Chalte Chalte: A Journey Of Love (Shivika FF): Episode 47 Written Episode

“Meri Chahat Ko
Meri Halat Ke
Taraju Mein Na
Maine Woh Zakhm Bhi
Khaye Hain Jo
Meri Kismat Mein
Nahi The……..”

Anika:Why are you asking this all of a sudden?
Soumya:Just…Just like that di.
Anika:Hmmmm…….I don’t know why but feeling like you are hiding something from me.Okay,I won’t keep you in darkness.Come,let us lie down.
They both lie down facing each other.Anika starts-

Anika:You know Choti,when I was informed that Shivaay is my husband and I am a married woman,somehow I could not believe it.I was so damn confused at that time.Then,I saw Shivaay.His concern,care for me.He did not let me feel otherwise even for a second.That “stranger” vibe was totally gone.
He took utmost care of every necessity of mine.I troubled,keep troubling him but he tolerates everything without bursting out on me like other typical husbands.
Shivaay never points out my flaws in my face rather he helps me to overcome it.
Whenever I feel I am staggering,standing on a sloppy ground,I find him beside me,helping me out,always.He bears all my unusual tantrums like Dad.She laughs-

From the moment I have opened eyes,have seen Shivaay caring,thinking,worrying for me.Like his life depended on me only.And this feeling is beyond any description.

Soumya:You have immense faith in Shivaay Jiju,right di?

Anika:Without an ounce of doubt.Shivaay’s “husband” side is matchless.I am his wife,Shivaay Singh Oberoi’s wife and this gives me a very secured,loved feeling.I…..She stops.Waiting for few minutes Soumya asks-

Suoumya:Di,what are you thinking?

Anika:Choti,if I start telling about how good Shivaay is as a person especially as husband,my words will never finish.
Soumya:You seem to be very happy around Jiju and I have noticed that.

Anika:Trust me when I say this-Your di is more than happy and content in her married life because her husband’s name is-Shivaay Singh Oberoi and it’s the most sweetest and beautiful fact of my life.
Soumya:I can see that.
Anika:If you have anything more to know then I will tell you tomorrow.Now I am feeling sleepy and want to sleep.You too go to sleep.

Soumya:Thank you so much for the talk di.
Anika:By the way,I have some questions for you too.
Soumya:What di?
Anika:Not now.Will tell later.Good night Choti.

Few minutes later,Soumya falls asleep.On the other hand Anika lies awake.
Dangling the diamond bracelet in her hand,holding it close to her heart,she says in her mind-

“Only my heart knows what Shivaay means to me.He is…is my everything.I can’t thank enough my fate for bringing him in my life.
Can’t think a single day of my life without him.I have surrendered myself completely under the perpetual magic of Shivaay.He is my pain and passion,both and Anika-Shivaay are inseparable,no matter what………….”

She closes her eyes with a sweet smile lingering in her lips.

Around 2:30 am

Anika stirs in deep sleep tossing her head on the pillow.Some scattered scenes are playing in her dreamy vision.At a point,she stops moving watching the face of Shivaay.
In the dream Anika finds her eyes are blindfolded and she is standing in the middle of a garden.
Shivaay is calling out her name but she is unable to trace him.
Her and Shivaay’s voice echos in the dream-

Anika:Shivaay,where are you?He says at a distant corner-
Shivaay:I am here Anika.Come,catch me.
She tries to remove the blindfold but Shivaay warns her-

Shivaay:No,you can’t do that.You have to find me in that and it’s the condition.
Anika says stretching her both hands round in search of Shivaay-

Why are you troubling me Shivaay?

Upon that,Shivaay emerges out of a cover of mist.Coming behind her he whispers near Anika’s ears-
Because,I love to!
He puts a very soft kiss on Anika’s kiss from side-way,holding her shoulder then steps back and vanishes into the mist,once again.
Anika turns to touch Shivaay removing the blindfold but staggers.She falls on the floor and screams in pain-SHIVAAY!!!

Anika shoots open her eyes.She sits up on the bed.She turns to other side for Shivaay but he is not there.With her heart beating fast,she gets down the bed then comes out of the room.Reaching at the stair end of south wing,she stops.
Anika is about to step in but right that moment she hears someone saying-ANIKA?

Shivaay is standing at the other end of the stairs.They both start breaking the steps to reach each other in hurried steps.Reaching in the middle of the stairs,they stand face to face.Looking at Anika’s panic stricken face Shivaays says in deep voice of worry-

Shivaay:Anika?What happened?Are you alright?

She says nothing instead jumps into Shivaay’s arms holding him in a strong embrace.She is trembling.Securing his hands around her he says-

Shivaay:Anika,I am here.Plz tell me what has happened.Did you…..did you have any bad dream?
Anika nods in positive remaining in his arms.Shivaay lifts her face.Her eyes are moist.Next,he sits on the stair with Anika-

Shivaay:Don’t think about it.It was just a dream.Forget it.Nothing will happen.I am with you.I will put you to sleep,come.
He tries to get up but Anika grabs his hand in fear-

Anika:I won’t be able to close my eyes Shivaay.Don’t ask to go to sleep.Stay with me,plz.
Shivaay:Okay.Calm down.

He takes Anika in his arms.She rests her head against Shivaay’s chest holding him with both her hands.Putting his chin on Anika’s head,Shivaay starts caressing her hairs.
Few minutes later Anika’s eyelids turn heavy and she falls into sleep in Shivaay’s secured,protecting arms………

##Wishing you a very gorgeous,blissful “Happy Birthday” Omaira,Omu dearest.May God bless you with all the love and happiness of the world.Love you.Take care.

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