Chandragupta Maurya 14th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Chanakya Seeks Vajrabahu’s Support Written Episode

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Durdhara feels shy expressing her love for Chandragupta. Sthulbhadra and Indra hide Shipra in store room. Chandragupta reaches there and asks them to stop as Shipra is their friend. They leave Shipra, and she kicks them. They grip her again, and Sthul informs that Dayimaa is out of coma and informed Chandragupta’s truth to Shipra, so Shipra was running to king Dhananand to inform him same, they heard their conversation and caught her on time. Chandragupta makes her unconscious by touching her ear via Chanakya gyaan and says they cannot keep Shipra here, so they have to carry Shipra hidden to Hawa Mahal. Sthul says sometimes Chandragupta frightens them with Chanakya’s teachings and hopes Chanakya returns soon from Asaka. Chandragupta reaches Durdhara’s room and scolds guards to pack princess’ favorite mattress and then says he himself will take care of princess’ belongings. Durdhara hears that and thinks slave also likes her.

In Ashakha, Chanakya gifts Magadh mangoes to Asaka king Vajrabahu. Vajrabahu enjoys mangoes and says Magadh’s mangoes are very tasty, Chanakya’s idea to rest for sometime from practice and enjoy mangoes was right. Chanakya says he likes seeing people enjoying food. Vajrabahu says soon he will defeat Dhananand and soon will conquer Magadh, then these mangoes will be called Asaka mangoes. Chanakya says his intention is good, but he doubts if he can win Magadh as not only Dhananand is his enemy, but Macedonian king Seleucus nicator is also his enemy; Dhananand will attack from north and Seleucus will attack from south, how will Vajrabahu bear attack from 2 sides. Vajrabahu says he is right, but there is no other way out. Chanakya says there is a way as he can support Piplivan’s prince Chandragupta Maurya to fight against Dhananand, that way Chandragupta will get back his price and he will fulfill his oath taken against Dhanannd. Vajrabahu says now he understood that a prince wants to get back his family’s price and a brahmin wants to get back his pride by winning Magadh and wants his support. Chanakya says he is thinking wrong, once after winning Asaka, Dhananand and Seleucus will attack remaining 14 janpad/dynasties and win them, they will destroy whole Bharath, so it is our duty to stop this happen. Vajrabahu apologizes him and says he can understand his problem, but how will they defeat Dhananand and Seleucus’ huge army. Chanakya says they have to divert army coming from north and defeat it first and then handle one coming from south.

Chandragupta with Sthul and Indra’s help rolls Shipra in mattress and carries her to cart in which Durdhara’s goods are carried to Hawa mahal. Shipra reaches with Dhananand and asks where is Shipra. Chandragupta says she already reached Hawa Mahal beforehand to take care of princess’ needs. Durdhara gets happy hearing that and says Shipra and slave Chandragupta are her true well wishers. Dhanaannd says he is sending his brother Govishanka along to protect Durdhara. An obese Govishanka walks in. Dhananand asks not to look at his obese body, he is very sharp and can sense problem immediately. Govishanka sees mattress and asks why is it here it looks heavier than it should be. Chandragupta gets tensed. Durdhara requests Govishanka not to interfere in her routine and not eye on her mattress or other items. She gets into palanquin excitedly to meet Shipra in Hawa Mahal and relive her old memories. Chandragupta thinks whatever Dhananand tries, he cannot break his confidence.

Chanakya Niti: Just like tree roots are engrasped deep in ground, similarly a person’s secret are deep hidden, so they have to find out enemy’s deep secret and make use of it.

Precap: Dhananand is shocked to see slave Chandragupta as his enemy.
Chandragupta says he is Piplivan’s prince Chandragupta Maurya and Dhananand’s end.

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