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Prithvi guides cooks prepare thandai/milk for shivatri. Brijesh chacha brings bhang, and Prithvi scolds him and asks to take it away. Jahnvi after pooja walks to Mainka with pooja thali. Mainka asks how did she get injured. Jahnvi asks if she does not know, she fell down. She offers her pooja teeka, but Mainka denies. Taiji walks in and asks who will be fasting. Jahnvi says she will for sure. Mainka walks away silently. Aakarsh walks in and asks Jahnvi she can skip fasting if she wants. Jahnvi says she got such a good husband, so she will fast for sure. Aakarsh says even he will fast. Jahnvi says he cannot as he does not skip his meal. He says let us see. Veer passes by, and Aakarsh stops him and asks who did he get injured. Veer nervously says he slipped. Aakarsh tells Narendra that Veer and Jahnvi are behind Daayan again. Narendra says he hates Veer and Aakarsh should kick him out, he must be provoking Jahnvi. Aakarsh says he does not want to separate friends and hopes they don’t get into trouble. Chandrika and Nandini meet Viraaj and assure him that Jahnvi is actually Kundini and after test DNA results come out, it will be proved that for sure, then he can take his wife Kundini with him. Mainka sees them talking and thinks what are they doing with Viraaj, then thinks she will be tension-free if Viraaj takes Jahnvi away. She meets her brother and informs that Daayan is angry on her after he lost room’s key, they have to find key at any cost and asks him to make sure Jahnvi does not reach old royal library and find out Daayan’s secret.

Jahnvi while making arrangements for pooja discusses with Veer that they should find out daayan’s secret show.
Veer says there will be a royal library and books about daayan’s secret, so they should go and find it out; he asks her to ask Asha about royal library. Jahnvi says Asha is Mainka’s trusted maid and may not reveal anything. Veer asks her to try at least. Jahnvi walks to Asha and asks her about library’s location. Asha hesitates, but reveals location. Jahnvi and Veer reach library and search for clue. Jahnvi finds an ancient book and reads that a king saw a beautiful woman in a nearby village and married her, soon he found out woman is daayan, so people started hating king, so king wanted to kill Daayan. They see rest of pages missing and search for them again and find pages with palace’s map and try to rush out of library when door closes down and scorpions emerge on door. Jahnvi pushes Veer back and says Daayan found out about their plan. Daayan emerges there. Door opens. Veer drags Jahnvi from there. Daayan orders scorpions to kill them both and burns map. They run in corridor when Veer hits his head to a wall and collapses. Jahnvi also falls down. Scorpion bites Jahnvi. Shiv pooja starts in living area. Jahnvi crawls down till there, and scorpions burn after crossing shivji’s idol area. Poison spreads Jahnvi’s whole body. Jahnvi starts doing tandav/dance in front of shivji’s idol and falls down blue to due to poison. Everyone get amused and worried for her. Chachaji asks everyone not to touch her and playing shank prays Shivji. Jahnvi’s poison vanishes and she gets well.

Aakarsh takes Jahnvi to room and asks if she is fine. She says she got dizzy due to fasting. He jokes and offers her juice. She asks him to have it first. He says he cannot break fast as he is fasting for his wife. She says even she cannot. He smiles and leaves. Jahnvi thanks Shivji for saving her. She sees scorpions getting afraid of Om artifact. Veer reaches her again, and they both rush to store room to save Amrith. While walking in corridor, Daayan attacks them and they rush in to store room. Daayan reaches and attacks Jahnvi. Jahnvi says now she cannot escape and shows her Om symbol and rudraksha. Daayan starts burning and pleads to spare her. Jahnvi asks to spare Amrith first. Chachaji searing Jahvi opens door and Daayan disappears. Jahnvi scolds him why did he come here, Daaayan escaped. He says he did not find her, so worried came here searching her. Jahnvi asks Veer and Chacaji to wait outside while she gets behind wall and save Amrith. She walks in behind wall and finds another room there in which a king’s body is kept. Veer reaches behind her and they see same king’s paintings on wall who died 500 years ago. The find book’s missing papers behind painting in which they read that king wanted to kill Daayan, so Daayan killed him and now if she sacrifices 7 kids, she can relive king, so she is kidnapping kids.

Precap: Jahnvi tells Veer that they should burn king’s dead body before daayan relives him. She informs Aakarsh that daayan is present in palace. She then sees Mamaji’s dead body and alleges Mainka that she killed her. Mainka runs to escape and she runs behind Mainka.

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