Chalte Chalte: A Journey Of Love (Shivika FF): Episode 46 Written Episode

Continuation from Episode 45:

Holding Anika in his arms Shivaay says in his mind-

“One day you will know everything Anika.Perhaps I will not be around that time.But,how I wish I could!Every second I am spending with you is like a dream,in each.Can’t bring myself to believe that at all.But that does not change the truth,
You have added that chapter in my life about which I was unaware completely.I will throw away every problem-thorn from your way.You won’t suffer anymore.I am here to share those.I won’t let you feel burdened Anika.I took your responsibility and won’t back out no matter what……….”

Shivaay retreats from the hug-

Shivaay:I don’t think you should think much about the past forgetting the present Anika.You have so many work to finish.
Shivaay:Yes work.Do you remember you have signed some papers today?
Anika:Yes I did but…..

Shivaay:Those papers are the corner stone of an upcoming very important and big event of your life.
Anika:I have no idea what you are saying Shivaay.
He puts his both hands around Anika’s shoulder,circling-

Shivaay:I don’t want to spoil the moment disclosing beforehand.You will get to know soon as it is meant for you only.
Anika,do you trust me on this?
She too puts her hands around Shivaay-

Anika:If I say “More than Myself”,will it please you,Sir?

They both start laughing joining their foreheads.

Around 10:30 pm

Shivaay and Anika are seen sitting in the hall.

Anika:Rudra said before leaving that he would return as early as possible.Now look at the time.Where is he?I have called but phone is unreachable.Same with Choti.
Shivaay:Don’t worry.They must be stuck at traffic.Let me call Rudra and you try Soumya’s.

Shivaay takes out his phone to call Rudra but his phone rings-

Shivaay:Rudra?Where are you?I………Without saying anything for few seconds,he stands up suddenly then shouts-
What?Are you okay?Is,is Rudra fine?O..Okay…..He cuts the call.

Anika:What happened Shivaay?Where is Rudra?What he said?
Shivaay:Soumya’s call.They were with each other then met with an accident?Don’t worry,they are safe and fine.Let’s go outside.They are about to reach……

Some Time Later

Rudra is in his room,upstair.Shivaay,Anika and Soumya are beside him.His right hand is fastened to a sling.
He is eating from Shivaay’s hand.He is complaining a lot.Shivaay decides to tease him-

Shivaay:Already I am handling Anika now you too?Rudra frowns.
Anika:This is not fair Rudra huh?See,your brother is tired because of me now you will make him more!You should have informed him before getting injured.Bechara Shivaay!
Rudra says taking a spoonful-

Rudra:You are absolutely right bhabi.Bhaiya’s sense of humour is unbearable right now like my pain.I had so many plans.Everything got ruined.
Soumya:Why are you getting hyper?

Rudra:Why am I getting hyper?How will you understand Miss.Bookworm?
I won’t be able to play video games,can’t do exercise,can’t go out and I have a longgggggggggg…list.My loss is bigger than anything.Let it be.You won’t understand.

Soumya:I do understand.You don’t want to try and that’s not my problem.Okay,doctor has prescribed medicine and asked you to take full rest.
Put a temporary full stop on your errands for the time being.Your social life,girlfriends,protein shake etc.can wait.Focus on yourself this time.

There,Shivaay and Anika are observing Rudra and Soumya with shining smile.He puts in-

Shivaay:By the way Soumya,how long it will take Rudra to recover?
Soumya:Seven-eight days if your brother is ready to cool down Jiju.
Shivaay:He will for sure.But I am relieved as you are here.

Rudra:You are making me Paraya Dhaan bhaiya?See na bhabi.
Anika:Sorry Rudra but I agree with Shivaay this time.

Soumya:Sun liya?Now you have to follow my instructions whether you prefer it or not.Am I clear?
Rudra mutters under his breath-Lady Drill Master!Hey bhagwan,bachalo mujhe!Kaha phass gaya main!

Shivaay:So,everything is settled then.He turns to Anika-
I will stay with Rudra tonight.You….
Anika:And I am with Choti.

Rudra:Yes bhabi,take away your sister.
Soumya:Dekha di?

Anika:Stop it.Come with me.I am taking away her Rudra.You take rest.Good night……..They leave.

Soumya’s Room

Anika is turning pages of a magazine lying on the bed.Later Soumya joins her.Anika props up with one elbow-

Anika:Tell me one thing Choti,you and Rudra left from here separately then how you two ended up together?
Soumya:Rudra met me on the road.My car was broken down.He offered me lift and rest…Well you know.

Anika:Hmmmm…You two really can’t go along without fighting.Shivaay was really tensed so was I.Accident could be fatal.That was really unacceptable Choti.
Soumya:Your,your devar is one of a kind di.If you only know what all he said.

Anika:Drop that matter.Rudra is injured and we have to look after him.It’s quite late.Go to sleep.
She lies down.Few seconds later Soumya asks-

Soumya:Di,you are awake?
Anika:What happened?Do you need anything?
Soumya:No….I wanted to ask you something.Can I?

Anika:Is it anything serious?
Soumya:Are,are you happy with Shivaay Jiju?Anika sits up so is Soumya.
Anika:Why are you asking this all of a sudden?………..

To Be Continued

Precap:Anika is watching nightmares!

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