Chalte Chalte: A Journey Of Love (Shivika FF): Episode 33 Written Episode

Continuation from Episode 32:

After accepting the challenge,Shivaay moves towards the play-court,along with Anika and take respective positions.
Shivaay calls out her-

Shivaay:Anika,you make the first move.He passes on a badminton flower.Taking that she comes to his side.Shivaay says teasingly-

Shivaay:What happened?Want to lay your weapon down even before starting of the battle?
Anika:In your dream.
I have come to tell you some something and you have to agree.

Anika:Since this is a game,it is going to have a winner and a specific result.
Anika:Don’t you think there should be a prize declaration for the win?

Shivaay:I agree.What could be the prize?
He starts thinking.
Anika:Don’t do overthinking.I have already done that.
Shivaay:What are you waiting for then?Just tell.

Anika:Okay listen.
The one who loses this game will have to fulfill a wish of the winner and he/she can ask for anything.
Shivaay:Anything as wish?
Anika:Absolutely.But let me tell you,there is no back out.Deal?
Shivaay:Done.They shake their hands like partners!
Anika goes back to her side.

Four rounds are going to be played.Shivaay looks really excited while Anika enjoys his excitement.House stuffs leave and game starts.
(Three rounds get completed.Result is equal.After a short break,final and fourth round gets started)

Shivaay says in between playing-

Shivaay:You are going to lose Anika.
Anika:And who is saying that?
Shivaay:Shivaay Singh Oberoi!
Anika:SSO is going to lose and I am sure about it.
Shivaay:Yeh tum nahi,tumhari overconfidence bol rahi hai Anika.
Anika:Thori hi der mein pata chal jayega.

Game seems going to be drawn as few minutes are left.
Then,at one point while passing the flower over the net,Anika winks looking at Shivaay and makes a kissing gesture,seductively!
Shivaay was not ready for that and forgot to take aim at the flower.
It falls near him on the ground,declaring Anika as winner!

The moment it touches the ground,Anika starts rejoicing and celebrating her win by screaming and jumping.
There Shivaay stands still,mouth little open,with an unbelievable look.
Anika comes to his side.She says in a laughter suppressed voice-

Anika:Muh bandh karlijiye warna makkhi ghuss jayegi!
Shivaay gets his sense back.

Shivaay:What,what you just did?
Anika:What?I won defeating mighty,all-rounder SSO!So proud of you ASSO!
She pats herself.
Shivaay:One second.You did cheating and……..
Anika:Cheating?Hawwwwww………Okay,how?She chuckles.
Shivaay:You…You did,did that thing and I…….

Anika:Listen,I did nothing.You could not focus so you have lost.Aab mann lijiye ki aap har gaye Shivaay.
I am the winner of today’s game-
Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi.

Shivaay:You did cheating and you know that very well.Don’t laugh okay?Otherwise I would have won the game.
Anika:I hope you have heard of this sentence-Everything is fair in love,war and in-game.
By the way,do you have any proof that I have cheated while playing?
She says bringing her face close to Shivaay,in a whispering voice.
Looking at Anika’s mischievous smile,Shivaay grabs her hands all of a sudden,alarming her-

Shivaay:Let me show you,how you cheated!

Before Shivaay could do anything,Anika frees herself and runs away.He too runs behind her.
They are chasing each other around the net-stand.Start throwing badminton flowers targeting each other.
Few hits the target and few misses.One flower gets stuck in Anika’s hair.Watching that,Shivaay laughs.
Anika pours out a whole box of flower on Shivaay and he manages to hold her finding the opportunity.

In the struggle of rescuing herself from Shivaay’s grasp,Anika stumbles and falls on the ground,with Shivaay.
They start rolling on the ground losing the balance on the grassy ground.Few seconds later Shivaay comes over Anika and rolling stopping the rolling.They are lying on the ground,panting,looking face to face.
Shivaay removes the scattered hairs from Anika’s face and takes a close look.Anika is blinking slowly,watching Shivaay.

Anika:Shivaay,will you give me punishment for cheating?
Shivaay says in a seductive tone-
Shivaay:Yes,I will.
Shivaay places Anika’s both hands beside her head and entangles them,without breaking the eye contact,lying on the ground.

Song Plays
“Iss Pal Main Hoon
Ya Tum Bhi Ho
Ya Dono Hoke Bhi Na Hain
Kyun Ho,Kya Ho,Ho Bhi Ki Na Ho
Ya Kehna Sunana Mana Hain…………..”

Shivaay brings his face very close to Anika’s lips.His hot breathing is brushing Anika’s face and there,she shivers.Her entangled fingers are trembling in Shivaay’s grasp.Shivaay brings his lips close to Anika while tightening their entangled hands.
Anika moans at the growing closeness of Shivaay stretching her legs on the ground,slowly,anticipating a raw,sensuous flood!
Shivaay does nothing just keeps looking at her.
Unable to bear such sensuous torture,Anika bites her lower lip and closes eyes.
There Shivaay moves more close to Anika then-
Rubs his nose with Anika’s.Her body shudders under Shivaay’s cosy,warm,passionate touch.Anika opens her eyes.Her lips are trembling with her heaving soft bosom.
Shivaay starts loosening the grip of their entangled hands.Feeling that Anika rolls down under Shivaay then sits up on the ground.Her breathing turns heavy.Shivaay too gets up.
He says behind the back of Anika,near her ears-

Shivaay:Did you like the punishment,Anika?

Anika looks down blushing hard which,Shivaay could not see.The very next moment she stands up and runs away,leaving Shivaay behind.He too follows Anika,all smiling.

Evening sun sets off its journey that invites the night,in return………..

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