Chandragupta Maurya 1st February 2019 Written Episode Update: Dhananand Kills Mahamartya? Written Episode

Chandragupta Maurya 1st February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dhananand orders Mahamartya to bend in front of slave Chandragupta and says once he bends, he will cut Mahamartya’s head with is razor. Mahamartya walks to Chandragupta and bends to touch his feet when Chandragupta stops him and says he is elder to him both age and knowledge, he cannot touch his feet. Dhananand says a person becomes big by deeds and not age, Chanakya became great with his deeds by defeating Mahamartya. Chandragupta says he cannot let king do brahma hatya/brahmin’s murder and take sin on himself. Dhananand says he is god of Magadh and he cannot take back his words, so he has to cut Mahamartya’s neck. Chandragupta says there must be some solution and Mahamartya will explain it. Mahamartya says Brahmin’s hair is his pride and life, if hair is cut, it is equal to killing brahmin. Dhananand cuts Mahamartya’s hair. Mahamartya walks in corridor reminiscing Dhananand telling that he will live a slave life and will eat horse’s food, chana and jaggery, he will be in armour room till his hair regrow. He is served jaggery and chana and shouts Vishnugupta Chanakyaaaaaa..

Chandragupta walks to Chanakya and seeing him cutting watermelon with knife says he can cut it into 100 pieces with 1 blow of his sword. Chanakya says one has to conserve energy and use it at the right time and use brain to use energy in a proper way. He cuts watermelon in 1 go into equal pieces. Chandragupta praises his skills and says he thought a brahmin knows only knowledge and dreams of united Bharath, but he is capable of doing anything. He bends in front of Chanakya and asks how to find out where Dhananand has hidden his wealth. Chanakya says via Durdhara and explains plan.

Mura grinds dry chillies and touches her face with chilli smeared hands. Other maids say she should not do that, else her face will burn. Chandragupta passes by and stops seeing her coughing due to chilli powder. Dhananand enters, and Chandragupta leaves. Dhananand tells Mura that slave and she are fond of each other, only me and she like slave and everyone hate him; he likes slave but thinks some day slave will betray him, what is her opinion regarding this. Mura says suspicion is in his nature and he cannot trust his trusted aids. Dhananand asks her to grind chillies to fine powder and walks away laughing.

Mahamartya meets 3 wicked warrior brothers Trikal who are very fierce and gives them contract to kill Chanakya.

Durdhara fumes in front of her Shipra that slave Chandragupta is busy doing all tasks except guarding her. Shipra asks if she should ask king to appoint another bodyguard for her. Durdhara says she did not say that. A thief barges in and attacks Durdhara. She shouts for help. Chandragupta enters. She tightly hugs him and asks to catch thief. Chandragupta asks to leave him first. She leaves and nervously asks to catch thief. Chandragupta runs behind thief and identifying him as Indra asks him to give paper note and punch him. Indra tears paper and punches him and runs away. Durdhara enters and Chandragupta picks paper bits and says it is conspiracy, they should inform king first. He walks to Dhananand and says he found a note with thief and it reads they found where Dhananand’s wealth is. Dhananand says nobody can reach his wealth except him.

Chankaya Niti: Chanakya says gold even hidden in ground does not lose its value, similarly one should value competent people and not ignore them, else one will lose them.

Precap: Chanakya gives puzzle to Chandragupta to reach Dhananand’s wealth.
Chandragupta solves puzzle and reaches secret wealth chamber but stands shocked seeing Dhananand there.

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