Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 18th February 2019 Written Episode Update : Anita injures her leg. Written Episode

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 18th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Angoori watching movie, Tiwari walks to her and asks what are you watching, Angoori says movie, and look at the heroine doesn’t she resemble me, Tiwari asks from which angle, anyways forget it my shoulders are aching massage them, Angoori says okay and says i always wanted to act, Tiwari says all wishes don’t come true,Angoori says talk to some director for me, Tiwari says enough of nonsense things you keep fumbling and you need to speak English and Hindi properly and you are poor in both so forget it.

Vibhuti cleaning, and says prettier the wife the more you are under her control i should have married some girl like bhabhiji,im mad i fell for her now look, Anu shouts, Vibhu asks what happened,Anu says i slipped my leg is hurting, Vibhu helps her sit, Anu says some stupid person dropped water, vibhu says im cleaning, Anu says you are so irresponsible i have my classes how will i go now,it was important session, vibhu says i will get you wheel chair, Anu says shutup get me balm.

Hapu prays to god says keep your blessings, Angoori walks there, and asks its time for duty why are you in temple, Hapu says actually commissioner found some old case and is behind me for that. Angoori prays to god, Director walking around looking for lead,he sees her request god to give her a break.

Gupta tells Anu has hair line fracture, Vibhuti says he keeps talking nonsense, without xray he says its fracture,Anu says quite vibhu,you are good just at breaking legs, Vibhuti says cmon, Gupta gets a call, Gupta says bhabhiji as per reports its just a sprain but you need bed rest.

Tiwari talking to Mrs Aggarwal and congratulating her on her break in movies, Angoori hears that and gets angry, Tiwari says okay lets consider i allow you to work in movies but who wilk give you break,Angoori says enough stop underestimating me, Tiwari says seriously which stupid person wilk give you break, Director walks in with saxena says i will give her break, and introduces himself as Harry Chadda and Saxena as the writer.
Vibhu walks in and has fan moment.

Tiwari asks why are you here, Harry says im here to sign madam as heroine for my next film, vibhu asks and whoes the actor, vibhu keeps interrupting,harry gets angry and asks him to be quite, Tiwari says you can leave,my wife doesn’t want to work in films,vibhu says shutup she does, Tiwari says shut-up stay out, Angoori says enough,Vibhu says yes how stupid of you, Tiwari says i said she wont work in films final,get lost.Angoori gets upset and leaves.

Boys at tea stall, teeka says im very hungry, malkan says tilu lets have Biryani, Tilu asks and from where will i get money, a man walks to them for toilet, and says im having pressure after 25 days, please tell me,tilu says there isnt here any,one is at about 1 km,teeka says we must help him he needs help, boys take him aside cover him with lungi.

pre cap : Angoori complains to Amaji about Tiwari not allowing her to work in movies.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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