Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 1st February 2019 Written Episode Update : Saxena Vibhutis saviour. Written Episode

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 1st February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anu says so Hapu i came tired home and asked him for water, Hapu says then she is right you should apologies, Vibhu says you have to hear me as well, i was cutting Vegetables,Anu says but he was home i wasnt, Hapu says she is right, and when you have a wife like her,why worry, Anu says he has no value for me or my work, Hapu says very true i will arrest him if you want, Vibhu says this isnt done, Hapu says shut-up and behave yourself mishra or else i shall hit you so bad that you will beg for forgiveness, Anu and Vibhu ask him to get out.

Vibhu prays to God to save him from stunt show,Saxena walks to him and says god you believe in God i never knew, Vibhu says i just my work to be done,saxena asks whats wrong, vibhu says that stunt show, im so scared, Saxena says you will die and i also have found a place to burry you, Vibhuti says speak something good and slaps him, Saxena says i have performed these stunts for 3 years. Vibhu says thank you god,saxena god send me to help you,we will be jacket and helmet and all will be good please agree i love you, say yes to replace me,saxena says why should i agree, vibhu says because i know a place with many live wires.

Boys at tea stall, sore in pain, Hapu walks to them and asks whats happening, Tilu says nothing waiting for you, come hit us, Hapu says why will i hit you without any reason, commissioner walks to them and asks whats happening, Hapu says dealing with these boys, commissioner says shut up i found out that you have been troubling these poor boys,you are fired, boys leave happily.

Angoori asks Tiwari what saree she should wear, Laddo asks him to help math problem, Tiwari opens book sees fake cockroach and get scared, Angoori says calm down,laddo starts laughing and leaves.Vibhu walks in and says im all prepared for the bike show, Angoori says all the best, and will be excited to see you perform, Vibhu says yes i will be flying, Tiwari thinks what’s wrong with him, Angoori says be seated i will get you something.

Boys having chat,Hapu walks to them with pamphlet, Tilu asks what is this, boys asks whats the issue you have no job looking for some new job, lets suggest him something and start making fun of Hapu, Hapu says look im not upset with you but happy because of no job i can now put a stall in fare heres the details do come and leaves.

Laddo arrives at Hapus stall, Hapu hands him chocolate on aiming right, boys arrive at Hapu stall and says this is right time to take revenge, and ask shall we play, Hapu says yes but you have money,tilu says yes, Hapu says okay and explains game, Tilu aims and hits hapu, boys purposely start aiming Hapu.

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