Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 4th February 2019 Written Episode Update : Vibhuti caught Red handed. Written Episode

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 4th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Boys discussing about how will Vibhu perform, Malkan says think good about vibhu may be he may not die just meet with an accident but think good, master asks them to shut up, Tiwari walks on dice and addresses audiences, and says today we will watch Vibhuti perform deadly bike stunts. Tiwari scares Vibhu, Angoori prays for Vibhu.

Vibhu addresses audience and says today I shall entertain you with deadly stunts on special request of our Angoori bhabhi,all cheer for her. Angoori says one word, rest in peace,i mean all the best. Vibhuti says okay let’s begin the fun,i will be back i have to go washroom.Angoori praises Tiwari for arranging Fair.

Saxena meets Vibhuti, Vibhuti says my pride is in your hands, Saxena says dont worry and leaves. Tilu says teeka what you think will he make it, Teeka says i don’t think so, Saxena wlaks wearing helmet and begin the performance. Vibhu hides and watches. all in shock seeing the performance.Malkan says its not fun he hasnt fallen even once,teeka says lets throw banana peel, all scold them,tilu says appreciate the talent.

Tiwari remembers how Laddoo scared tiwari with fake lizard, and asks laddoo for it, Tiwari takes it and throws it on vibhu hiding behind the curtains, vibhu gets scared, Tiwari holds vibhus hand and takes him on dice,all surprised to see him and ask who is in the ring then, Tiwari says calm down, the person on the bike isnt vibhu and he was cheating us, Angoori asks who is on the bike, Saxena walks out and all shocked to see him, Angoori says Vibhuti you hurt me.Vibhu slaps Saxena.

Vibhu at Tiwari house, Tiwari teases Vibhuti, Angoori asks why did you do this, Vibhu says I’m sorry, Angoori says you lied, you cheated,Vibhu says i accept its my mistake but don’t be upset,Anu is already upset too and so i did this mistake,in sorry,im very guilty, Angoori says don’t worry don’t be sad,im with you, Vibhu says I’m dying of pain, Angoori says calm down i will talk to Anu come with me.

everyone having tea, Angoori says you two are ideal couple, i feel so bad seeing you two fight like these,i know its a personal matter but let me help you,look husband wives both rule equally, Tiwari says bhabhi i know you actually run and rule but all arent lucky like Angooriy, Angoori says marriage needs lot of adjustment and compromising, Vibhuti says i have done a lot and still do, Anu asks like what, Vibhu says like other men even i wish my wife serves with tea when i come home, Tiwari says you don’t work, Vibhu says i run the house and this is why she can work out, Anu says i agree Vibhuti looks after this house and so i can go work out, Tiwari insults vibhu,Anu says enough Tiwari, vibhu helps me a lot,Vibhu says I know Anu works hard,she is foundation of this house, actually im incomplete without her, Angoori says what good words you said.

Angoori says i wish every husband would think that, Tiwari says don’t i, Angoori says no you dont,you keep scolding me calling me stupid,Anu and vibhu scold Tiwari for his rudeness,Angoori says i worship him like God but he keeps scolding me, Tiwari becomes egoistic. Anu says im sorry but apologies to Angoori, Angoori says i don’t need,gets upset and leaves crying. Vibbu says look at him he misbehaves,Anu says vibhu did you mean what you said,Vibhu says off course.

pre cap : Vibhutis doctorate degree is delivered, Vibhu opens his clinic.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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