BEPANNAH Path Of Love EPISODE-42 Written Episode

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Recap Adi gets rude to zoya He wants to free her from their marriage During kite flying adi gets jealous to see zoya n yash close n so drinks alot n inebriated state holds zoya’s hands N asks her to be with him always zoya is confused at adi’s behaviour

Adi wakes up

His headaches severely

He tries to remember

Only Flashes of zoya n yash n their closeness comes before his eyes

He cannot remember more

He gets disturbed

Zoya is in temple

Zoya-Krishna jii I cannot understand whats wrong with Adi why his he behaving this way After a lot of ups n downs  I felt things were settling pls krishna jii bless me I dnt want my family  life to suffer pls help

Adi notices zoya praying

He too stands behind her n prays

Adi-I have ruined zoya’s life enough I want to free her from this relationship  I want her to be happy pls bless me krishna jii

Both are praying

Bepannah bepannah plays in Bg

Adi leaves home

Zoya notices him


She tries to stop

Adi tries to pretend that he has not heard

Adi sits in car

N droves off

Zoya keeps looking on with tears in eyes

Adi reaches zoya’s hospital

He takes steps

His eyes well up with tears

He remembers how zoya supported him He remembers his good times with zoya n pari

All good moments flash before his eyes

Zoya’s words echo

Zoya n yash’s closeness Flashes before his eyes

Adi sits on bench in hospital

Adi-no I have to do this I cannot trap zoya in this relationship she will be happy with yash He will give her all happiness she deserves yes I have to do this for zoya Yes only yash can help me I think he loves her

Adi gets up

He walks towards a cabin

N in full aggression opens door

He is shocked

He sees yash hugging  a girl

He is about to leave

But yash notices

Yash-come adi come sorry for this Pls come in u are like a family member

Adi feels embarrassed

Adi-am sorry

Yash-jasmine should be sorry I told her many times this is hospital anyone can come but my fiance jasmine she ……..

Yash -ohhh Btw adi meet jasmine she is love of my life.We are getting married next month

Adi is shocked

So guys jasmine is new character she is yash’s fiance n a very bubbly girl played by my favourite jasmine bhasin twinkle from tashan e ishq or teni remember

Jasmine -ohhh hello yash i will introduce myself  Iam jasmine the girl because of whom Dr Yash is so successful today

Adi manages to smile

He shakes hand with her

Yash-n he is adi Aditya Hooda my best friend zoya’s hubby

Adi smiles

Jasmine -sorry for what u saw but u are newly married n that too a dr so u might know how these ppl ignore us He never gives me time I was missing him

Adi just smiles

Yash -she is crazy

Adi -its good to be crazy

Adi hugs yash n congratulates him

Yash -Adi u here all fine

Adi feels bad that he doubted zoya n yash

Adi -nothing imp was passing by thought to meet u

Yash-so good u met jasmine too

Jasmine -Adi remember you n zoya have to do nice couple dance on our wedding next month

Adi nods n excuses himself

Adi walks out in corridors

He is embarrassed

But thinks he will definitely free zoya from this marriage

As she will never be happy with him

While he walks in corridors lost in his thoughts

He realises Noor is sitting

She is crying

Adi is shocked to see her

He sits besides her

Noor gets uncomfortable

Adi pacifies her-Noor Noor what happened everything fine Noor

She hugs him n breaksdown

Noor-jiju all is over we me n Arjun did a big mistake

Adi is puzzled

Precap Adi comes in room

He apologises for yesterday’s behaviour to zoya n says he was tensed about work

He tells zoya that he wants to tell her something very imp

In mind adi thinks that for now he n zoya should be together n solve Noor n arjun’s problem

Lord krishna’s idol smiles


So any guesses what mistake they did whats their problem


Guys u know for u all Iam writing this epi at 4.30 am in morning I haven’t slept at all was studying but didn’t want to disappoint u so wrote it now if I have done any grammatical mistakes forgive me Iam very sleepy good night take care Bye lots of love

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