Bepannah Path of love (Valentine’s Day Spl) Part 1 Written Episode

Hellooo Dear Readers
So here iam presenting u first part of Bepannah Patb of Love Valentine’s Spl💕💕💕💕💕I hope u all will like it.

Its time to celebrate love💝💝💝
Thanks alot for loving me so much i love u all too💙❤❤
Happy Valentine’s Day to all my Darling readers May each one of u be blessed with true n unconditional love in ur life💗💗💗stay blessed everyone

Thanks alot dear jasmine sia anuva anu amosh Sophia
Thanks alot dear ritu n ammu good to know u both were reading this ff n also liking it
Thanks a lot silent readers
Recap-zoya feels adi doesn’t neeed her in his life as he loves pooja adi tels yash that he feels he has ruined zoya’s life yash tries to explain him but he is too drunk to understand

Adi wakes up with a heavy head
Adi appears very confused
He remembers he was with yash
Adi recollects his talks
Adi feels restless
He looks around to find a letter on his bed

Dear Aditya
Do u know something from the day i saw u i had feelings for I always felt some connection with u
Aditya destiny got us married
N trust me everyday of my life that i have spent with u is so memorable
Aditya u have made my life complete
When i came to know about pooja i was heartbroken
But then i met pari
She is angel
She gave me the priceless experience of being a mother
Aditya i felt i had a complete beautiful family
Till i realised u dnt consider me as a part of ur family
N yes i feel may be love happens only once n u have fallen in love once so …..
Aditya i dnt want tobother u by being part of ur life so i have decided iam going forever Aditya
Iam leaving for Australia i have some medical conference slowly i will settle there u pls dnt worry about me
U just wait her
Give lots of love to pari
N tell her her zoya mumma will always love her
Pls make ma papa arjun noor understand situations compelled me to go
I cannot see u worried
Take care Aditya
Stay happy
I just wanted to say i love u n will always love u
N will cherish the time we spent together
Yours n forever yours

Adi cannot believe what he just read
Tears roll down n down
Bepannah bepannah plays in Bg
Adi rushes to living area

Anjanan Harshvardan are seeing tv
Adi notices
The flight which took off to Australia Ten mins ago has met with a crash near Mumbai

Adi is shocked

Adi yells-Zoyaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Adi rushes inside airport in panic
Arjun is with him
Adi is very worried n teareyed
He enquiries about flight
All are in panic
Adi is confused
Injured ppl are being carried away
There are cries
There is pain everywhere
Adi is too worried

Adi folds his hands
He looks at sky
No u cannot snatch my zoya pls noo

Adi breaksdown
Arjun looks out for zoya

Adi hears that crash of very severe n very few ppl have survived

Adi yells in pain

He feels a hand on his shoulder
It is zoya
Completely fine

Adi emotionally hugs her

Very Very tight hug

Jaanam janaam plays

Adi-i love u i love u i love u Zoya y did u go

Thank god u r fine

Zoya -i love u too adi

Both are crying

Adi-i thought i lost u zoya sorry sorry for all pains

Zoya-Sorry adi

Adi hugs her once more

Arjun is relived to see them this way

Arjun smiles

Scene shifts
Adi is still sweating
Zoya is holding his hand
She makes him have water
He asks her is she fully fine
Zoya -Adi i missed the flight i had not taken that flight relaz iam fine iam with u

She hugs to comfort him

Precap-Adi blind folds zoya n brings her to a beautifully decorated romantic place
Adi sits on his knees
He confesses his love
There is love n love every where

I hope u guys enjoyed it

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