Chalte Chalte: A Journey Of Love (Shivika FF): Episode 50 Written Episode

Golden Jubilee Celebration

One Fine Day

Anika is in her room searching something in the cupboard.

Anika:Shivaay told me to get ready all of a sudden.For what?Already I am so worried and tensed because…..And he was smiling like won world-cup!
Where….She finds a note in Shivaay’s handwriting-“It’s not here.Turn back”

She turns and notices a big box on the dressing table.She goes there and sits on the tool.A white rose is kept on top of it with another note-
“A Rose for Beautiful Rose”
Smiling sweetly she goes on opening the box.

Shivaay is talking over phone with someone-

Shivaay:Don’t worry.I have spoken to Delhi police commissioner.Safety arrangements will be taken care of.That area will be tightly secured.Yes,special invitations are sent.And I will handle media-press personally.Yeah,everything is set….Okay,will see you all there.He cuts the call-
All is done.Now I should get ready.He leaves.

One Hour Later
Anika is still searching something.

Anika:Where has my nuptial chain gone vanished?I have not seen it since morning nor I am able to find it.Even vermilion box is also missing.How is this possible?
She looks worried.Right that moment her phone rings.Shivaay is on the call-

-Are you ready Anika?
-Excellent.I am in the hall.Come fast okay?

He cuts the call without letting Anika speak anything.She looks in the mirror-

Anika:Come on Anika,you can do it.You won’t panic no matter what.You have promised yourself.
Taking a deep breath she stands up then heads for the door.

Shivaay is checking the time impatiently.The door opens and Shivaay pauses for a moment to turn.Finally he turns and what he sees takes his breath away-

Anika is standing wearing a white colour net saree with glittering border of deep white and silver with a spaghetti strap blouse.A diamond-pearl studded princess necklace is gracing her smooth neckline and a pair of round diamond-pearl earrings,her ears.Her smoky-dark longs eye lashes are fluttering every now and then.A small kundan bindi is placed in between her twin brows.A light pink shade is smiling all over her lips.Her hairs are straight and gathered over her left shoulder,hanging,flying in the air.

On the other hand,Shivaay has worn a white blazer with deep-blue waist coat and a matching silver tie.He is looking extremely handsome.

Two most gorgeous people are watching each other in utter astonishment.They are thinking the same thing-

“How can someone look so beautiful/handsome?”

Anika moves towards Shivaay so does he.They come face to face.Shivaay’s eyes moves on Anika from head to toe.Her heart skips few beats feeling his hot gazes on her.
Shivaay feels a very strong urge to plant a fierce kiss on Anika’s lips and………!To control his tumultuous hormones,he tears away his gaze off Anika.
There,Anika too can’t help but staring at him.
That happy staring session could go on but Shivaay breaks the spell.Clearing his throat he says-

Shivaay:Shall we?
Anika:One second.She brings out a flowe.That same white rose-
Will you fix it in my hair?

Shivaay comes close to Anika then goes behind her.He puts the flower at the crook of her right ear.While fixing it he gets the intoxicating scent of Anika which makes him dizzy in return!Finishing that he holds her hand and walks out of the hall.
Coming outside they get in the car and leave Sunflower Petals.Minutes later-

Anika:You have not told me yet that where we are going.
Shivaay:You will know for yourself.
Anika:By the way,you are looking very,very handsome today.I could not take my eyes…….She stops blushing.

Shivaay:Well,thank you very much.

She slips into silent mode not because she has nothing to talk about but to apply herself staring at Shivaay,stealthily.Same goes for Shivaay!

When Shivaay’s car stops coming at a lavishly decorated premise of a multi-storied building,countless camera flashes,media people surround the car.Ignoring them he gets down and reaches for Anika at the other side and makes her get down too.In the mean time,security forces get hold on media people though cameras are flashing continuously and questions are getting asked.
So many people are present there as they walk on the red-velvet carpet smiling at them.Watching all those Anika asks-

Anika:Shivaay,did you crack any big business deal?Have you thrown any success party for that?
Shivaay:We will throw party for sure Anika.Just wait and watch.

Minutes later OmRu come and meet Shivaay and Anika.Leaving Rudra with Anika,Om takes away Shivaay with him.

Om:I hope everything will be sorted now.What do you think?
Shivaay:Hope so.
Om:Have you decided how will you tell all those to Anika?

Shivaay:No,not yet.For that I need doctor’s permission.
Om:Anika is stable now.I think it’s high time.Anyway,did you talk to Choti Ma?
Shivaay:Yes.Every time,repetition of the same story.

Om:She is your mother Shivaay.It’s her right.
Shivaay:I know.That’s why I want to finish everything as early as possible.He sighs.
Om:Are you all right?
Shivaay:Yeah,I am fine.Let’s go.We need to commence the main function.
They return to Rudra and Anika.She is laughing hearing his funny jokes.

Anika:Where you two have been?
Shivaay:Anika,I have a surprise for you.
Anika:What?One more?Already I am filled with so many surprises.
Shivaay:Look over there.

Shivaay makes her turn.She is about to protest but stops.Her eyes get widen in disbelief.She looks back at Shivaay with abated breath,smiling-

Anika:Shivaay…You….I…She fumbles.He puts his hands on her shoulder-Go Anika.

She gives a squeezing press to his hand then turn to her heels.

Mr.Harshvardhan Trivedi is standing at a little distance.Anika stops coming in front of him.She says in a suppressed emotional voice-DAD!
She jumps into his arms like a little girl.Mr.Trivedi secures his arms around his dearest daughter.

Anika:I can’t tell you how much I missed you Dad.I am so so so soooooooooooooooo..happy.

Mr.Trivedi recalls their last dreadful encounter and his words-“Don’t call me Dad”
Tears blind his eyes.He says in a broken voice-

Mr.Trivedi:Me too missed my daughter darling so very much.How could I not?
Everyone witnesses the emotional re-union of father-daughter.
Mr.Trivedi:We all are here for you.

Anika hears Sahil’s shouting-ANIKA DI!
He runs towards her followed by Mrs.Trivedi,Gauri,Soumya and other close relatives.Anika bends down and hugs her little brother.She meets her whole family after a long time.Mrs.Trivedi could not stop her tears despite continuous warnings from her daughters.Anika is happy full to the brim,to her heart’s content.And she keeps on thanking Shivaay.

After family re-union gets over,Trivedis meet the Oberois-Dadi,Jhanvi,Shakti,Priyanka along with ShivOmRu.Anika meets senior Oberois for the second time.Happiness,only pure happiness gets filled in the air.

Afternoon turns into Evening,Evening into Night.
All the decorations of light starts showing magic.
At one point,Shivaay gets on the stage-

Ladies and gentlemen,can I have your attention plz?
I want to thank each and everyone present here for joining us today.You all are eager to know the occasion behind today’s gathering.I won’t stretch the suspense longer as it’s not a serial!Everyone laughs-
Now I am going to tell you all a story.No,not a story rather about a dream.We all dream-this or that.But how many of us have the courage,strength,determination to dream an actual Dream?And how many of us have the belief that we will achieve and fulfill our dream one day?Very few can do that.
Here,among us a person is present who once dreamed to do something different from others,to break the stereotype,without the support of big surnames,without any influence-wanted to do that through hard work and pure zeal of fulfilling it.

And today,this moment is going to arrive,about to start.We are here to celebrate that moment,to congratulate and wish all the very best to that person on this new journey.
Ladies and gentlemen,on my mark-3,2,1 and-

A part of the premise which was darkened and covered before,gets lightened followed by the bursting out of colourful confetti.A big board comes to everyone’s notice in big letter-“ANIKA’S PRIDE & DREAM”
Everyone claps including Shivaay.Only Anika stands stunned,looking at him who is looking at her back while clapping.
Shivaay calls everyone’s attention to him again-

Ladies and gentlemen,ANIKA’S PRIDE & DREAM is a fashion house and today is its inauguration which is going to be done soon.I am signing off for the time being.See you all later.Thank you.
Everyone claps.
Getting down the stage he comes to Anika who is looking speechless either because of happiness or in lack of words.

Shivaay:Come Anika.It’s your big day.

With everyone,she stands before the entrance door of ANIKA’S PRIDE & DREAM.
Shivaay hands over her the scissor to cut the ribbon.Taking that she looks at Shivaay then at Mr.Trivedi.

Anika:Dad…..Shivaay,I want to tell something.
Shivaay:What happened?

Anika:I did not know that I,I would be doing it in near future.My dream is about to get fulfilled and I want to do it with two most important persons of my life.Without them,their love I don’t think I could bring myself to do this.Shivaay,I want you and Dad to join me in the ribbon-cutting.
Shivaay:Anika why….

Before Anika can say anything,Mr.Trivedi speaks-Shivaay dear,I would love it if I could do it with you,together.So,if you plz……Dadi,Mrs.Trivedi,Shakti,Jhanvi everyone agrees with him.
Then,the epic moment arrives-Anika holds the scissor to cut the ribbon with Shivaay standing at her right side and Mr,Trivedi at her left.Three of them cut the ribbon and inaugurate “ANIKA’S PRIDE & DREAM”

Fireworks play in the sky at the same time.Sounds of clapping gets heavy along with camera’s flashes.
Opening the door,Anika steps in with Shivaay at first,together then everyone follows them one by one.Right that moment,Anika is feeling like jumping into Shivaay’s arms straight away and shouts at the top of her voice-“I love you Shivaay.I love you to the power of infinity.I love you more than anything else”

She keeps on looking at him with a board smile in her lips and thinks she is the luckiest woman living on the earth.She closes her eyes for few seconds to thank God for bringing Shivaay and this moment in her life.
Outside,night sky lightens up because of continuous fireworks to spread the happiness as everyone is happy today.Let them be happy.

##This is 50th Episode of Chalte Chalte:A Journey Of Love(Shivika FF)
Standing at this milestone,I am thanking all my readers for supporting,loving and encouraging my simple writing and my FF.I know I can’t write that much good still I try to entertain everyone who read.And I am grateful to TU for giving me an opportunity to write and making me an Author.Thank you everyone,once again,for all the Love as well as every precious Like and Dislike.

With Love

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