Chalte Chalte: A Journey Of Love (Shivika FF): Episode 43 Written Episode

Continuation from Episode 42:

Shivaay and Anika are standing,hugging each other.Time is passing but they are not ready to free each other.
Finally Shivaay speaks-

Anika,who has buried herself completely in Shivaay’s arms,tells in half-whispering voice-Hmmmm…?
Shivaay says chuckling-

Shivaay:I think you should tell something else too.You know it’s been long since you talked and I am really worried.Anika retreats from the hug.
Shivaay:Hope I am safe now from your wrath!Anika hits him on the shoulder.
Shivaay:Tell something?Are you happy or not?
Anika says playing with the moons of her bracelet-

Anika:When I made this,little did I know that it would be gifted to me that even by my husband.This piece is really beautiful.I loved designing it.You know Shivaay,I named this bracelet.
Shivaay:What name?
Anika:Are you seeing these little moons hanging down here?Because of those I named it Chaand bracelet.She smiles.
Shivaay:Your smile always stirs something in my heart,every time.
Anika:Sorry I did not hear what you said.
Shivaay:N..Nothing.I am just happy to see you happy and smiling.

Anika:I wanted to ask you a thing but forgot.Shivaay,why did you buy it?When or on what occasion?
Shivaay says getting little close-
Shivaay:Do I really need any occasion to gift you?I don’t think so.
Anika:But Shivaay…..She could not finish as Shivaay puts his index finger on her lips-

Shivaay:Shhhhh…..I don’t want to hear anything.All these while I was thinking I lost it.Thinking something-Hey Anika,do you…..He falls into silence-

“I put a note inside the box.In fact a letter.Being a businessman,somehow managed.Should I ask Anika?I have to.Can’t risk it twice.”

He speaks up after hesitating a little-

Shivaay:Anika,have…have you found the note?
Anika:What note?You left a note inside the box for me to find?
Shivaay:Yes.Do you get it?
Anika:No.One of the house staffs brought me the box.There was no note inside(Note was there inside the box.When Anika opened it,note fell down which she did not notice)
I see,you wrote it after raking your brain so much then must have crammed something unromantic,going by your nature.Anika complains.

On that,Shivaay pulls Anika towards him with force,all of a sudden and she gets crashed against his chest.He says in a husky tone-

Shivaay:You…You want to say that I am unromantic?
Are you sure Anika?Because I have many many proofs to prove you wrong.Saying that,he starts caressing Anika’s face,using the magic of his fingers and her heart beats go fast,breathing heavy.
Shivaay joins their foreheads,twisting Anika’s right hand behind her back,other one on his shoulder which has clutched Shivaay’s suit.This time he says in a super erotic voice-

Shivaay:You are yet to discover that extreme Romantic side of Shivaay Singh Oberoi.And trust me Anika when I say this-Shivaay Singh Oberoi will make sure that you discover that part!

Song Plays

“Kala Na Safed Hai
Kala Na Safed Hai
Ishqe Da Rang Yaara
Gray Wala Shade…Ho…

Zamana Hai Badla
Mohabbat Bhi Badli
Ghise Pitey Version Nu
Maaro Update…Ho…

Ishq Nazariya Nazariya
Badle Ne Romance De Tevar
Ishq Nazariya Nazariya
Kehnde Ne Ainu Mutual Favour
Ishq Nazariya Nazariya
Ishq Nazariya

Kusthiyaan Mithiyaan Ho Jaayen Jabhi
Tasty Sa Flavour Aa Jaaye Jabhi
Sohna Hobe Pyaar Tabhi
Ubhrengey Rang Sabhi
Ishq Nazariya Nazariya
Ishq Nazariya…….”

No doubt,Shivaay’s words make Anika blush like anything.Though still in blushing mode,Anika decides to counter attact.She is about to say something but phone rings and she stops.Shivaay and Anika get conscious.He cuts the call.Anika says taking a glance around-

Anika:I am sorry Shivaay.Because of me your lunch and afternoon,both got spoiled.
Shivaay:If I say no,it was not then?
Shivaay:One second.Saying that he reaches for a drawer and brings out a file.Coming near Anika he makes her sit and says-

Shivaay:I have a very important work to finish and only you can help me.Will you?
Anika:Of course.By every means.Shivaay hands over some papers to Anika-

Shivaay:I want your signature on these documents.He passes the pen.Taking it Anika is about to sign but Shivaay stops her-

Shivaay:Read once before signing.One should always read before signing.Go through the papers Anika.Don’t you want to know what you are signing?
Anika says smiling-You have read na?
Shivaay:Yes I have.Why?
Anika:Then I won’t read.I don’t need to.
She says nothing further and starts signing papers,one by one.There Shivaay is utterly surprised and pleased too.Anika finishes signing the last one then says in an alarming tone-

Anika:Shivaay,ek mistake hogayi mujhse.
Anika:I have signed papers as Anika Vardhan Trivedi.I forgot how I used to sign using Oberoi title of mine.Can you replace the papers?
Shivaay:It’s absolutely okay.Be it Trivedi or Oberoi,it’s you,Anika,who matters.Not any title or surname.I got your name and that’s enough.
Anika hugs Shivaay side-way then says-You are really my Sweet Singh Oberoi.He laughs holding Anika.Their talks continue ahead smoothly.

Finally Anika takes leave from Shivaay and heads for Sunflower Petals in car.He goes back to cabin after sending Anika off,personally.
There,Shivaay gets busy in his work.After some time his P.A. comes-

P.A:Mr.Harshvardhan Trivedi has come to meet you sir.He is waiting for you in the guest room.
Shivaay gets up and hurries away to meet Mr.Trivedi.Shivaay comes and stands at the door.Mr.Trivedi turns and sees Shivaay Singh Oberoi.They both start walking to reach each other.Coming in the middle of the room they stop,keeping little distance.Mr.Trivedi speaks first-

Mr.Trivedi:I wanted to meet you Shivaay.I am sorry that I came without informing you dear.But it was urgent.
Shivaay:Plz don’t say sorry.Even me too wanted to meet you.
Mr.Trivedi:I guess it’s going to be a long talk.Let’s have a seat.What say young man?
Shivaay:Of course.Plz come.They both sit face to face.

Shivaay:Would you like to take something?
Mr.Trivedi:Maybe later.This time I just want to talk.I think you know on which topic we will discuss.
Shivaay:Very much.
Mr.Trivedi:See dear,Anika is my eldest daughter and I love her more than anything else.Recent time was tough for me and for my family.Perhaps you don’t know but there was a problem and that created a lot of difficulties for me,my family especially for my dearest Anika.And…He stops sighing.
Shivaay says anxiously-And?

Discussion goes on.Almost three hours later Mr.Trivedi leaves the Delhi office of the Oberois.After his departure,Shivaay too leaves for home.

Somewhere In The Middle Of A Road In Delhi

Rudra is on his car,way to Sunflower Petals.Suddenly he notices something and stops the car.He comes out of the car.Soumya is seen standing beside a broken car.Her phone rings-

Soumya:Where are you?Have been waiting since long.What?Okay then,I will manage.Yeah.She starts checking the car.Rudra goes to her-
Rudra:Hello Madam,what are you doing here?
Soumya frowns watching Rudra then gets busy in her work again.He goes to her side-

Rudra:Are you deaf?Have asked you something.She replies without looking at him-
Soumya:Why?Are you some type of VIP that I must hear you?
Rudra:Rudra Singh Oberoi comes first in the top list of VIPs,for most beautiful girls.Not like you of course.Soumya turns to Rudra,crossed hand-

Soumya:I agree completely.Among those girls who are dieting freaks,mini,short dresses ki dukan,beauty without brain,cat-walk queens.Did I miss some point Mr.Ladies’ VIP Oberoi?
Rudra gapes at her words then says somehow-
Rudra:Listen,you are insulting me.Last time I said nothing because of Shivaay bhaiya and Anika di.Because I respect them a lot.But I am warning you.Don’t provoke me Ms.Lady Doctor.I mean would be.
Soumya:Have I asked you to talk to me?I have never seen such a gale-padhu insaan like you.
Rudra:I did not do it intentionally that day.Woh toh main….actually stumbled and slipped.That’s why…

Soumya:Tumhara naam Rudra Oberoi nahi,Duffer Oberoi hona chahiye tha.Stupid.
Rudra:Ek toh maine tumhari help karne keliye roka ulta tum mujhe hi suna rahi ho.Mujhe rokna hi nahi chahiye tha.
Soumya:Why did you stop?I have not called you.
Rudra:My fault.It’s almost evening.You won’t get any mechanic here.Come and sit in my car.Our destination is same.Main itna bhi bura nahi hoon.You can trust me.

Soumya looks at Rudra.Then without saying anything further she goes and gets in the car.He follows and gets in the car too and says-

Rudra:Seat-belt.Soumya fixes it and car moves on….

Precap:Shivaay and Anika are talking.Phone rings and taking that Shivaay shouts-What?

##Thank you,thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo….very much my darling readers for all the love.Love you all.

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