Daayan 17th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Vrijesh Chachaji Tries To Kill Jahnvi Written Episode

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Jahnvi sees Seyansh in Aakarsh’s hotel and thinks she cannot leave Aakarsh in this condition and follow Seyansh. She corrects curtain. Mamaji looks at curtain and its link breaks into pieces. Jahnvi thinks she should take Veer’s help. Veer tied in store room by Chandrika shouts for help and realizes Nandini and Chandrika are partner in crime. Jahnvi over phone informs what had happened just now. Chachaji says it means daayan is in hotel itself. His phone’s battery drains and it switches off. Servant delivers Nandini’s snake hidden tender coconut to Jahnvi and she is about to open it when she Jahnvi hears Bundi Bai maid creating havoc and walks to her. She alleges that hotel people are responsible for her daughter’s death. Jahnvi takes her aside where lady reveals that her daughter knew Mamaji and Mamiji’s secret and told she would get lots of money, so she went to meet Mamaji and never returned. Jahnvi asks how can it be. Lady says it is up to her to believe it or not. She walks to mirror and reminiscing someone’s words that mirror reveals daayan’s truth. She breaks mirror. Maamji walks to her and asks what happened to her. She says she does not know how this mirror broke. Mamiji walks in and asks servant to clean mirror pieces. They both walk into their room, and mamaji assures that he did his job secretly and nobody doubted him.

Chachaji goes to meet Kapal Baba and requests him to solve 2 dayans’ mystery. Kapal baba says now that he knows Ujjain’s biggest secret, he knows the answer also. Chachaji runs away shouting he cannot do that. In hotel, Jahnvi thanks Asha for her help and says without her help, Aakarsh would not have got well so soon and she would not have met Amrith. Asha says Amrith is missing. Jahnvi says even she is worried about Amrith. Aakarsh meets her and taking her to room plays romantic music and asks if he can hug her. She nods yes. He hugs her and gets romantic. She parts ways and says it is his soup time and walks away saying she will get him soup in 2 minutes.
She gets him soup when he sees Mamaji taking Amrith with him and tries to follow. Chachaji meets her and takes her to jungle’s dry well. Jahnvi asks why did he bring him here. He pushes her in well and runs away while she pleads for help. Snakes emerge from holes and bite her. She collapses. Jahnvi runs away from there crying that he killed his nice. In hotel, Veer frees himself and searches Jahnvi when Nandini shows him snake hidden tender coconut. He runs in afraid and clashes with Aakarsh, nervously rushes into Aakarsh’s room and says Nandini is trying to kill Jahnvi and him via snake in tender coconut. Nandini walks in, Veer alleges her and their argument starts. Nandini opens coconut lid and shows coconut water. Aakarsh shouts at them to stop and warns he will not listen anything against Jahnvi. He walks away followed by Veer. Chandrika walks in and says she changed tender coconut on time and shows snake in her hands. They both laugh. Mamaji asks Aakarsh to call Jahnvi. Aakarsh says she is resting in her room and should not be disturbed. Mamaji says he saw her going out. Aakarsh says she is resting in room and nobody will disturb her till she wakes up.

Jahnvi wakes up and sees herself alive. A few men around her say they are snake charmers and were catching snakes in jungle when they heard her plea and rescued her from dry well, they removed her snake poison and applied medicine, she should rest now. Jahnvi thanks them for saving her and leaves. She reaches her parent’s home and sees Chachaji cries in front of Narendra that he killed Jahnvi. Narendra scolds to talk sense. Jahnvi walks in and Chachaji runs away. She runs behind him and asks why did he threw her in well. He escapes from window. She returns to family and hears Prithvi angrily shouting that Chachaji acts weird and takes tantrik baba’s help. Jahnvi asks which baba. He says Kapal baba, trikal baba, etc. Jahnvi asks Vishakha about kapal baba’s address. She tells he stays near some old mandir. Jahnvi asks Prithvi to get her taxi, leaves in taxi, reaches Kapal baba’s den, and walks in after asking taxi driver to wait till she returns. Baba warns her to go away, else he will kill her. She say she is not afraid of death and wants to know what did he tell Chachaji that tried to kill her while Chachaji cannot think of harming her even in dreams. Baba says she cannot hear it. Jahnvi insists. They hear a monstrous sound outside. Baba says Daayan has come and he is going out to protect Jahnvi. He walks out and attacks Daayan. Another daayan attacks him from behind and kills him. Jahnvi runs out of den and sees Daayan burning it with Baba’s dead body and is more shocked to see Mamaji there standing smirking. She rushes to taxi and leaves from there. She reaches hotel in the morning limping. Asha asks where was she and why is she limping. Mainka asks what happened to her. Aakarsh enters and asks them not to disturb his wife, she just woke up now and came out. He takes her and asks where was she whole night. She says she does not know what happens to her and cannot explain. He continues questioning her.

Precap: Jahnvi walks into Dayan’s den and sees kids hanging reversely and is shocked to see Mainka is daayan.

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