BEPANNAH Path Of Love EPISODE-46 Written Episode

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Recap-zoya and adi together do preparations for Arnoor’s marriage n adi feels some kind of attraction towards zoya

Arjun n Noor hold hands N enter Mandap

Zoya goes n stands near adi

Adi just cannot take his eyes from her

The rituals start

Both adi n zoya get Flashback of their marriage n their rituals

Zoya’s pov-our married life has been difficult but yes it has been beautiful too marriages are so pure n wonderful

Adi’s pov-marriages are some kind of forceful bondage I know u are not happy with me Zoya i have ruined ur life

While zoya smiles

Tears fall from Adi’s eyes

Noor n Arjun take pheras

Bepannah bepannah plays in Bg

All shower Arnoor with flowers but pari puts flowers on Adiya

Zoya smiles at her

Arjun makes Noor wear manual sutra n applies sindoor on her forehead

Pandit jii declares that Arnoor are husband n wife now

All are happy

Adi is smiling

But deep down he is too upset

Arnoor take blessings of siddquis n Hoodas they come to hug Adiya

All four hug emotional hug

Scene shifts

Zoya has now got ready in a beautiful golden gown she looks dazzling

Adi is getting ready

Zoya comes there

She comes close to him

Adi is puzzled

Zoya gives him a gentle kiss on his cheek

Adi is surprised

Zoya (whispers )-Mr Hooda u look dashing

She makes him wear coat

Adi is confused

He smiles actually blushes

Her makes his arm straight only to realise that zoya was not there

It was Anjana

Anjana had made him wear coat n kissed n complimented him

Adi is confused

Anjana -whats wrong adi

Adi-no nothing maa

He hugs her tightly

Anjana -relax beta now everything is sorted relax we all are happy now a beautiful happy  family

Adi’s pov-no maa no zoya is not happy she is not a part of our family

Scene shifts

Arnoor’s reception begins

Zoya warmly welcomes guest

Adi is admiring her from far

She is smiling  talking with guest while adi admires her secretly

While adi is looking at her secretly

He notices somebody taps on his shoulder

Its jasmine

Jasmine -strange adi who admires his wife secretly

Adi is actually blushing

Jasmine teases him more-Adi u are too cute u n zoya look so good together  n u blush too Adi u have official license to stare her y hide n look at her

Adi-no jasmine u got me wrong  actually

Jasmine  (interrupts )-Adi ur eyes speak volumes u are madly in love with zoya n eyes never lie

While jasmine is talking  yash comes

Adi excuses himself

Adi walks in corridors

Jasmine’s words echo in his ears

He is confused

Reception is going  on

Pari welcomes everyone

She says she will perform for her chachu n Chachi

She dances on itniisii khushi

All admire her performance

All are clapping she dances cutely

Adi n zoya rush to her n hug her together

Adi looks at zoya  While hugging

Pari forces them to dance

Adi tries to refuse

But jasmine n yash too force them

Zoya holds adi’s hand N takes him to dance floor all clap

Aa Dil ae mushkil plays

As zoya n adi dance

Adi holds her by waist

All admire them

Adi is lost in zoya’s eyes

Zoya helps him in dancing

They dance romantically

Adi gets lost in dreams while dancing

He imagines zoya n he are alone in a beautiful place dancing

Adi realises that they are dancing in front of everyone when all clap

Adi feels awkward n leaves

Adi sits in car N drives

He is tensed

Jasmine’s words echo

He images all zoya n his moments

Adi is stressed up

Scene shifts

Adi is drunk

Walking on streets he sits down

He yells

Yes I love zoya

Yes I love zoya

Yes I love zoya


He breaks down

He looks at sky

Tears fall from his eyes

My love is always left incomplete

First u snatched pooja from me n now zoya

I cannot ruin her life

But I love her

He breaksdown

Scene shifts

Zoya is making pari sleep

She gets flashback of all Adiya moments she smiles


Precap-Zoya is sleeping

Adi goes near her

He looks at her

There is a bag with adi

Adi clicks her pic

He goes near her

He murmurs a sorry

He wants to kiss her

But resists

He leaves with bag teareyed

In morning all are worried where did adi go.

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