BEPANNAH Path Of Love EPISODE-50 Written Episode


Good Morning My Lovely Readers

50 Episodes completed ohhh my God cannot believe


Biggest thanks to Dear Sia for plot suggestion

Initially only sia n jasmine used to read slowly  I was very surprised that many ppl were not just reading but also liking this ff

It feels amazing

Every comment matters

N makes me feel so so good

Iam really blessed with wonderful wonderful readers

I just hope that I would never disappoint u

Thanks dear anuva anu Aliya amosh tanshi jasmine sia Sonali Sophia manvi Iam sorry very sorry if Iam skipping any name but I love u all N thanks alot

A big thank you to all the silent readers for constant silent support

Love u all

Half century wopppieeee 💕💕💕💕

This ff has been most magical journey for me also n I feel so so connected to every single reader

So lets just unreveal how pooja died lets solve this mystery


Recap-zoya waits for adi Adi secretly tries to peep in hooda house Yash observes n follows him Yash reaches adi’s hotel n informs him about all that happened adi goes to zoya n takes her n pari home


Anjana is semi conscious

She keeps murmuring Adi Adi

Adi walks in room holding one hand of zoya  n other of pari

He sits besides Anjana

He holds her hand

Anjana is glad to see him

With his support She sits up n hugs him

She notices pari standing

She yells-i said I dnt want to see this girl over here dnt u all understand she will ruin our lives like her mom Take her away

Scared pari hides behind zoya

Adi gestures zoya

Zoya takes pari with her

Adi hugs Anjana

He asks her to relax

Noor comes to zoya n pari

Zoya requests Noor to look after pari

Adi-Maa pari is my Jaan Maa pls understand pari is ur grand daughter She is my n pooja’s daughter

Anjana -no this is pooja’s plan to ruin ur life again I cannot believe pari is not ur daughter She left u she broke alliance she had affair with someone else got pregnant n now has put all blame on u

Adi controls his anger-maa pls dnt say sorry Pls

Zoya requests Adi to stay calm

Adi holds Anjana’s hand

Both are teareyed

Adi looks at zoya for strength

Maa u know three years ago when I went to USA I met Sakshi ma there with a small baby my baby my pari u know she tried to avoid me to run away from me As she didn’t want me to know about pari.But I kept stalking her I reached Sakshi ma’s home I forced her to tell me about this baby n pooja

N u know what I came to know

Anjana -what

Adi-Right before our marriage pooja made out that she is suffering from brain tumour n also she was pregnant Drs said nothing will happen to baby Pooja didn’t want to abort my baby our baby she wanted to bring her in this world but pooja didn’t want me to know about all this.Pooja didn’t want my life to get ruined She decided she will break the alliance n go to usa There She underwent treatment too but her disease was of advanced stage 6 months after giving birth to pari She passed away n she took a promise from Sakshi ma that nobody should ever tell me about pari because she wanted me to get married have my family.Maa pooja didn’t ruin my life.maa she was dying still i wasn’t with her

Adi breaksdown in Anjana’s arm

Anjana is too shocked

She is filled with guilt

Zoya is crying

Harshvardan n Arjun are teareyed

Zoya’s pov-Adi loves pooja so much

Bepannah bepannah plays

Fb of pooja and adi’s close moments is shown

Scene shifts

Noor is pacifying pari

Anjana comes there

Pari gets scared

Anjana goes n hugs her tightly

Anjana  (lump in throat )-Iam sorry very sorry pari Dadi loves u alot sorry

She kisses pari

Harshvardan too hugs pari

Zoya n adi are watching from outside

Tears fall from Adi’s eyes

Zoya holds his hand

Both look in eachother’s eyes

Adi hugs zoya

Hug is very tight


Joh tu mera humdaard hain plays in Bg

Adi-Thanks thanks alot zoya for everything for supporting my pari n Iam sorry

Zoya looks deep in his eyes

Zoya -Aditya pls promise me pls u will never leave us like this n go without informing pls promise me

Adi is unable to understand that what he should do

Zoya looks at him with expectation

Zoya-promise me Aditya

Zoya his offering her hand

Adi hesitates

Adi without keeping hand on her hand-yes zoya

Adi leaves from there

Zoya is surprised

Anjana comes N hugs zoya

Anjana -Iam very sorry very sorry zoya beta u r the best bahu this house could get U love pari so much any other girl wouldn’t have accepted pari

Zoya-Maa its not pari’s fault you should she be punished

Harshvardan blesses her

Adi feels helpless

Precap-Anjana n Harshvardan have organised a party to welcome pari pari cuts cake by holding adi n zoya’s hand

They look like a super cute family

Jasmine teases Adi n zoya n calls them rab ne bna di jodi

Adi-Rab to does mistakes at times

Zoya yash n jasmine are shocked to hear this

Adi appears very disturbed

Yash senses in party that something is wrong with adi

Yash tries to talk to adi

Adi suggests that he is fine

Arjun n Noor make a plan to bring Adiya close in party n they give him fi to each other

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