Are you looking forward to Pyaar Ke Papad? Written Episode

A new show is going to air on Star Bharat. The show is titled Pyaar Ke Papad. It a light hearted comedy drama around two struggling lovers, who will be facing a tough time because of the family manipulations. The lovers want to get their love accepted, at the cost of anything. They are ready to cross all the odds. Omkar’s future father-in-law Pandit Yoginath is very clever. He wants Omkar to give up on his love by the means of simple tortures. He doesn’t refuse to his daughter’s choice right away to keep her trust. He wants to end their love story by the torturing plans.

Are you looking forward to Pyaar Ke Papad?

The show promo’s gets two funny incidents where Yoginath is seen torturing the lover Omkar. Yoginath doesn’t want a poor guy to marry his daughter. Akshay Mishra and Swarda Thigale are playing the leads. Swarda will be seen in the comedy genre show for the first time. Swarda has acclaimed appreciation by her role of Sanchi in Colors’ Savitri Devi College and Hospital. Yoginath’s tortures breaks the patience of his daughter, who willingly lets her lover free from the promise of love. Omkar is ready to bear any tortures and win his love. Yoginath decides to break their love story. Are you looking forward to Pyaar Ke Papad? Let us know your opinion.

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