Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11th February 2019 Written Episode Update Vibhutis degree a mistake Written Episode

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 11th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vibhuti asks Tiwari so did they beat you, Tiwari says yes thank God Angoori saved me, Vibhu says this is the connection, look angooris both brains are active, her voilence brain was active since she saw you been beaten and that is making her behave this way and so enjoy it, thats the way to treat it, and your fees are 2500.

Tiwari waiting in bedroom for Angoori and says god knows what will she hit me today with, Angoori walks in, Tiwari says i was waiting for you, what you got tiday, Angoori shows belt, Tiwari says begin cmon. Angoori thinks oh he is enjoying it, this means its working, Angoori starts hitting.tiwari acts as if he is enjoying,and says i love you, Angoori gets happy and says i love you too.

Hapu says to Putan dare you, Gulfamkali says he is my life dont insult him,Hapu says im your life,he is a thief, Gulfamkali says you have lost two challenges,Hapu says i need one more chance,and i bet i will win, Putan says okay give him a chance Gulfamkali, and if you loose now dare you show your face.

Gulfamkali sayz here are bowl full of mirchi powder and one who finishes first will wib,putan says i will eat first, hapu says okay, putan starts having it,Hapu in shock. Hapu asks you dont even want water, Putan says he wont make it for the challenge forget it , hapu says give here i will have it, Hapu starts asking for water and runs away.

Vibhuti on news channel, being interviewed. Reporter says you are god to these people, Vibhu greets audience and says i like it,its a wonderful feeling, Saxena says why won’t he,he was unemployed once. Reporter says i heard you are your wives slave,vibhu says every husband is, saxena asks do you love me, Vibhuti says shutup, Vibhu says these are my patients,Angoori says his treatment is working.

Peon and principal watching it, principal says i dont remember giving him degree, peon says you did few days back, principal says it wasnt for him, he is from kanpur and useless,you gave to wrong person. peon says I’m sorry what will we do now, principal says we have to do something its our College reputation after all. Boys arrive and start cheering for Vibhuti.

Prem says what vibhu did with my wife god knows she has calmed down so much, he has brought happiness back in our lives,boys say very true, Prem says let’s do something for him, boys say lets give him expensive wine. master scolds them, Gupta says we need to appreciate him with flowers and garlands,master asks teeka to go invite Vibhuti.

Pre cap; Vibhuti says bhabhiji its valentine’s day. Amaji calls and says you two can’t celebrate valentine’s, Tiwari thinks i will celebrate with bhabhiiji and that too in lakhin puri.

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