Daayan 24th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Jahnvi To Find Out Dayan’s Hideout In Aakarsh’s Hotel? Written Episode

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Dipank informs Narendra that his both daughters Jahnvi and Manvi are possessed by daayan. Chachaji says Jahnvvi dreams about Manvi and Poorvi. Dipank says that means Manvi’s did not get mukti/eternity yet. Taiji asks what they should do now. Chachaji suggests they should perform Manvi’s shraad. Dipank requests Narendra to agree as Manvi even before dying wanted him to forgive her. Narendra agrees. In hospital, Mainka asks Aakarsh if she Jahnvi is fine now. He says yes, he does not know how she went to jungle. Mainka asks him to go and be with Jahnvi and grins once he leaves. Aakarsh walks into Jahnvi’s hospital room and pampers her. Jahnvi says she needs to talk to him important. He asks her to rest first. She insists and says she was searching Amrith and went into some secret chamber where she found Mainka who was acting weird and is sure she is a daayan. Aakarsh says she must have dreamt like she does usually. Mainka enters grinning at Jahnvi. Manvi asks Aakarsh to take away daayan from her as she wants to kill her. Mainka acts and walks away. Jahnvi insists Aakarsh to stay with her. Nurse says he should stay outside room and gives sedatives saying Jahnvi will not wake up till morning. Jahnvi falls asleep. Aakarsh walks out of room and asks Mainka, Prachi, and Nandini to go home as he will stay with Jahnvi tonight. Mainka says he has client meeting tomorrow. Aakarsh agrees and leaves with Prachi and Nandini. Nandini then walks into Jahnvi’s room and shutting her mouth says she does not know what she saw yesterday, but she should understand that she considers her as daughter and will not think of harming her. Jahnvi panics and calls nurse to save her. Nurse sends Mainka out. Jahnvi then sees Amrith in next bed pleading to save her.

At Narendra’ house, Chachaji brings Manvi’s shraad items. Narendra thanks him for his concern. Prithvi opposes his decision. Narendra says he will do whatever is better for his daughter and he can apologize his daughter that way. On the other side, Aakarsh brings Jahnvi back to hotel and asks her rest well. Jahnvi reminds his promise to show hotel in detail. He agrees and takes her around. She sees painting which Prachi had described and even she went into tunnel via secret door around. Aakarsh opens secret door and says there is a store room here with old artifacts. Jahvi says there is a secret tunnel somewhere around. Aakarsh insists there is nothing. Jahnvi thinks Amrith is around 4 walls here for sure. A wall tries to grab Jahnvi, but Aakarsh takes her from there. Aakarsh meets Mainka next and seeing an injury on her hand asks what happened to her. She says simple kitchen injury.

At night, Jahnvi continues thinking where must be secret tunnel. She hears someone dragging as something outside, walks out of her room, and sees a shadow. She reaches same painting where shadow disappears. She thinks there was a secret tunnel around. Veer comes and asks what is she doing here. She tells him what she saw. He says even he heard someone dragging something. She says she is sure Mainka is daayan. Amirth is seen in secret room knocking door seeking help. Seyansh and Bablu crawl around him. Daayan enters and warns he cannot escape from her, soon he will also not feel pain like Seyansh and Bablu and will be her muse soon. Mainka watches Jahnvi and Prithvi hiding. Jahnvi senses and tells Veer someone is following them. A crow attacks them and they run and lock crow in a room. Veer says Daayan sent her this crow and will either come to take it or crow will show them daayan’s hideout here. Nandini passes by and seeing them together clicks their pic. Veer asks Jahnvi to go before Aakarsh wakes up. Jahnvi returns to her room and sleeps feeling guilty for disobeying Aakarsh and going out, but soon all these problems will end and there will be only love left between them. Next morning, Jahnvi wakes up shouting seeing knife and hugs Aakarsh. Aakarsh applying butter on toast for Jahnvi jokes she was snoring whole night and even hotel staff was complaining. She acts as getting angry. Narendra calls Jahnvi and invites her for pooja. Jahnvi informs Aakarsh that she is going to

Prithvi fumes in anger seeing Dipank and yells at him. They walk in and perform Manvi’s shraad pooja. Photo shakes. Dipank holds photo. A black cat comes out of table. Taiji gets worried. Pritvhi says black cat in daayan’s shraad is obvious. Back in palace, Daayan hypnotizes Amrith and making him fall asleep takes his hair strands.

Precap: Aakarsh asks Narend what happened to Manvi. Narendra says nothing had happened to her, but people are calling her daayan. Jahnvi confronts neighbor to dare not call Manvi as daayan.
Aakarsh sees Jahnvi in store room and asks what is she doing here again.

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