BEPANNAH Path Of Love EPISODE-48 Written Episode

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Recap-zoya panics seeing adi not in room slowly everyone makes out that adi has gone somewhere all are worried  Adi left home as he didn’t want to come more close to zoya

Pari sleeping in room

She is hugging  Adi n pooja’s pic

Anjana passes by her room

She enters

She kisses pari on forehead

She makes her wear blanket

She notices that pari is hugging a photo

She takes it from her hand

She sees it

N is dumbstruck

It is photo of adi n pooja

Flashback of Pooja breaking  her alliance to adi’s break down to zoya Adi n pari entering house to pari enjoying with everyone  n calling her dadi comes before Anjana’s eyes photo falls from Anjana’s hand

Scene shifts

All have gathered

Anjana is very angry

She is fuming with anger

She goes near zoya

Anjana -zoya with speaking lie tell me who is pari??

Zoya is surprised

Zoya is speechless

Zoya is unable to answer

Anjana -Answer me

Zoya sweats

All are confused

Arjun feels bad

Anjana -She is pooja’s daughter right??yes or no

Zoya gets worried

Zoya-maa pls calm down ur health  will spoil it will tell u everything Pls

Anjana (firmly)-zoya Dnt change the topic who is pari??

Zoya (lump in throat )-maa she is pooja n Aditya’s  daughter

All are stunned

Harshvardan -daughter

Zoya (teareyed )-yes papa she was staying  in usa with Sakshi Aunty pooja passed away after giving birth to her Sakshi Aunty was looking  after her n Aditya used to visit but now Pari needs all of us She doesn’t keep good health so I got her here.

Anjana -zoya how can u prove she is my adi’s daughter  maybe she is daughter of pooja n someone else

Arjun yells-no ma no she is bhai n pooja Bhabhi daughter

Anjana (shocked)-so u too knew about all this

Noor is also stunned

Anjana  is sweating

She breaths heavy

Zoya makes her sit on sofa

Anjana -I dnt want this girl pari in my house i dnt believe she is my adi’s daughter Pooja has ruined my son’s life enough not anymore  I dnt want this girl

Zoya -maa pls relax maa it’s not pari’s fault she is a little child

Zoya -maa u drink water

Anjana -I didn’t expect this from u Zoya how could u lie to me.n zoya take this pari away I cannot see her in front of my eyes She reminds me of pooja n I remember how my son was in depression because of that pooja for 2 years he was fighting everyday  no I dnt want this girl in my house ask Sakshi to take her away

Where is my adi

Where is my adi

Anjana faints murmuring all this

Zoya is shocked

Scene shifts

Zoya has given injection to Anjana

She notices a scared pari is standing outside door

Zoya goes n hugs pari

Scene shifts

Noor is crying

Arjun  tries to pacify her

Noor-how could u hide all this from me Arjun my sisters  life got ruined because of adi jiju

Arjun feels guilty

He tries to explain her

But she is too angry

Zoya walks about in corridors

She tries calling Adi

She feels hurt

She closes her eyes

Zoya-where are u adi I need u i need u we can solve this together Adiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

Tears fall from her eyes

Adi wakes up with Jerk

Adi’s heart beats fast

Adi’s pov-y Iam I feeling that zoya needs me y Iam I feeling something is wrong

He helplessly looks at his phone with tears in eyes

There Zoya too cries looking at her phone

Bepannah bepannah plays in Bg

Both cry

Scene shifts

Arjun tries to give water to Noor

She refuses

Arjun sees zoya there

Noor hugs zoya

Zoya -Noor my kohinoor pls dnt cry ur appi is strong ur appi is happy Noor I have a complete family now Pari is my daughter She calls me Zoya mumma

Zoya looks in noor’s eyes

Zoya -Noor Arjun Pls listen to me I need ur help pls

Zoya says something

All three are teareyed

Zoya has packed her bag

She n pari are about to go

Harshvardan -beta Pls dnt go

Zoya hugs him

Zoya-papa maa needs to stay calm stress will affect her health n she is getting very hyper seeing pari n I cannot leave my daughter alone sorry papa but I have to go

Noor hugs her

Zoya -Noor u are also bahu of this house my kohinoor take care of everyone  promise me Dnt cry pls dnt cry

Hand in hand Zoya n pari step out of hooda house

Fb shows zoya pari n adi entering house

Harshvardan Arjun n Noor are crying

Adi gets very restless

Precap-Adi has covered his face N in a hidden manner looks at Hooda house

Yash notices Adi

Adi leaves from there

Yash follows him

Yash knocks at Door of room in which adi was staying

Adi is shocked to see yash there

Yash tells him something

Adi is stunned …….


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