Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th February 2019 Written Episode Update Dr.Vibhuti Mishra the Psychiatrist. Written Episode

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 6th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Angoori thanks Vibhuti for the honour, Vibhu addresses everyone and says i will cure your depression,your love problems and purposely points Tiwari,both get into argument, Angoori says its an good day today dont fight, Hapu says why don’t you treat this saxena, Vibhu says he is the fittest of us all here, im here to cure people who are tried,given up on their hopes,Hapu makes fun of him,Saxena warns him.

Vibhuti and saxena waiting for patients,vibhu asks Saxena to go out and get patient’s,i will go flop or else, Saxena says ok i will try my best, boys arrive, Saxena says teeka tried committing suicide,tilu Malka say soon we will try too, boys complaint about girls ditching them, Vibhuti starts examining them and starts questioning them, tilu says we never recieved love just got beaten, vibhu asks you are critical so you wanna commit suicide, dont worry i will help you, and our brain has many types, and you have many types opened we need to close them, and so stop thinking about girls and start taking yourself very handsome believe no one, and now one will dress as women and flirt with other, for positive results, boys agree, vibhu says okay charges are 250 each, teeka says huge amount please we will market your clinic, vibhu says i knew it get lost.

angoori working on kitchen, vibhu walks to her and asks whats up, angoori says all good hows your clinic, vibhu says its like another day, im earning huge but down to earth and im so busy i have no time for food, Saxena walks to them and says not even a single fly at clinic, Vibhuti says minister wants to see me did you take appointment, saxena says yes his PA insulted me.

Angoori gets call from Bhori and leaves. Vibhuti scolds Saxena and says couldn’t you lie, Saxena says i can’t and so you shouldn’t and trust me if you work honestly your business will be in boom. Tilu as women walks to teeka, tilu says im tilu don’t stare, teeka says be little gentle remember what Dr. Vibhuti said, Tilu says right,and both start flirting with eachother. Tilu says i love you,teeka says i love you too, Khushi walks to teeka and slaps him, teeka asks why did you slap me madam, i said her i love you, Khushi says why did you say her i love you,teeka says because you denied me, khushi says who said that,i love you too teeka,Tilu whispers the formula is working, teeka leaves with khushi.

Hapu walks to Tilu, and asks how did he get such beautiful girl and who are you lady, tilu says its me, hapu asks whats wrong with you, Tilu says it’s Dr Vibhutis formula and see the magic teeka got the girl he loves. Hapu says god i feel so tired.

. Pre cap :Angoori tells Vibhu,tiwari doesn’t pay attention to her. Vibhu says beat him,apply anything that comes in your hand on his face.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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