BEPANNAH Path Of Love EPISODE-41 Written Episode

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Recap-Wasim tries to talk to zoya Zoya blames him saying he is too greedy in his greed he made her marry adi inspite of knowing about him n pooja

Adi overhears them

Adi breaksdown thinking he has given lots of pain to zoya

Zoya is sleeping cuddling pari

Adi enters the room

He looks at zoya

Tears get filled in his eyes

Adi-Zoya I will free u from all bondages u r too good n too perfect for me u deserve some one better

Tears fall from his eyes

Its morning

Zoya gets tea

She notices Adi is still sleeping on sofa

Zoya makes the curtain side

Sun rays fall on Adi’s face

Adi wakes up

Zoya is smiling at him

Zoya-Happy Makarsankranti Aditya

Adi is about to smile

Zoya’s words echo in his ears

His smile disappears

Adi doesn’t say a word

Zoya is confused

Zoya-u will not wish me

Adi (trying to be rude)-yup same to u

Zoya gets puzzled

Zoya-I have got tea

Adi-no thanks Iam fine i dnt feel like having tea

Zoya -what happened Are u not fine??any health issue

Zoya is about to touch adi to

Feel fever

Adi gestures no

Adi-yaar zoya u pls show ur doctor giri in hospital pls Leave me alone Pls

Zoya leaves confused

Adi feels bad

Zoya tells pari Something

Adi is tensed

Pari comes N hugs him

He hugs her tightly

Pari-lets play something papa Iam getting bored

Adi-beta not now pls

Pari-pls pls pls papa

Adi-no pari Pls no

Pari-Iam also saying pls

Adi(yells)-Pari no means no u play with someone else leave me alone

Pari gets scared she leaves

Zoya looks on

Zoya-whats wrong with him

Adi’s pov-sorry pari I had to scold u i knew zoya was standing there is want her to feel that I am very very rude Pari its for her good

Zoya n Anjana are making til ladoos

Harshvardan is calling up n inviting everyone

Zoya is lost

She is thinking about adi n his mood

Harshvardan -zoya beta Pls give me ur friend yash’s no I will invite him for kite flying

Zoya is lost

Anjana  shakes her

She enquiries whats wrong

Zoya lies-nothing was thinking about a case of a patient

Harshvardan -zoya beta I know u are a perfect doc but tdy is family time n Dr Yash will also have to keep his doctor giri aside

Zoya smiles

Adi gets ready

Zoya enters room


He pretends as if he didn’t hear her

He leaves

Zoya is too confused

Zoya is ready is sari

She applies sindoor

Adi looks on  from outside

Adi-I will free u from all this soon

Scene shifts

Pari is sitting upset in corner of terrace

Adi notices

He goes to her

He holds his ears

She turns her face

He tingles her

She hugs him

They laugh.

All guest arrive

Adi is not in mood

Zoya comes

He looks at her

She smiles at him

He turns his face on other side

Yash comes He greets zoya He compliments her

Yash-Zoya I cannot believe u got pari home zoya u are such a wonderful human

Zoya-yash i just know one thing pari is a child n she is not at fault so why punish her

Adi notices them talking

Anjana asks adi to fly kite

Yash goes to greet adi

Adi treats him coldly

He doesn’t hug Him

Yash challenges him for kite flying competition

Adi says he is not in mood

Adi sits in  corner

Anjana n Harshvardan fly kite together

Arjun helps pari

Yash is flying alone

He notices zoya watching

He asks her to join him

Zoya-I dnt know to fly

Yash -no problem I will help u

Yash n zoya stand close

Yash holds her hand N guides her

Adi observes

Adi is hurt

He takes out a bottle from pocket n takes a sip

He notices zoya enjoying n laughing

Zoya is about to lose balance

Yash holds her tightly by waist

Adi cannot tolerate

He leaves in hurry

Scene shifts

Aditya is sitting in bar

He remembers zoya n yash’s closeness n keeps drinking n drinking

Zoya is in her room

She remembers adi’s weird behaviour n thinks over it

She calls him

His phone is switched off

Zoya-where did adi disappear suddenly today his mood was also not good i hope everything is fine

She hears some noise

She goes to see

That adi has come

He is completely inebriated

He is about to fall

Shocked zoya supports him

She brings him to room

Adi sits on bed

Adi holds zoya’s hand

Adi (teareyed )-I know I have given us lots of pain but Pls dnt leave me Zoya pls

Zoya is confused

Zoya-relax Aditya Iam here y did u drink so much Wait a minute I will get lemon juice u will feel better

Adi holds her close

Zoya feels lost in his tear filled eyes

Adi looks at her

Adi pleads -Dnt go Pls dnt go

Zoya nods

She helps adi lie down

She caresses his hair

Holding her hand He falls asleep

She releases her hand gently

She removes his shoes

Tears fall from her eyes too

Precap-Adi  goes to hospital He is about to enter yash’s cabin

He notices yash hugging someone

He is shocked

Adi comes out

Adi is confused

He sees Noor sitting in one corner n crying

So readers can u guess what Iam upto?whom was yash hugging why is noor crying why is adi so shocked n confused.???

Any guesses do share

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