Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 5th February 2019 Written Episode Update. Doctor Vibhuti Mishra. Written Episode

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 5th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

vibhu tells everyone he lost his doctorate degree for studying psychology,a man from Shikarpur medical College comes to hand Vibhu his lost degree and leaves. Saxena hands the degree to vibhu, Vibhuti says bhabhi look my degree, look Meenal and Anurag and now you can call me doctor. Angoori says im so happy for you,i will go tell Tiwari, Vibhu says i will tell Anu as well, Saxena says doctor,im your compounded manager secretary, Vibhuti says cool you are hired.

Hapu walks to Tiwari, and says im here to share something but promise you will keep it secret swear on ama, Tiwari says deal, Hapu says i feel very week, Tiwari says eat good, Hapu says i tried everything, Tiwari says you don’t look, have you concerned doctor’, Hapu says he is fake, Tiwari says visit a psychiatrist,Hapu says im not mad like Saxena, Tiwari says stupid man,it can be stress too and psychiatrist help you. Angoori comes in excited and infroms about Vibhutis doctorate.

Teeka at tea stall, waiting for Khushi and calls her when she passes by, Khushi asks what, teeka asks how are you, i love you, past 2 months I’m behind you,do you love me, she slaps him and leaves,tilu and malkan ask whats wrong, Teeka says she was special for me i dared and expressed my heart to her and starts crying, malkan says we just get slaps, teeka says we will get nothing and leaves crying.

Saxena makez announcement, people who are upset,tired of their lives come visit doctor’Vibhu,he is your saviour.
Vibhu makes a call and asks wheres the board i want my clinic opening tomorrow, Tiwari walks to vibhu, and asks shifting,Vibhu says i have no time for your nonsense and gets busy with his arrangements, Angoori asks what all is this, Vibhuti says my new clinic, Angoori says very nice, Vibhuti says i want you to do opening come sharp at 10.30, Angoori says wow thank you and leaves.

Gulfamkali and Putan spending quality time, Hapu walks in and scolds Gulfamkali,putan asks whats wrong with cant you knock, Hapu says i have right over her and this house and so wont knock, Putan and Hapu argue over Gulfamkali, Gulfamkali says Hapu singh stop creating drama, Hapu says you have no feelings left for me now, Gulfamkali says cmon theres nothing left in you now, Hapu collapses.

Teeka in depression, Malkan and Tilu worried for him call doctor Gupta, he examines teeka, Tilu asks will he survive, doctor’says stop the drama, malkan says he drank whole bottle of phenyl, Doctor says that wont affect him, Tilu says thank God you are safe, malkan asks Gupta to examine teeka he is upset these days, Gupta says consult psychiatrist,tilu says lets go to vibhu.

pre cap: Angoori asks Vibhu how is clinic, vibhu sayz im very busy, Saxena walk to them and says not even a fly has visited our clinic.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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