Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 20th February 2019 Written Episode Update : Teekas changed attitude. Written Episode

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Tiwari scolds Vibhu, and says its all your fault, vibhu says okay whatever and its said chadda is very vulgar person didnt you hear that scene that once he actually performed a romantic scene while explaining to an actress, Tiwari says what If angoori,vibhu says no ways I will be with bhabhiji.

Teeka asks Gulfamkali whats his schedule, Gulfamkali reads it out, Tilu says teeka my friend, teeka says wait Gulfamkali do i have appointment with them,she says no they said they are your child hood friends, teeka says you cant let anyone in, anyways how are you, and remember to take appointment next time with a reason you can leave thats the door, Tilu says you are changed, teeka says get lost.

Teeka says Gulfamkali i dont even want to see them around, Hapu walks in and asks for permission to meet. Angoori asks tiwari and Vibhuti what are they talking, vibhu says we are talking about your security, Angoori asks why so, vibhu tries to explain, Tiwari says forget it i have an idea vibhu you be her bodyguard, Angoori says good idea, Tiwari says you will be her bodyguard her secretary her cook everything.

Hapu says teeka im happy to see your success,teeka says enough why are you here, Hapu says request for a role,teeka says okay dance for us, hapu says okay and dances, teeka says okay keep in touch,get lost. Anu asks vibhu to get her soup quickly, Vibhuti says patience here, Anu says my leg is aching feed me, Vibhuti says you and your excuses, Anu says i felt bad, Vibhuti says okay im sorry. Anu says vibhu theres no salt, vibhu says you said that, anu says i didnt, and starts arguing and gets cranky. vibhu says im sorry, and gets salt,anu says in this, its cold now get me a hot one.

Anu gets call from Meenal, and says yes im in so much pain, vibhu gets soup and she says okay I will call you later, anu again starts making excuses and gets cranky. Vibhuti and Tiwari having drinks, tiwari says I’m so worried,this film industry,vibhu says dont worry im with bhabhiji. A man comes looking for Gupta,arnav says he asked me who is unemployed here so i got him here, vibhu says get lost. Chadda and saxena come there, and taunts vibhu, Tiwari asks why are you here, Saxena says he wants to shoot in your house he liked it, Tiwari says no ways, vibhu whispers its a good idea, it will be safe,tiwari agrees.

Malkan and Tilu upset about teekas behaviour,tilu says he is behaving this way because we met him without sweets or gifts,he became producer after all, malkan says good idea, tilu says he likes dolls lets get him a doll. Hapu comes there mourning in pain and complaints about teeka and how he made him dance, Tilu makes fun of him,hapu narrates the incident and says i felt bad. Malkan says he isnt inspector anymore, Tilu insults him.

Shooting begins, saxena explains shot to angoori, Chadda says saxena these two leads dont sound like girlfriend boyfriend, so if hero is meeting heroine after 6 months we have to have a kissing scene, Vibhu shouts no.

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