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Maayi tells Jahnvi that only Patalini maata can help her get rid off daayan’s effect from her body and she has to go to Paataal to meet her. Jahnvi asks if Patalini cannot come here. Maayi says Daayan captured Patalini maata by trick in paatal crores of years ago, so Jahnvi has to go there to meet her. Jahnvi asks how will she go to Paataal. Maayi holds her hands and a way to paataal opens. Jahnvi asks how will she identify if Patalini. Maayi says by bright blue light on her throat and her blue eyes. Daayan finds out about this and tries to stop Jahnvi. Maayi asks Jahnvi to go soon before Daayan stops her. Jahnvi walks into Paataal. On the other side, Dipank asks tantrik to save Jahnvi somehow. Tantrik says after spoiling havan, he cannot do anything for 12 hours. Prithvi shouts to get out then, he will save his sister at any cost and angrily walks toward door when Taiji stops him and asks what he will do. He says he will take a few goons and bring back Jahnvi from assylum. Taiji scolds he is not a goon and scolds to keep calm. Prithvi shouts his sister is in trouble and he is helpless. Jahnvi finds Patalini who spits fire on her calling her as daayan. Jahnvi pleads to listen to her, she is not daayan and is possessed by Daayan instead. Patalini says maybe, but she cannot escape. Jahnvi pleads that she is fighting against daayan and wants to save children from her. Patalini holds her and removes Daayan’s tattoo from her back. Jahnvi finds herself next in assylum again. Constable wakes her up and says she got bail. Jahnvi does not find Maayi and asks where is old woman. Constable says there is no one here and only Jahnvi was kept here.

Jahnvi walks to station where Akarsh bails her out. She hugs him emotionally and says she knew he would always protect her. Inspector then arrests Aakarsh and tells he accepted that he killed Jahnvi, reminscing Aakarsh telling that Nandini did a fraud in his hotel, so he confronted her, she lifted stone and tried to throw it on him, but he tried to stop her and stone fell on herself and she died. Jahnvi runs to Aakarsh and pleads inspector to spare her husband as he is not a murderer. Aakarsh takes her aside and says he promised to protect her always during pheras and will follow his promise. Police takes him away in van. Jahnvi says Aakarsh is innocent. Chandrika offers her lift till hotel. Jahnvi gets into her car. Miday, she shouts she did not do right by removing Daayan’s tattoo from her body, now her husband will not be spared; if she wants to save him, she has to get someone who cannot speak, is antidote is of poison, etc.. Jahnvi then finds herself outside hotel and walks in. She hears Chandrika asking about maid Bundi bai who is missing since 2 days. Receptionist says Nandini had given her some task, so she should ask Nandini. Chandrika sees Jahnvi, yells since she came into Aakarsh’s life and married him, only bad is happening.

Jahnvi meets Mainka who shows her displeasure saying after Jahnvi married Aakarsh, only bad is happening in this house, and since Akarsh permitted to stay in this house, she can. Jahnvi walks to her room and calling Chachaji informs him what daayan told to return Nandini and spare Aakarsh, a puzzle. Anita enters with milk and hearing her puzzle says it means Amrith and nervously runs out. Jahnvi stops her and requests to repeat her words. Anita says puzzle leads to a dumb 10-11-year-old boy Amrith who stays near her friend’s house. Jahnvi asks if Amrith has any kavach. Anita says yes, his grand mother’s given kavach to protect him from evil. Jahnvi reaches boy’s house disguised as health officer and mets her mother. She is shocked to see Maayi’s garlanded photo. Mother says she is her MIL. Jahnvi realizes that Maayi wanted to protect her grandson via her, so Dayan wants another child in Amrith to excecute her plan. Mother brings broken pot and says maayi had kept this soil pot and used to tell each grain has power to destroy evil spirit. Jahnvi silently walks away and picks some soil and leaves from there.

Jahnvi reache jungle and calls Daayan. Daayan emerges and throws Nandini on floor, asks to give Amrith. Jahni says she brought better thing that and throws soil on Daayan. Daayan shouts in painn. Nandini says nobody can save Daayan now. Another daayan comes and says Nandini is alone and they are two, who will save Jahnvi now. They both disappear. Jahnvi takes Nandini back to hotel. Chandrika gets happy seeing Nandini and says they can save Aakarsh now. In police station, Daayan emerges in Aakarsh’s cell and drags him away. Back in hotel, family gathers around Nandini. Mamaji says he cannot believe Nandini is alive, where did Jahnvi find her. Jahnvi nervously says she found her unconscious on floor. Mamaji asks so easily. Mainka says let us discuss it later and call lawyer to bail out Aakarsh soon. Mamaji asks who was dead then. Jahnvi says Bundi bhai who wore Nandini’s clothes. Mainka gets a call from inspector that Aakarsh is in hospsital where they see Aakarsh in ICU and inspector says someone broke lockup and harmed Aakarsh. Jahnvi cries that Aakarsh’s conditino is because of her and Dayan harmed Aakarsh, she will not forgive himself if something happens to Aakarsh. Doctor shifts Aakarsh towards OT. Jahnvi cries she will not let anything happen to Aakarsh, he has to fight for his life, she loves him and he has to get well soon for her. Aakarsh is taken into OT. After surgery, doctor comes out and says they could not save Aakarsh, he is no more. Family shatters hearing that. Jahnvi falsl down crying.

Precap: Daayan in nurse tellss Jahnvi that Aakarsh is dead because of

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