BEPANNAH Path Of Love EPISODE-49 Written Episode

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Recap- Anjana realises that pari is pooja’s daughter She is not ready to believe that pari is adi’s daughter She insist that pari should leave hooda house Her health spoils zoya leaves the house with pari She misses adi Adi too feels something is wrong


Adi is restlessly walking in room

Zoya is sitting worried

Pari is in her lap

Zoya is caressing her hair

Yash-zoya yaar u shouldn’t have left the home like this n zoya u are staying hotel like this Iam feeling helpless

Zoya -Yash i cannot take pari to ammi n abuu ‘s house I dnt know how they will react they may hurt my child Since yesterday pari has cried alot.I cannot see anymore tears in her eyes.

N Yash pls understand I cannot stay with u also

Iam fine here dnt wry

N i know ma will understand  I am sure Aditya will come n sort out things so pls dnt wry n Dnt feel helpless pls

Yash (gets thinking )-but zoya where did he go suddenly whats the matter?

Zoya-I just hope he is fine n he comes back soon

Yash’s pov-zoya loves adi alot

Zoya looks at Aditya’s pic n cries

Adi looks at zoya’s pic n hopes she is fine he too cries

Bepannah bepannah plays in Bg

Adi’s pov-I am really feeling something is very very wrong I will anyhow have to check

Anjana wakes up with Jerk

Noor offers her water

Anjana calls out Adi Adi

Harshvardan pacifies her

Anjana faints again

Arjun is very worried

Yash comes there

Yash tells them that zoya has asked him to examine Anjana

Yash checks Anjana n gives her injection

Yash-There is nothing much to worry Its just that aunty’s BP is very high she should be away from all stress

Harshvardan breaksdown -Adi where are u adi ur mum needs u

Yash n Arjun pacify him

Adi is wearing hood

He hides his face

He tries to peep in hooda house

Yash tells Arjun that he will get some medicines n come

Yash leaves

Yash notices someone hiding behind a tree n observing something in hooda house

Yash goes close

He sees adi

Yash is confused

Yash takes back steps

Before yash could understand

Adi sits on bike n drives away

Yash follows him in car

Adi reaches his room in a hotel

Yash too reaches

Adi is stressed

He sits on bed

Adi hears a knock at Door

Adi is opens

He is shocked to see yash

Yash-Adi I really dnt know what the matter is or what are u upto but Pls for now return home pls Zoya pari n Aunty need u

Adi is confused

Yash tells him everything

Adi is shocked

He feels guilty

Adi-pls take me to zoya

Pari is crying hugging  zoya

Pari-y was dadi shouting what happened to her is she fine

Tears drop from zoya’s eyes

Zoya  (with love)-Pari papa ‘s princess pls dnt cry pls dadi was not well she was in pain so she was shouting dnt wry God jii will make her fine soon

Zoya ‘s pov-pls come adi

Adi reaches her room with yash


Zoya is glad

She rushes to him

She hugs him tightly

Adi too cannot control

He hugs her back

Zoya  (weeping )-where were u i was so worried

Pari too comes running

Adi hugs her

Adi’s eyes are filled with guilt N tears

Adi-Iam sorry zoya am sorry pari

Scene shifts

Anjana is unconscious

Adi enters hooda house holding pari n zoya’s hand

Harshvardan Arjun n Noor smile seeing him

Precap-Adi will narrate how pooja died to everyone  Anjana will feel bad she will cry

Zoya will ask adi to promise her that he will never leave her as now they are one n they both are incomplete without each other

Adi will hesitate in promising

Zoya will be shocked at Adi behaviour

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