Chalte Chalte: A Journey Of Love (Shivika FF): Episode 44 Written Episode

Joh Toofani Dariya Se Bagavat
Kar Jaaye Woh,
Bhare Darbar Mein Joh
Duniya Se Ladh Jayee Woh,
Joh Mehboob Ko Dekho Toh
Khuda Bhool Jaaye Woh,

Anika has reached Sunflower Petals.She is very happy and the reason of her happiness is one and only-Shivaay.
She comes to kitchen to look after the arrangement of dinner.She herself cooks three different dishes for Shivaay,Rudra and Soumya.
Finishing the kitchen task,Anika goes back to her room.She changes into night cloths then gets in the bed with Shivaay’s photo-frame from dressing table.
Then,she starts her monologue with that-

Anika:Hmmmmm…..You are really an enigma to me Mr.Shivaay Singh Oberoi.Sometimes I really don’t understand you.
Today I was literally on fire.She laughs-
But you tell na what else could have I done?Have my sautan and that’s enough huh?
She lies down on the pillow.Placing the photo before her eyes she says-

You always make me special,very special.She takes a deep sigh-Don’t know how we met,how our marriage got fixed,how our relation started!
Was it a love marriage or arrange marriage?This stupid accident of mine just ruined everything.Wish you could let me know from the start!
So much subtle emotions,happiness,feelings might be there!How unlucky I am!
Anika sits up on the bed-

Where are you Shivaay?Waiting for you since long.You make me wait like this when I need you most,why?
She starts caressing Shivaay’s pic.Next,she recalls those sweet moments at office,in between her and Shivaay.Little blushing,smiling,Anika kisses that photo of Shivaay,in her hand.She decides to call Shivaay.

Anika is about to get down the bed but stops feeling dizzy.She tries to ignore but it overpowers her.A very strong pain sips through her senses and her breathing turns heavy.Her vision turns hazy at the same time.
Shivaay’s photo-frame falls on the floor as Anika herself collapses on the bed.With much difficulty,she raises her head from the bed while writhing in acute pain and looks at the broken frame.Forwarding her trembling hand in that direction,with a blurred vision,she utters-

Sh…Shi…Vaaayy…………Anika faints then and there,her hands hanging over that broken pic of Shivaay!

Shivaay comes home with a big bouquet of flower and a box of Anika’s favourite chocolate.
He inquires about her to a staff and she tells him Anika is in their room.Starting for the room Shivaay says in his mind-

“You will be very happy to know that I have met your Dad Anika.And a big surprise is waiting for you.
I just can’t wait to see those surprised expressions on your face which make you so adorable to look!”

He comes in front of the door.Before entering Shivaay pauses for a second,takes a look at the flower bouquet.Smiling he steps inside saying-Ani….He could not finish.
What he sees,freezes him completely.Bouquet and chocolate box fall from his lose grip.Anika is lying unconscious on the bed.
Shivaay runs towards the bed.Gathering Anika in his arms,he shouts-

Ani…Anika?What,what happened to you?Anika?Open your eyes plz.He pats her cheeks-
Are you playing some prank?I am not liking it at all.Just,just wake up Anika.Looking around,he puts Anika on the pillow carefully.His heart beats are racing as fast as possible fearing the worst.He brings a glass of water and starts sprinkling on Anika.
She gets her senses back,fluttering eye-lashes slowly.Watching that Shivaay cups her face and says-

Shivaay:Anika?Are,are you okay?
She grabs Shivaay’s hand and responds in a feeble voice.He helps her to sit.
Shivaay:How,how did you faint Anika?Are you okay?Are you feeling pain?He finishes at a stretch.She says holding Shivaay-

Anika:I,I was here on the bed.Then I don’t know what happened,felt like someone is hammering inside my head.There was so much pain just unbearable.Then perhaps I fainted.
Shivaay:Is it paining still?

Anika:A little.
Shivaay takes Anika in his arms.Remaining in his arms,she closes her eyes.Shivaay says caressing her hairs-

Shivaay:I won’t let anything happen to you Anika,never.He too closes his eyes.

Doctor comes,checks Anika then prescribes medicine.Assuring Shivaay that everything is fine he leaves.
Anika is seen sitting on the bed.Shivaay comes there with a tray-

Shivaay:I have brought your dinner.Have it then you have to take medicine too.We will visit doctor tomorrow.Come on.
But Anika says nothing.She is staring at the broken photo frame of Shivaay on the bedside table.Noticing that he says-

Shivaay:Nothing has happened Anika.It just a photo frame.Why are you…..
Anika:I am having very bad vibes Shivaay.She looks away.
Shivaay gets close to her.He says holding her face-

Shivaay:Hey Anika,listen to me.Everything is fine okay?I am with you.Nothing will go wrong.Trust me.
Anika:How come you are so positive and optimistic every time?
Shivaay:I have learnt.Do you want to?

Anika smiles-No,I will get bored!
Shivaay:I make you bore with my talks?
Anika:Some…Sometimes.She giggles.

Shivaay:As you are smiling,that means you are fine.Can you have food now?I will feed you today.
Anika:Bring your plate too.
Shivaay:Would you mind if we share from same plate?

Anika:I would love it.
Shivaay:I heard you cooked?Brought all the dishes for tasting.
Anika:I tried as per my lesson.
Shivaay:I see…….They both start feeding each other while talking and laughing over the food Anika cooked.

Around 8:30 pm

Anika is seen sitting in the pool garden,on the swing.
Night breeze is touching her delicately and smoothly.She is watching the moon up above the sky.Shivaay comes and sits beside her on the swing-

Shivaay:Moon is watching “Moon”?
Shivaay:From my point of view.
Anika:Very biased view.
Shivaay:Happily biased.

Without saying anything Anika leans over Shivaay’s shoulder then starts playing with the buttons of his kurta.Few silent minutes pass.

Shivaay:Do you want to tell something?Is something bothering you?
Anika:You must have felt terrible when I met with accident right?
He recalls those extreme painful memories.

Shivaay:Why are you asking all of a sudden?
Anika:I was thinking about you just before I fainted.I was fearing that what would happen if I would not open my eyes?Was thinking I might not see you again.More than physical pain,I was feeling devastated thinking about you and that we may not be together again,perhaps.

Anika:Plz,let me finish.That moment was very hard and difficult for me.I realized your pain of that time when you forced yourself to see me unconscious,fighting between life and death…..Shivaay,can I ask you something?
Shivaay:Yes,anything you wish.
Anika:Promise me,promise me Shivaay that you will be always with me?You won’t leave my side even for a second.Pinky Promise?

Smiling,Shivaay locks his Pinky finger with Anika’s own-

Shivaay:Pinky Promise!
Then,cupping Anika’s face,he plants a very soft kiss on her forehead.Anika hugs him right after that and Shivaay responds lovingly.

Song Plays

“Mile Ho Tum Humko
Bade Naseebon Se
Churaya Hai Maine
Kismat Ki Lakeeron Se
Teri Mohabbat Se Saansein Mili Hai
Sada Rehna Dil Mein Kareeb Hoke

Teri Chahaton Mein Kitna Tadpe Hain
Sawan Bhi Kitna
Tujh Bin Barse Hai
Zindagi Mein Meri Saari
Jo Bhi Kami Thi
Tere Aa Jaane Se Aab Nahi Rahi

Mile Ho Tum Humko
Bade Nassebon Se
Churaya Hai Maine
Kismat Ki Lakeeron Se……”

Anika says in her mind-

“I know you won’t leave my side,ever.But I don’t trust my destiny.If it conspires to separate you from me,it will have to fight me first this time………..I can’t live without you Shivaay nor I will……….That day will be the last day of my life if I ever think or do so(Looking up at him)
And Shivaay,I……I Love You!”

She hugs Shivaay with all the love of the world.

#Wishing all my amazing readers “Happy Valentine’s Day”
#Celebrate Love,Be Loved,Continue Loving.

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