Aap Ke Aa Jaane Se 5th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Evil powers in Agarwal house Written Episode

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Bari Amma comes into the old store room. The light bulb there flash. She thinks she unlocked this door after years. She never thought she would reopen this door, and never thought this past would haunt her like this. She comes towards the wall on the window. All of a sudden, someone begins to throw boxes and wooden rods on the floor of the room. Bari Amma was terrified and runs towards the door. The door was slapped lock.
The family sat for Pooja that Bari Amma had arranged. Pandit ji asks for Bari Amma. Deepak thinks he won’t enjoy creating the drama until Bari Amma is here. He opens the door of the store room, Bari Amma slaps Deepak for coming over really late. Deepak says the door was opened. He asks why Bari Amma had to come over to this store room. Bari Amma watches a shadow over the wall of the store room and screams again. Deepak couldn’t see anything and was still confused. Bari Amma leaves.
In the hall, before Pooja Deepak wished to tell them about a secret. He tells the family that it’s extremely difficult to live without a companion in life. Prachi has chosen a life partner for herself. He blames he has seen Prachi come out of this driver’s room. He had seen this driver in a vest in his room. Even Prachi’s pregnancy file was also found in Prachi’s room. Puneesh always taunted Prachi for being infertile, and as soon as the driver entered, Prachi conceived the child. The fault lied with Puneesh. He pressurizes Prachi to speak up about their relation. Prachi accepts that they have a relationship, but this man isn’t a driver. He is the father to their child, Puneesh Tiwari. Deepak smirks, leaving everyone else in a state of shock. Deepak boasts that the truth is finally out. He tells Prachi he knew this, and wanted Prachi to speak this truth. He unveils the tattoo on Puneesh’s hand and says he spotted it in the morning, he understood them that this isn’t any Lakhan Singh but Puneesh Tiwari. He now pulls the fake beard off Puneesh’s face. Bari Amma comes to slap Prachi on her face, and questions why she brought this criminal into the house getting him released from the jail. Vaidika was furious over Puneesh and blames he deliberately came in front of their car to enter the house. Sahil pushed Puneesh out of the house. Puneesh requests them that he has changed, and realizes the importance of a family. His wife is expecting and needs his support, he requests Bari Amma for a chance. Vaidika thinks about all the past sins of Puneesh, she says it’s not possible. She questions how Prachi can forgive Puneesh after all his betrayals. Prachi defended her stance and says every relation undergoes ups and downs; but she has all the reasons to trust him once more. She requests Bari Amma to let Puneesh stay in the house. Vaidika wasn’t ready for this. Prachi brings a knife and deters to kill her child otherwise. Sahil stops Prachi and says this man can stay in this house, but only for the sake of her child. He assures Vaidika to keep an eye over Puneesh. He clarifies to Prachi he can’t ever forgive this man. Next time, if anyone intervenes, he won’t listen to anyone. Prachi promises his innocence. Puneesh also swears to his child to be.
During the pooja, Pandit ji asks everyone to shut their eyes. All of a sudden, the lights begin to flash and the candle flame goes out. Pandit ji runs out of fear of evil powers in the house. Vaidika convinces Bari Amma that they live in 21st century, there must surely be some reason behind whatever is happening. Bari Amma tells Vaidika if she can’t find out about it, she will go to any extent to protect her family from these evil powers.

PRECAP: There were strange developments in the house. The Shastri warns them against the power of 333. A young man comes to Agarwal house.

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