Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 22nd January 2019 Written Episode Update: Sahil feels about Vaidika and his relation Written Episode

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Mandagini calls the family downstairs to see what she has shopped. Guddu tells Mandagini that even groom’s family has to gift to a bride. Nani comes to inspect all the shopping and finds it all a cheap one. Guddu asks Mandagini why she bought all the cheap things for Aarya. Mandagini argues she can’t let him loot everything for Aarya. Vaidika tells Guddu that gifts are only for Shagun, what matters is the love and intentions. Sahil also sides Vaidika. Aarya asks Guddu to improve his mood now. Sahil sends them to get ready for the Haldi ritual.
Vaidika was getting ready for the function in the room. Sahil comes to the room and helps her tie the pin of her blouse. He tells Vaidika that she might assume he is crossing his limits, but he feels a strange connection between them. He promises nothing such will happen again, I am sorry. Vaidika sobs while he turns to leave. When he has left, Vaidika says Sahil is feeling their deepened relation. She was thankful to God and wish to be able to tell Sahil they are spouses. She thinks may be Sahil isn’t any more shocked to hear this.
During the function, Aarya takes Vaidika to dance with her. Sahil also insists on Vaidika. Pankti and Vaidika dance together. Sahil join them and comes to dance with Vaidika. The family join the dance.
After the Haldi ritual, Sahil goes to wash hands. She thinks she knows what she must now do. She comes to Pankti and asks her about her medicine. She tells her to check if she forgot in the washroom.
Pankti comes to washroom. She and Sahil open the door together at the same time, and slip in the washroom together. Sahil watches them with each other. Pankti comes out and complains to her mother for deliberately sending her inside. Her mother says she knows Pankti won’t do anything for herself. Pankti says Vaidika is Sahil’s wife and is sacrificing herself and her love; how can she interfere in their matter?
Vaidika stood in front of the temple and prays for the strength to be able to tell Sahil that they share such a pious and deep relation.
Pankti’s mother swears her to forward her relation with Sahil.

PRECAP: Pankti sends Vaidika to tell Sahil everything they share. Vaidika comes to Sahil. Sahil asks if there is something special between them? Vaidika replies yes.

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