BEPANNAH Path Of Love EPISODE-47 Written Episode

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Recap-Adi realises that he is madly in love with zoya Arnoor get married Adi gets drunk n decides  to leave n free zoya for ever

Zoya is hugging pari n sleeping

Adi enters the room

Adi is drunk n in pain

He looks at pari

He goes near her

He admires her

Adi’s pov-pari papa loves u alot n papa will come back soon but pari ur zoya maa also deserves lot of happiness  n she will never be happy with us so pari papa will  have to hurt ur zoya maa she should leave us n go but papa loves u.

He kisses her on cheeks

Tears fall from his eyes

He goes n takes out a suit case

He fills it with clothes

He packs it

He is leaving with bag

He looks at zoya

He goes close to her

Adi’s pov-zoya I have spend the best time of my life with u Zoya I really want to see u happy  always u are an angel zoya

I cannot stay with u

Because if I will stay with u

I will not be able to control my emotions

I will have to leave ur life then only u will be happy

Because I can give u only pain

Tears fall from his eyes

He admires zoya

He has a desire to kiss her

He goes close very close

But draws himself back

He takes pic of zoya in phone

Adi’s pov-good bye zoya may be this is the last time Iam seeing u but u will be in my heart my mind forever

Adi leaves teareyed

Scene shifts

Noor is sleeping in Arjun’s arms

Noor-Iam so blessed Arjun u are the best soul mate I could ask for it thought u will never accept me with baby

Arjun-Noor baby is mine also n u know what we both are lucky to have eachother but we are also very lucky to have bhai n Bhabhi

Noor -yes Allah bless them always u know I wish our baby gets a playmate soon u know I mean juju n appi ….

Noor blushes

Arjun feels bad

Arjun-I hope so too but Noor there are many differences between them they have made our life so beautiful now we should bring them close

Noor agrees -yes Arjun u are right

Scene shifts

Its morning

Zoya wakes up

She looks a sofa

She is surprised to see that adi is not sleeping there

Zoya checks in washroom she is surprised to find it empty

Zoya goes in living area

Anjana n wasim are having tea there

Zoya -maa papa did u see Aditya

Anjana -no zoya He might be sleeping

Zoya -no maa I checked everywhere he is not at home his phone too is switched off

Anjana gets worried

Harshvardan -He will come relax might have gone for morning walk

Arjun n Noor come holding hands they take blessings

Anjana asks about adi from Arjun

Arjun gets suspicious

Arjun’s pov-I hope bhai has not …..


Arjun excuses himself

He rushes to Adiya’s room

He opens the wardrobe n is shocked to see it empty

Zoya follows him

Zoya is standing behind him

Zoya-Arjun what happened where did Aditya go all of a sudden Do u know ??Did he inform u

Arjun (worried )-No bhabhi

Scene shifts

All have panicked

Harshvardan -how could Aditya be so careless where did he go without informing anyone of us His phone is also switched off

Zoya-papa I think we should inform police

Pari gets panicked hearing about police

Arjun-Bhabhi we should wait a little i will try

Anjana is crying

Zoya too is very worried

Pari is sitting in her room in corner

She is hugging  Adi’s pic n crying

Zoya comes there

She hugs her

Pari-Zoya mumma Iam very naughty na everybody leaves me n goes mumma now papa

Zoya gets teareyed

She hugs her tightly

Zoya-no beta no u are my best bachaa papa will come back soon dnt cry

Zoya’s pov-where are u adi where?


Precap -Pari is sleeping

She is hugging photos of adi n pooja

Anjana comes there

She puts blanket on Pari

She notices the photos

She is shocked

Anjana questions about pari

Anjana is heartbroken

Zoya tries to explain her

Anjana-Pari cannot stay in this house her mother ruined my sons life She didn’t even tell us about pari u all have played with everyone’s  emotions Didn’t expect this from u Zoya Pari cannot stay here

Anjana’s health gets spoiled

Zoya misses adi

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