Chalte Chalte: A Journey Of Love (Shivika FF): Episode 45 Written Episode

“Tere Naam Ko,
Honton Pe Sajaaya Hai
Teri Ruh Ko Aapne,
Dil Mein Basaaya Hai
Duniya Dhondhte Dhondhte
Ho Jaayega Pagal
Di Ki Aise Kone Mein
Tujhe Chupaye Hai……”

Anika’s smiling,glowing face makes Shivaay wonder-

“What all Anika is thinking and smiling?Anyway,it’s a good sign.She was quite panicked.Should I inform her that everything is going to be fine between her and Mr.Trivedi?No,I think I should wait for upcoming big day.Anika’s happiness will be boundless,totally.Sorry Anika,can’t tell you now……….”

Shivaay too starts smiling sweetly imagining those future happy moments of Anika’s life without knowing that she just declared her “Love” for him-A silent declaration though.Anika says in her mind-

“What I just said?I love you Shivaay?I am really too much!Confessed such a big matter in silent!
So what?I am sure I have said this line countless times in the past!
Still,I am getting a different sensation like exactly the feelings of “First Time”.By the way,when I said it for the first time,that might be a very special incident.
Oh,how I wish to know Shivaay’s reaction on that!It must be priceless.And how Shivaay expressed his feelings through that ever-loved,sought-after sentence-
“I Love You”?
I know Shivaay too loves me and I can see it,sense it,feel it in his every action and word.But he has not said it yet to me since I got conscious.Standing at this point of our relation,it must be a formal,typical thing for Shivaay!
One second,when did I become so unromantic to think this way?I tease Shivaay that he is unromantic but now I know it’s me who is the real one!
Why I am blaming Shivaay?Even I have not vocalized it to him!Did Shivaay too confess it in silence?What are you thinking Anika?
Shivaay himself is the biggest proof of his love for me.I don’t need any formal declaration every now and then,yes……..”

Nuzzling more closely in Shivaay’s arms,she takes a deep breath of inner satisfaction.Right that moment Shivaay looks down to her face and Anika too tilts her head to meet Shivaay’s gaze.

Song Plays

“Paaya Maine,Paaya Tumhein,Rab Ne Milaya Tumhein
Honton Pe Saajaya TUmhein,Nag Mein Sajaaye Tumhein
Paaya Maine,Paaya Tunhein,Sab Se Chupaya Tumhein
Sapna Banaya Tumhein,Neendhon Mein Bulaya Tumhein….

Tum Jo Aaye Zindagi Mein Baat Ban Gayi
Ishq Mazhab,Ishq Meri Zaat Ban Gayi
Sapne Teri Chahaton Ke
Dekhti Hoon Aab Kayi
Din Hai Sona Aur Chaandi Raat Ban Gayi
Hoo Tum Jo Aaye Zindagi Mein Baat Ban Gayi….

Chahaton Ka Mazaa,Faasalon Mein Nahi
Aa Chupa Loon Tumhein Hauslon Mein Kahi
Sab Se Upar Likha,Hai Tere Naam Ko
Khwahishon Se Jude Silsilon Mein Kahin

Khwahishein Milne Ki Tumse
Roz Hoti Hai Nayi
Meri Dil Ki Jeet Meri,Maat Ban Gayi
Tum Jo Aaye Zindagi Mein Baat Ban Gayi

Zindagi Bewafa Hai Yeh Maana Magar
Chod Kar Raah Mein Jaoge Tum Agar
Cheen Launga Main Aasman Se Tumhein
Soona Hoga Na Yeh,Do Dilon Ka Nagar

Raunke Hain Dil Ke Dar Pe
Dhadkane Hai Surmayi
Meri Kismat Bhi Tumhari,Saath Ban Gayi
Hoo Tum Jo Aaye Zindagi Mein Baat Ban Gayi……”

Shivaay and Anika both are happy and content right now-Shivaay for Anika and Anika for Shivaay.Moon is shining above them in the sky and they are looking at it remaining in each other’s blissful embrace…….

In The Road

Rudra is driving the car with Soumya in it.
She is looking outside while he is trying hard to start a conversation-

Rudra:So,how was your day?Addressed person is respond-less.He tries again-Hello,where are you?
Rudra:I am suspecting that you are undergoing toothache that’s why you are very much reluctant opening your mouth!

Soumya:Thank you so much for your concern.No,I am not suffering from any toothache.I just don’t wish to talk to you.If you plz excuse me.She says suppressing her anger.
Rudra:You seem very anti-social! You have the company of Rudra Singh Oberoi and being anti-social in my presence is a-a crime!

Soumya:Are you subtly trying to say that you got offended because I am not paying any attention to you?
Rudra:And may I ask,why are you nurturing such odd illusion?
Soumya:Going by the nature of you obviously!

Rudra:Well,the truth is,sitting silent inside a car is not something which is my type nor I prefer.
To make this journey smooth I proposed to have a conversation.Can you co-operate?You are much talkative!
Soumya:I see.Go on.
Rudra:All your 32 teeth are up?
Soumya:Why are you behind my teeth huh?

Rudra:I thought you would appreciate my choice of topic for conversation!You are going to be a doctor so……..
Soumya:Only because I am a medical student,you assumed I can only converse on things related to it?I must appreciate your sense of intelligence Mr.Rudra Singh Oberoi!
I should have expected it earlier.

Rudra:What do you mean?
Soumya:I meant you don’t know how to start a conversation with a girl let alone choosing a topic!Could not you think about something suitable for both of us?
Rudra:I very well could.But left it eventually.

Soumya:I guessed it.
Rudra:Thank God.I….
Soumya:How dare you?
Rudra:Now what?

Soumya:How dare you insulting me like that?What do you think of yourself?
Rudra:Why are you shouting unnecessarily?
Soumya:I just can’t believe………………

She could not finish because of a sudden jolt of the car.Rudra manages the break somehow and the car stops just before hitting a big tree by the side of the road.Rudra and Soumya go silent in utter horror of the probable accident.
After few moments,Rudra asks a visibly terrified Soumya-

Rudra:Are,are you okay?He tries to touch her but winces in pain.A deep groan escapes out of Rudra’s mouth which startles Soumya.Freeing herself from the seat-belt,she turns to Rudra who is seen examining his right hand-

Soumya:Rudra,are you hurt?She sounds very worried.
Rudra:I think my hand got fractured.It’s paining a lot.Bhaiya…..
Soumya:Show it to me………….

Sunflower Petals

Anika is seen sitting in front of the mirror,combing her hair.
Shivaay comes there with her medicine.Finishing with that she says-

Anika:Don’t know for how long I have to pretend that I am a patient!
Anika:I don’t feel like I am a patient until I see these medicine and…………..She stops noticing something-

Anika:How did it get fixed?
She says excitedly watching Shivaay’s photo-frame which was in broken state.She looks at him who is smiling-

Shivaay:You were worried and stressed on a simple thing so I had to do that.Just changed the frame and it’s back.

Anika:How I wish my memory could be fixed like that!

Anika:Sometimes I really feel tempted to ask you what all had passed between us before I lost my memory.I could not muster up enough courage to ask you about our lost moments fearing that it might hurt you.Shivaay tries to say something but Anika stops him hurriedly-
I,I don’t want to know anything.I……..She looks down.

Shivaay comes close to Anika then takes her hands in his hands.Pressing those softly in his grasps he says-

Shivaay:I know you don’t feel comfortable watching me struggle for anything.You have all the right to know what had happened.And I am telling you today-You will know for sure what you have lost but at the right time.Can you wait till that time comes?

Anika nods in positive.Sparing her hands,Shivaay takes Anika in his arms.Anika hides her face in Shivaay’s chest………….

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