring for herself. Aarya and Guddu leave in excitement. Sahil asks Vaidika if there is something she is incapable of doing. He can’t remember a portion of his life, but he is sure they had a good time. He wants to relive those years. Vaidika wipes her tears and says she also wish so. Sahil calms himself down and holds his arms open for Vaidika, requesting a single hug. Vaidika holds her arms while sobbing. Sahil hugs her.

PRECAP: Pankti was angry that Bari Amma insulted her and her mother. She is here only to fulfil a promise. Sahil and Vaidika had arrived, Sahil asks what promise. Pankti says she will now have to tell him.

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