Daayan 16th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Daayan Returns Aakarsh’s Life Written Episode

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Doctor pronounces Aakarsh as dead and shifted to morgue. Jahnvi with Mainka and Mamaji walks to morgue and cries looking at Aakarsh’s dead body. Chudail emerges in nurse and says she did a big mistake and next she sees herself and Aakarsh in Daayan’s cave. She gets up shouting and realizes it was her imagination. She rushes towards OT and hears doctor telling he has shifted Aakarsh into observation room. Mamaji insists to take Aakarsh home as he cannot risk his life and doc can treat Aakarsh at home. On the other side, Seyansh’s mother calls calls him to have food. He walks towards window and sees Bablu on window informing that daayan has called them tomorrow as new friend will be joining them. Mother asks Seyansh what is he doing here and gets afraid seeing lizard. Aakarsh is shifted home into his room. Jahnvi takes care of him. Veer comes there. Jahnvi asks what is he doing here. He asks what is happening here. She tells him whole story. He asks why did not she use mangalsutra. She says that mangalsutra is fake and and someone replaced it. Veer says it mus be Nandini or daayan. Jahnvi says Nandini herself was in dayan’s grip, so she cannot steal and even Daayan is afraid of stone, so she cannot. Veer says he will keep an eye on Nandini and her sister. 18.6 years of experience in medical transcription, proofreading, and auditing medical documents along with data analysis regarding quality improvement and process improvement. Jahnvi returns and sees Aakarsh’s vital sign monitor malfunctioning. She sees an arrow sign emerging from machine and heading out, so she follows it and it leads her to a dark room where sees Maayi who says she can save her husband if her grandson touches a stone hidden in palace and then touches Aakarsh. Jahnvi agrees.

Jahnvi searches stone in whole hotel, but does not find any. She meets Asha as says since she knows whole palace well, if she saw any red stone or any antique red item in hotel. Mamaji passes by and scolds Anita to get back to work. Asha rushes away nervously. Mamaji then yells at Jahnvi. He walks to Mainka and says if she has to protect Aakarsh, she has to send Jahnvi away from here till Aakarsh gets well. Mainka scolds that Jahnvi is their bahu and he cannot always blame her. Jahnvi calls Amrith’s mother and says her son has won free lunch at a 5-star hotel and asks her to reach hotel soon. Mother agrees. Veer follows Nandini and sees her meeting a man who gives her most poisonous snake hidden in tender coconut. Nandini says Jahnvi escaped death even falling from building terrace, she will die for sure. Asha meets Jahnvi and informs that a maid found a secret room in which old items are kept and she found a big red stone in a trunk and takes here there. After sometime, Mainka calls Jahnvi and asks her to go to her parent’s house for some days until Aakarsh gets well. Mamaji yells as usual and orders driver to drop Jahnvi to her parent’s house and not let her get down till then. Jahnvi gets into car, but reminiscing Maayi’s suggestion to gets down from car and takes taxi. Veer calls her and tries to inform about Nandini’s plan, but stops him and says A lady will bring her son Amrith claiming a free lunch, he should hold the boy until she comes there.

Jahnvi reaches hotel and sees her family there who asks about her and Mamaji says she went to their home. They say she did not return, what did they do to her. Mamaji yells good she Aakarsh’s life is in trouble since she married Aakarsh. Prithvi reacts, but Narendra stops him. Jahnvi silently walks in and sees Amrith and his mother in reception. She silently takes Amrith with her secret room and asks him to touch trunk with stone. He touches and gets fixed to it. She pulls him away somehow and sees his taweez missing. He runs away and she follows him. She sees Aakarsh awake and surrounded by Mainka and Mamaji. Mamaji yells if she had one a long drive. Mainka stops him and says Aakarsh got well because of her and asks her to be with Aakarsh. Aakarsh thanks her for getting back Nandini and saving him from police. She says there is no sorry and thanks in friendship. He gets romantic and she says she will be back in sometime and leaes. She meets Chachaji and informs him whole incident. He says he did not hear about 2 daayans till now and it is very confusing. She sees Seyansh there and follows him, sees Maayi there who turns into Dayan and laughs that that stone sucks power instead and took Amrith’s protective cover/kavach, she made her work for her of bringing Amrith here and as promised returned her husband’s life. She then strangulates Jahnvi and says she can kill her, but will spare her for sometime. Once she disappears, Jahnvi sees Seyansh again walking in and follows him.

Precap: Nandini breaks mirror to find out who is helping Daayan. Maamji
walks with Seyansh.

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