Chandragupta Maurya 14th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Dayimaa Finds Out Chandragupta’s Truth Written Episode

Chandragupta Maurya 14th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mahamartya hangs Chanakya under burning coals with soldiers piercing spearhead into Chanakya’s body, says if Chanakya slips he will die hanging and if he escapes, soldiers will kill him, so he should tell where he has hidden king Dhananand’s wealth and what is his motto towards Magadh. Chanakya chants verses and asks if he forgot these holy verses, telling its meaning asks if he has gone so blind to support evil king and also going against Brahmin dharma. Mahamartya shouts he will torture Chanakya so much that he will be forced to open his mouth. Chanakya says he can try his best.

Dhananand orders Bhadrasaal to gather all his army as he wants to rule on remaining 15 states of Bharath and will wage war on Pooranmasi. Bhadrasaal gathers all soldiers. Chandragupta thinks what king is up to. Dhananand addresses soldiers that he wants to conquer remaining 15 states of Bharath and with Seleucus’ help wage war on Pooranmaasi day, so for the next 2 days, he himself will train his army and get them ready for the war. Chandragupta remembers Chanakya telling they will start their journey of united Bharath on Pooran maasi.

Mahamartya returns to Dhananand and tells he failed to open Chanakya’s mouth even after torturing him so much. Dhananand scolds him. Chandragupta who is hearing their conversation says Mahamartya’s plan failed as it was not foolproof and enough to force Chanakya to open up, so if he can try like he did last 2 times by disguising as sadhu once and then tricking Chanakya again, Chanakya cannot be pressured by forced but by trick. Dhananand says Chandragupta has 2 days to do whatever he wants and he wants results once he returns. He then orders Mahamartya and Bhadrasaal that nobody will stop Chandragupta in whatever he does. Chandragupta agrees. Dhananand then meets Dayimaa and orders her to spy on Chandragupta and inform him if she sees anything unusual. She asks how will she know what Chandragupta speaks to Chanakya. Dhananand says prison walls have ears.

Chandragupta walks towards Chanakya’s jail cell and gets emotional seeing Tithiraj’s body being carried away by soldiers. Bhadrasaal asks what happened to him. Chandragupta says he will go inside now alone. Bhadrasaal walks away. Chandragupta walks to Chanakya and seeing him severely injured and in dilapidated state apologizes that his condition is because of him. Chanakya says he should not have come to him at all. Chandragupta tells him about Dhananand’s plan to train his army for 2 days to wage war against 15 sates of Bharath and win them. Chanakya suggests the only way to defeat Dhananand is create a rift between him and Seleucus, when 2 super egoist kings fight for power, one will be defeated for sure; so they will use Seleucus in their favor. Dayimaa hears their conversation and realizes Chandragupta is Chanakya’s disciple. Chanakya continues that he wants Piplivan’s price Chandragupta Maurya to become united Bharath’s king. Dayimaa is more shocked to hear this revelation and thinks to inform king immediately.

Chanakya Niti: Weapon and meaning have to be sharpened on time to keep them sharp, similarly one has to keep testing their memory and take risks, else they will be like blind weapon.

Precap: Chandragupta informs Chanakya that Dayimaa came to know about his secret and is going to inform Dhananand.

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