Chalte Chalte: A Journey Of Love (Shivika FF): Episode 40 Written Episode

Continuation from Episode 39:

Somewhere In Jaipur
5:45 am

Early morning sky is coloured in red,orange hue in the east,indicating sun-rise.
Omkara Singh Oberoi is standing on a hilltop,looking down the valley.Few minutes to go for sun-rise and he is all ready to capture that particular moment in his camera.
Gradually,sky glows up in the east end,spreading the first morning light.Om takes his position.Nature is bathing in the light of sun and clicks of Om’s camera are capturing those without failing,
Suddenly he notices something through the lens of his camera.Zooming it out he takes a clearer view.What he sees,makes him utterly surprised.
A slow yet lingering smile touches his lips.
He takes few exclusive pics.Next,he climbs down the valley and walks towards someone who is watching sun-rise standing on a narrow path.Going behind that person he says-

Om:Good morning.

That person startles then turns.A surprised look covers that person’s face.Om says smiling-

Om:Did not know that we will meet again that so soon.I must say,got a splendid surprise!
That person whom,Om is addressing is none other than Gauri Kumari Trivedi.

Mellow sun light surrounds them,slowly.Soothing morning breeze is scattering Gauri’s open hairs.Standing at the beautiful backdrop of nature,Om gets mesmerized watching Gauri.Her eyes meet Om’s intense gaze.He recites-

“Raat Gujri Toh Mehakti Subah Aayi
Chaand Dhal Gaya,
Suraj Ki Roshni Aayi
Neend Udhi Subah Ki Taazgi Aayi
Aur Aankhen Jo Khuli Toh,
Aap Ki Yaad Aayi…”

Gauri looks at Om’s smiling,grinning face………

Sunflower Petals

Rudra is doing push ups in the lawn garden.Shivaay is also present there,reading newspaper.Rudra asks Shivaay-Bhaiya,time kya hua?
Shivaay:Almost 8:00.Why?
Rudra gets up and says-

Rudra:It’s time for my favourite radio show.Let me turn on the station.

Shivaay puts down the papers.Anika comes there with Shivaay’s coffee and Rudra’s protein shake,in a tray.Wishing them good morning she passes those to Shivaay and Rudra.They both thank Anika.Rudra says-

Rudra:You have come at the right time bhabi.My favourite radio program will start now.
Anika:Really?I would love to hear.
All of them get attentive.Program starts-

“Hello friends,
I am RJ Love Angel,wishing all my listeners a very good morning.
So,how is life?I know its get cranky sometimes but that’s life.Today we will talk about happiness,personal happiness.
Sometimes the source of our happiness is something which we never expect still we get happy,tends to be happy.
Let me know,calling on this number 888777,what’s your takes on happiness…
Dear listeners,we have our first caller:

-Hello?May I know your name?

-Hi Love Angel,I am Priya
-Hi Priya.Well,tell us about your view on happiness.We are eager to hear.

-Love Angel,for me happiness means loving someone unconditionally that….

-Okay,go on.

-When I love someone without placing any condition,it gives me happiness,true happiness.Without any self-interest,just for the sake of love,without expecting anything in return.My heart feels at peace when I show such gesture of love.It’s a quite different feeling.That’s it,my simple view on happiness.

-Wonderful Priya,superb.I agree with you completely.Loving someone with all your heart without expecting anything is a dare-devil task for any human heart and trust me,it’s a big,big thing to do.Thank you so very much for sharing your amazing thought with us.

So listeners,we got an absolutely heart warming thought on happiness.Do think on it and on yours too.I am going to take a short break.Will be right back with a lot more fun,talks and masti.Stay tuned…….”

Show gets finished half an hour later.Anika asks Shivaay-
Anika:What’s your opinion on personal happiness Shivaay?

Shivaay was thinking something very deeply during the show.In the hangover of his thinking,he missed Anika’s question.Rudra asks almost shouting-
Rudra:Bhaiya,bhabi is asking you something.Where are you lost?Shivaay looks on-

Shivaay:Sorry,I was just……Anyway,what you asked?Anika repeats the question.
Rudra:Suna na thik se?Now answer.Shivaay laughs a little then says in a deep voice-

Shivaay:My happiness was,is and always will be in the happiness of my family members.But something happened and the definition and meaning of my personal happiness took a U turn,inwardly,without my knowledge.Everything is like before still I feel a change in me,in my attitude.A welcome change I will say.I don’t know when that change took place(looking at Anika)
But I know for sure,kuch toh hai jo badal gaya,kisi ke aane se.Dil ki choti si kone mein dhadkan jaise alaag si ho gaye.Kuch khaas hone laga ahista,ahista…………Shivaay looks at Anika who is already looking at him.Their eyes want to speak thousands words but forcefully silent.

Song Plays
“Tujhko…Main Rakh Loon Wahaan
Jahaan Pe Kahin Hai Mera Yaqeen
Main Jo…Tera Naa Huaa
Kisi Ka Nahin…Kisi Ka Nahin

Le Jaayein Jaane Kahaan Hawayein,Hawayein
Le Jaayein Tujhe Kahaan Hawayein,Hawayein
Begaani Hai Yeh Baaghi
Le Jaaye Mujhe Kahaan Hawayein,Hawayein
Le Jaayein Jaane Kahaan,Na Mujhko Khabar
Na Tujhko Pata

Baanati Hai Jo Tu…
Woh Yaadein Jaane Sang Mere Kab Tak Chale
Inhi Mein Toh Meri Subah Bhi Dhalein
Shamein Bhi Dhalein Mausam Dhalein

Kyayalon Ka Shehar
Tu Jaane Tere Hone Se Hi Aabaad Hai
Hawayein Haq Mein
Wohi Hai Aate Jaate Jo Tera Naam Le
Deti Hain Jo Sadayein Hawayein,Hawayein
Na Jaane Kya Batayein Hawayein,Hawayein
Le Jaaye Tujhe Kahaan,Le Jaaye Mujhe Kahaan
Le Jaayein Jaane Kahaan,Na Mujhko Khabar
Na Tujhko Pata…

Chehra…Kyun Milta Tera
Yun Khwabon Se Mera
Ye Kya Raaz Hai?
Kal Bhi…Meri Na Thi Tu
Naa Hogi Tu Kal
Meri Aaj Hai……..”

Anika and Shivaay are motionless and their eyes are blink less at the same time.There,Rudra is scratching his head.He is about to tell something but watching Shivaay and Anika are lost in each other’s presence,he leaves them without disturbing,smiling.

Precap:A house stuff brings something to Anika.Taking that she says-“This is looking like a gift box.What could be and for whom?”
She unfolds it and takes a look.Opening it she gets surprised!

Author’s Note:
Dear Readers,
I am not at all capable of addressing all of you.I try in whatever words I know.This is 40th episode of Chalte Chalte:A Journey Of Love(Shivika FF)
Ten more episodes to go for 50th episode’s milestone.When I started to write this FF,I did not know that I could come so far.All that could happen because of the love I got from my readers,both silent and regular.And I am grateful to each and everyone.
Standing at this point,I am very much excited to reach 50th episode but at the same time I am very much tempted to finish my FF on 50th episode,altogether!
My personal works,studies are leaving little time for me.Still,I am trying.Don’t know about you guys but I am in love with my FF and I can’t leave in in the midway.I am writing this note only because,if anything happens that I become unable to finish this FF,do excuse me and it’s my ardent request.
I did not know that my FF will need more than 50 episode to complete.Now I wish I could write longer episodes so that I could stop at the magical figure of 50!
Have said enough.
Thank you so very much all the love I get from my readers.Thank you all.Lots of love.


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