Adhoore Hum, Adhoore Tum : Chapter-15 (Last Chapter) Written Episode

Hi guys! How are you all? So now I’ve a new chapter of the story as I said earlier the next chapter of this story is here. The story is at its end. Thank you all for the support you people gave me. Enjoy reading this. And yeah I have a negative for you all at the last. So do read that. Happy reading.




Chapter-15 (They Come Together)




Sanchi locked herself up in her room and refused to accompany the family for the puja. Her family understood that she was having another panic attack and were about to cancel going to the temple for the puja when Kabir convinced them to go telling that he would stay back with Sanchi and take care of her. After they had all left, Kabir knocked at her door but she did not open.


Kabir then remarked in a loud voice, “I’m going to make tea for both of us. Come out!” A perfect silence met his words. He said again, “I’m making tea for the first time.” The door and Sanchi did not budge even then. He then said aloud, “I might spill it on my hands because I don’t know how to make.” There was no sound from Sanchi’s room. Suddenly Kabir loud scream of pain echoed through the entire house. Sanchi can running out and held Kabir’s arms in her hands with tears in her eyes asking, “Where did you spill the tea? I’ll bring ice cubes from the fridge… Where did I keep the ointment for the burns… I’ll call Ma!”


Kabir immediately burst out laughing, “Just look at you! I was pleading a second before asking you to come out and you did not budge even an inch and now you go literally crazy with fear telling “Where did you spill the tea? I’ll bring ice cubes from the fridge… Where did I keep the ointment for the burns… I’ll call Ma!’ and all that stuff.”


Sanchi was peeved for a moment that Kabir had cheated her into opening the door. He held a cup of tea in front of her eyes. Both of them sat down and completed their tea. After she had cooled down a bit, he asked, “What brought it on?” She said softly, “That saree! I feel like that whenever I’m asked to wear a saree!” Kabir sounded surprised, “What?” She continued, “Yes! A saree! It reminds me of my horrendous marriage and all that I went through with him. When I wear it, it feels as though a slimy snake has been wrapped around my whole body and it would choke me and dip its poisonous fangs into me any minute.”


Kabir said, “Whoa! This was a new one for me. Not that I insist that you wear a saree, but I really think that you should let go of your past and all the painful memories attached with it just like me. If you allow your past to control you, it will never leave you for life. Just let go of everything and start afresh.” Sanchi remarked with tears in her eyes, “Advising is easier than actually practicing. You would never be able to guess how it feels!”


Kabir said, “I know how it must feel that’s why I telling you to let go. I agree that you got hurt in the past and that horrible experience was real. But what you are doing now is rebuilding the phantom of that experience by not letting go. Your present has nothing to do with your past, then why are you conjuring it up again in your imagination and giving it a new birth? Sanchi, do you trust me? Will you just give yourself into my hands for ten minutes without thinking or questioning about anything?” Sanchi replied, “I will! When I’m ready to trust myself with you for a life time, ten minutes is too small in comparison.”


Kabir gently cupped her face in his palms and kissed away her tears from her eyes. She could feel him sucking away her salty tears with his sweet and hot lips which pressed upon her eyes and her cheeks. It was as though he wanted to absorb all the salt, the bitterness and the poison of what she had experienced, leaving her behind only with the sweetness, the ecstasy and the immortality of the nectar of love. All the unshed tears and pain of those years started coming to her eyes in a flood. He continued kissing them away until they stopped. She felt as though she had been purged of all that negativity she had absorbed within herself and couldn’t remove out of her psyche.


Kabir encompassed her within his soft and caring arms assuring her that nothing bad could happen to her as long as he was there. He continued whispering in her ears in a soft, husky and manly baritone that he would always shield her from all her problems in life. He would be there with her for a life-time and would never desert her. He gently picked her up in his arms and took her to her room as carefully and as safely as if she were the most precious treasure on earth for him.


Kabir gently placed her on the ground like a feather and caught hold of her waist to steady her. She felt as though a shock of current had passed through her entire body on his touch. She shivered like a leaf blown over in a storm of unknown and unnameable emotions which took control over her. A soft excitement and exhilaration started creeping all over her with his every touch. He gently removed the night gown she was wearing and took the saree which lay on her bed. He carefully continued covering and draping her in it.


Nikhil never made her feel love even though he tried to disrobe her and force himself on her. While Kabir made her feel love for him and make love to him even when he was clothing her and not invading her self or privacy in any way. He had touched her at the innermost core of her being. She felt happy to be a woman and entrust her entire body and soul to his caressing touch. She was healed of all her hurt at that moment.


Kabir carefully brushed aside her hair from her face and started combing it and making it into pleats. Then he took all her accessories and ornaments and made her wear them one by one. He unlocked her golden chain and placed it around her neck. He gently caressed her back and kissed it before moving her pleated hair to the front and locking the chain. He caught her wrists and gently slid her golden bangles on both her hands before brushing them against his hot and passionate lips.


Then Kabir took her waist band and encircled his arms around her slim and slender waist. He began tracing circles all around her waist leaving a trail of goose bumps behind while slipping the waist band around her. Now he gently made her wear her ear rings softly whispering “I love you” in both of her ears while doing so. He then took her nose stud and fixed it to her nose while softly touching her nose with his nose. He took her bindi and affixed it to her forehead while smiling softly at her and touching her forehead gently with his. He then took her kajal and eyeliner and highlighted her eyes and blew a hot breath of air so that they would not become smudgy. He carefully applied the lipstick to her quivering lips. He adjusted it evenly by gently wiping with the edges with his own kurta to make it look perfect.


At last Kabir made a black mark on her left cheek before saying, “Do you know how beautiful you look now? You are almost looking like a bride. I just can’t take my eyes off you. I could hold you in these arms of mine forever. And that black spot is to prevent you from even my own evil eye!”


It takes just a second or minute of brute force to tatter the self-respect and self-esteem of a woman and make her fall in her own eyes. But to restore that same self-respect and self-esteem and make her rise in her own eyes takes someone so exceptional like Kabir. It was as if the floodgates of a dam had been opened that very minute. When two people love each other so much, there comes a time in their relationship when they can’t prevent themselves from physically expressing their mutual togetherness. All inhibitions between them die down. That point came for Sanchi and Kabir too who had gone too far in their love for each other to hold them back. All such notions began looking redundant in their eyes.


Sanchi had been controlling all her emotions and feelings till now. But not anymore! She hugged him so tightly that not even air could pass between them. He too passionately returned her hug. After all, there was nothing more that both of them wanted so badly but to be each other’s. Kabir lifted her and made her stand on his feet with one hand while he continued to greedily caress her entire face, cheeks, and lips with his other hand.


He started nuzzling the back of her ear while whispering soft nothings. She turned her back towards him in her shyness. He pulled her with a jerk towards him by pulling the end of her saree. He slid his hand beneath her saree and tightly clasped her waist in his hands. Her breathing became constricted and her chest started heaving up and down in an uneven manner. He kissed the back of her neck again and again while she was scratching half circles on the floor with the tip of her right toe.


With a quick movement he turned her to the front and pinned her against the wall with one of his hands while he brought her closer to himself with the other. He planted hot passionate kisses on her neck, her cheeks, all over her face and finally on her lips. In her exhilaration, she dug her nails into his back literally drawing blood from it. He had waited for thirty years of his life to give himself completely to someone while she had waited twenty-seven years to experience the joy of womanhood with the person whom she loved.


Only at this juncture did both of them realize what they were about to do and pulled themselves back. She hastily fixed as much of herself and her saree as she could in one minute. They could wait until they became man and wife and until nobody could ever have the power to part them before experiencing all this together. He apologized to her, “You trusted me and I was about to do this to you even before our marriage! I ought to be ashamed of myself. I don’t know how I lost control over myself. But you were looking so beautiful that I just could not resist myself. Forgive me, Sanchi.”


Sanchi softly said, “You didn’t do anything wrong or anything that I didn’t want to happen between us. I think both of us got carried away by our emotions. You’re right all this can wait till our marriage.” Kabir corrected her, “I didn’t mean exactly that. A kiss now and then and a hug here and there would be alright. But please do cut your nails the next time we attempt something exciting like this. You literally drew blood out of me, Lady Dracula!” She caught hold of his ear and twisted it in her hand saying, “You naughty boy!”


Kabir and Sanchi had a cold shower in their respective rooms and changed their clothes before they re-joined each other in the hall. They discussed what they should do after all that had happened between them. They could not hide their feelings for each other either from their families or from the rest of the world. They had gone too far for even concealment. Though physically both of them had not lost their virginity, but that was only a mere formality as far as their hearts were concerned.


Kabir told Sanchi, “I’ll speak to your Papa as soon as he comes back. I’ll also clarify to him that we stamped over his favourite flowers and not Sunny. It’s really unfair that your brother got grounded for our mistake. Your brother has his cricket tournament also. He will not be able to participate in it. So if we don’t speak up even now, it will be really unfair on our part.”


Sanchi too agreed to whatever he said. She asked, “Does Kusum aunty know about us?” He replied, “Yes, she has known about us since long back. She was the one who asked me to come here and solve all the matters. But I’ll call her up and tell her that you have forgiven me and that we are a couple now.” She questioned, “A couple? Did you propose to me at any point of time? I don’t remember you did that though!”


Kabir dropped down on his knees and took her right hand in his and said, “Will you be mine, Sanchi? I’ve waited so long only for you. My life is meaningless without you. You’re my life breath. My life will stop without you. I don’t have a ring with me just now. But it will come later. I hope you will understand that. Will you marry me?” Sanchi smiled through her tears telling, “I love you Kabir. You are my whole world to me. If I was able to open up and make myself give my life and love a second chance, it was only because of you. Thank you for coming into my life and making it meaningful and worth living.” Both their faces were a picture of joy and fulfilment.


Just then, they were interrupted by Sanchi’s family who had returned from the temple after the puja, and saw both of them while Kabir was proposing to Sanchi. Dr. Reddy was initially angry that both Sanchi and Kabir had hidden all this from him. But when they explained to him of how both of them had fallen a prey to misunderstanding and how all that had been resolved, he forgave them and heartily agreed to their marriage. So finally it was wedding bells for the love birds!


Only God and Sanchi Reddy know what will happen to Varsh and Spandana in their show, but I hope all of you know what will happen next in the life of Sanchi and Kabir. They say that ‘There’s many a slip between the cup and the lip’. Similarly there are bound to be many misunderstandings between the time one falls in love and the time one gets married. True love overrides all these misunderstandings and ultimately succeeds. If it fails, then perhaps it means that it was never true love in the first place. If your first chance at love does not work, don’t lose hope! Keep yourself and your heart open to the second chances in love and life like Kabir and Sanchi!




So people I end this story here. Hope you all have enjoyed all through the journey of the story.

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