Chalte Chalte: A Journey Of Love (Shivika FF): Episode 41 Written Episode

“Aye Mohabbat,
Tujhe Paane Ki Koi Raah Nahi
Tu Toh Use Hi Milegi
Jise Teri,Parwah Nahi…….”


Looking at a smiling Omkara,Gauri says in disbelief-

Gauri:What are you doing here?
Om:Came to watch sun-rise,just like you.
Gauri says impatiently-I have asked what you are doing here in Jaipur.Are you by any chance…following me?
Om suppressed his laughter somehow then says in a fake serious tone-

Om:If I say that’s true what you will do?
Gauri:Is this some kind of joke or you are thinking I am joking?Can’t you answer a simple question without twisting it?
Her temper raises.Watching Gauri’s anger flushed face Om drops his jesting manner.

Om:No,unfortunately I am not following you.Have come here for my own purpose.What are you doing here?
Gauri:Why should I tell you?
Om:I just asked out of curiosity.It’s okay if you don’t want to tell.Glad to meet you.

Om turns to leave but Gauri stops him holding his hand from behind.He turns getting surprised.His eyes catch their binding hand then Gauri’s face.
She leaves his hand and looks away.The very next moment she returns her gaze and says-

Gauri:I…I am so..sorry.
Om’s eyes get widen in surprise.He says in a teasing tone-

Om:Why are you saying sorry?What you have done?
Gauri:I was rude to you that day and…
Gauri:And I reacted weird on a very simple matter.I should not have walked on you like that.She looks down.Few silent minutes pass.
Om gets close to Gauri,lifts her face holding her chin.

Om:You don’t need to say sorry.I understand.Let me tell you,I have forgotten that encounter of ours long ago.I don’t have any grudges against you.You have done nothing to take offence.He smiles withdrawing his hand.Gauri smiles back-
Let’s move out from here.After you.He shows the way.

As they proceed,Gauri slips on the dry slippery grass under her feet and about to fall down the valley but Om catches her by her right hand while her left hand hangs towards the valley.
Though Gauri has not uttered anything but from her facial expression it’s very clear that fear has gripped her heart.She glances at the valley over her shoulder then at Om.Her scarf is flying in the air.Om pulls Gauri to him with all the force he can manage.
She falls back against Om’s strong chest and immediately grabs his back with both her hands.Eyes are tightly closed.
There,Om too encircles his hands around her,securely.Few seconds later Om asks-

Om:Gauri?Are you okay?Say something.
She opens her eyes.Retreats from the hug feeling shy and awkward.

Om:Are you okay na?
Gauri:Y..Yes.I am okay.Let’s,let’s go.
They leave the place.

Sunflower Petals

Anika and Shivaay are looking into each other’s eyes.

Song Plays
“Chaahe Tum Kuch Na Kaho
Maine Sun Liya
Ke Saathi Pyaar Ka Mujhe Chun Liya
Chun Liya…Maine Sun Liya

Pehla Nasha,Pehla Khumar
Naya Pyaar Hai Naya Intezaar
Kar Loon Main Kya Apna Haal
Aye Dil-e-bekarar
Mere Dil-e-bekarar
Tu Hi Bata…..

Usne Baat Ki Kuch Aise Dhang Se
Sapne De Gaya Woh Hazaaron Range Se
Reh Jaun Jaise Main Haar Ke
Aur Choome Woh Mujhe Pyaar Se

Pehla Nasha,Pehla Khumar
Naya Pyaar Hai Naya Intezaar
Kar Loon Main Apna Hal
Aye Dil-e-bekarar
Mere Dil-e-bekarar
Tu Hi Bata
Pehla Nasha,Pehla Khumar…..”

Without breaking the eye contact Shivaaay reaches for Anika’s hands,placed on her lap.As he takes her hands,Anika shivers getting the cold touch of Shivaay’s hand.
He entwines their fingers while Anika looks away.Holding her one hand in his grasp,Shivaay reaches for Anika’s face to make her meet his.She has closed her eyes already and clutched the pallu of her saree,lying beside her.
There Shivaay is very much focused on her rosy lips.
Anika turns liquid inside feeling the hot breathing of Shivaay which is touching her face sensually.
Shivaay tightens the grasp of their entangled hands and Anika’s heart skips at that.
He brings his face close to her to exchange some romantic feelings but-

But phone rings and that spoils the Moment.
Shivaay and Anika both startle and look at each other.He loses the grip of their entangled hands then takes a glance around them.Rudra is not there,thankfully!
Shivaay takes a sigh of relief.
He looks at Anika.She is struggling with her hairs.Coughing,Shivaay takes his phone.He is about to say something but Anika snatches it-

Shivaay:Ani…Anika,what are you doing?Give me back my phone.It’s an important call.I have to take.Come on.
Anika stands up and says-
Anika:No,I won’t.Right now,I am very much angry with my sautan.You are not going to have it entire day.And this is your punishment.

Saying all those she turns and runs towards the house,giggling.Shivaay too gets up and follows her inside.

Around 11:30 am

Shivaay is left for office and Soumya for university after breakfast.Anika and Rudra are in the house.
Right now she is sprinkling water in the plants of hall room from water sprinkle bottle.Rudra comes to her-

Rudra:Bhabi,I am going out to meet one of my friend.Will have lunch with him.
Anika:Okay but don’t be late much.
Rudra:Done.Bye bhabi.
Anika:Bye,ta ta.He leaves.Anika gets busy in her work again.

Few minutes later a house stuff comes and says-Madam I have got this from Shivaay’s sir’s suit while checking it before putting into washing machine.Anika takes it and stuff leaves.Anika says in her mind-

“This is looking like a gift box.What could be and for whom?”

She removes the wrapper and finds a box.Opening the lid and watching what is inside,she gets surprised.Next,she closes the box and heads for her room.
One hour later she comes outside of the house and orders one of the drivers to take her to the Delhi office of the Oberois and gets in the car.Car leaves Sunflower Petals.

There Shivaay is very busy in one of the meetings in the office.Suddenly his P.A. comes and informs him about Anika’s arrival.Shivaay gets shocked and leaves the meeting half-way to meet Anika.
She is in Shivaay’s cabin,looking outside through glass wall.He comes almost running and enters into the cabin.Anika turns and faces Shivaay.He goes towards Anika and says in a deep concerned voice-

Shivaay:Anika?What happened?You are here suddenly…Is everything alright?She says smiling-
Anika:Lunch hour will start now right?
Shivaay:Yes but…..
Anika:No ifs and buts.I have come to have lunch with you.
You were saying that day you missed me,my banters and talks so I thought to surprise you.So,here I am.
Shivaay:Are you sure you have come only for this?

Anika:Are you doubting my intention?
Shivaay:No,no,of course not.Tell me,what would you like to eat?
Anika:I have brought food for you and mine.Let’s sit and have.

Anika arranges all the lunch items on the table adjacent to a sofa set while Shivaay helps her.He says in his mind looking at Anika-

“Something has definitely happened.I have to figure out”

Precap:Mr.Harshvardhan Trivedi meets Shivaay Singh Oberoi!

Thank you so so so soooooooooooooooooo…very much for all the love my dearest readers.Love you all.

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