Bepannah Path of love epi 56 Written Episode

Good Morning My Lovely Readers

Thanks alot dear jasmine sia anuva anu tanshi Sofia thanks alot for ur concern for my health too

Still have fever

I was planning that I should take a break of say about 8-10 days


But somehow I didn’t want to end this ff


I felt i should take break n continue again


Now it is very difficult to post for some days

Iam sorry Iam feeling very bad

So sorry

Iam unwell n need to study too

So u all suggest me should this epi be last one

Or if u all want I will continue but next post may be after 8-10 days



Precap-Adi makes spl arrangements for zoya takes her on date confesses his love they dance together

Adiya are dancing on Janaam janaam

Adi is holding zoya by waist

Their eyes are intensely absorbed in each other

They are completely lost in each other

All of sudden adi lifts zoya in his arms

Zoya is surprised


Adi-shhhhhhhhhhhh surprise

Adi brings zoya to a beautifully decorated room

Adi makes her lie on bed

Zoya turns pink

Bed is covered with red roses

Zoya is blushing

Adi comes close to zoya

Zoya feels shy

She gets down from bed

N walks towards window

Adi goes behind her

N holds her from back

He is holding zoya firmly

Zoya can feel his breath

Adi whispers in her ears

Adi (softly )-zoya lets start a new life from today

Zoya shivers

Adi kisses her on neck

Zoya instantly  hugs adi tightly

Zoya looks in his eyes

With tears in her eyes-Pls promise me u will never leave me Adi n we will always be together

Adi holds her hand-now only death can separate us zoya

Zoya keeps her hand on his mouth

Adi goes close to zoya

He kisses on her tears

Zoya closes her eyes

Their lips meet



Janaam janaam

Scene shifts

Zoya is sleeping in Adi’s arms

Zoya-Thanks Adi for everything

Adi-Thanks zoya for making my life so complete n beautiful

Adi-Zoyafrom today we are not adi n zoya but Adiya

We are two bodies one soul

Zoya kisses him


OK so dear readers Pls let me know if u want me to continue with this ff after a short break

Thanks love u all

Take care


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