Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 2nd February 2019 Written Episode Update: Pankti leaves Agarwal house Written Episode

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Sahil comes to Vaidika’s house and knocks at her door, calling her from outside that he needs to speak to her. Aarya opens the door, her eyes filled with tears. Sahil says he needs to explain everything to Vaidika. Aarya doesn’t let him in, she complains that she trusted Sahil a lot but no more; he has broken her mother’s heart. Her mother had a tough life but she was never as helpless as now. A woman can’t bear her husband sleep with another woman in front of her. Today she lost her trust over every man in the world. Sahil tries to convince her as Chota Packet, but Aarya forbids him call her with this name again. He has lost the right of her mother’s husband, her, Ved and the baby’s father. She shouts at him to leave, she can’t let him meet her mother. Vaidika cries inside while Aarya push Sahil out of the house. The neighbors gather to see them shouting around. The neighbors gossip that this Sahil is crazy for Vaidika but Vaidika continue using him as a toy. Sahil continues shouting from outside the house. Usha and Mandagini watch the drama and decides to call the police.
The police comes to take Sahil with them, as he disturbed the peace of neighbors. Sahil was stubborn and not ready to leave. The police men use their sticks to beat Vaidika. They handcuffed Sahil, but Sahil still shouted for Vaidika to come outside.
At Agarwal house, Bari Amma gives a bag filled with money to Pankti and tells her to leave this house. Her mother comes to protect her daughter and says Pankti won’t leave this house. Sahil filled her hairline with sindoor and even shared bed with her. Pankti is the daughter in law of this family. Sahil came over as their protector, he has now turned into a trouble for them. She sits on the floor and says she won’t leave until her daughter gets her rights, no matter this brings disgrace to Agarwal family. Pankti tells her mother that she doesn’t want any insult for anyone. She came into this house because of Sahil but decided to stay here for Vaidika only. But she has no greed for the money and won’t stay in this house anymore. She takes her bags and leave the house.
Vaidika apologizes the neighbors and police for causing the disturbance. It was their personal matter and they should have resolved it inside. The police advise her to resolve their matters inside the walls of the house. Afterwards, Sahil thanks Vaidika for saving him once again. She is angry but still loves him. He promises to sort everything out for her. Sahil tells Vaidika his love for her is special, his life, and hear beats for her only. He can fix everything like earlier. They are his life. As far as Pankti is concerned, her life is endangered. Vaidika asks Sahil if he is done. Sahil insists on her to go back home. Vaidika says she has this reply for all his questions, a No. nothing proves that there was nothing between him and Pankti that night, still he doesn’t want Pankti to leave his house. She can’t bear anything else, forgiving him will be against her self-respect and limits. He must leave and never again shout in her streets. He must understand she just gave birth to a baby who needs her, he can at least pity on her. She joins her hands for him to leave her life and let her live peacefully. Sahil leaves home while being distressed about his past with Vaidika.
Aarya furiously broke the name plate outside their house. Guddu comes to stop her as she might hurt herself. Aarya shouts at Guddu to leave, all men are alike. The neighborhood ladies accuse the women of these house for never having successful marriages. Vaidika comes to counter the ladies, and asks if they don’t have anything to do at their own houses. Guddu tries to explain, Aarya was furious over him. Vaidika insists on Aarya to give her marriage one chance at least. Aarya says men always betray. Vaidika says may be she is responsible for what Aarya thinks about men but she must believe in her marriage for once.
Sahil comes to Agarwal house. Pankti’s mother cries in front of him and requests him to save her daughter. Pankti left home. Sahil wasn’t attending phone call. He had promised to protect Pankti and if her father knows about it she might lose her life. Sahil wonders why Pankti would do so. Bari Amma says Pankti is a shrewd girl and must have think she will compel him follow her. Pankti’s mother questions Sahil if he didn’t marry her. Sahil tries to explain it was to protect her. Her mother says Sahil must now do what she asks him to. Pankti’s mother warns them a suicide if Pankti is hurt. Sahil promises to do something and doesn’t listen to Bari Amma. Bari Amma thinks this woman is exceptionally cunning, she must end this Pankti’s story forever. She can’t let Sahil’s married life ruined so easily and will bring Vaidika and her grandson back into the house.
Aarya goes inside. Vaidika assures Guddu that Aarya is angry now, she will soon be fine and back to Guddu. Guddu thanks Vaidika and asks if he can call her Maa. He promises to win Aarya’s heart. Vaidika advices Guddu that once the trust between the two people breaks, even love is lesser for them.

PRECAP: Vaidika brings Sahil to Agarwal house and hands his file to Pankti. Sahil tries to stop her but she doesn’t. Pankti was walking in the street when the activists ladies try to throw boiling water over her face.

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