Daayan 3rd March 2019 Written Episode Update: Jahnvi’s DNA Test? Written Episode

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Daayan forcefully takes magical flower from Amrith and says she iwll give him power to b painless and disguise as anything he likes like Bablu and Seyansh. He extends hand, and she bites him. He loses consciousness. She orders Bablu and Seyansh to throw Amrith back in cave and calls evil god/kaak devta to come and give her powers. Jahnvi with Veer walks outside crow’s room and seeing it getting out of control realizes it is in daayan’s control, only Brijesh chachu can control crow now. Daayan thinks Jahnvi is very clever and found out her secret, she will not spare Jahnvi. Jahnvi’s family while having dinner discuss about Viraaj’s weird allegation. Jahnvi asks about Brijesh chachu. Prithvi says he is not seen after Manvi’s barsi pooja. Jahnvi and Veer silently walk out of hotel to search Brijesh when Viraaj catches Jahnvi’s hand and pesters her again. Prithvi sees that and trashes Viraaj. Vishakha stops him and asks to calm down as it is not their house, tells Viraaj that Jahnvi is not Kundalini and takes Prithvi in. Jahnvi and Veer run from there into jungle where Brijesh is performing pooja and seeing them out of guilt for trying to kill Jahnvi tries to suicide. They stop him and ask why was he trying to kill himself. he cries that he tried to kill her on kapaal baba’s order who told Jahnvi is a threat to people around her, so he has to kill her before daayan kills them. Jahnvi asks not to feel guilty as he is worried for other and informs about crow. Brijesh says he will come and control it.

At hotel, crows barge in and Jahnvi’s family gets tensed. Jahnvi with Veer brings Brijesh back to hotel and takes him to crow room. Brijesh controls crow with crow feather and says it is daayan’s puppet and via it he can find out daayan’s place. Jahnvi and Veer walk out while Brijesh starts pooja. Daayan sends crow herd into palace again and everyone panic and run around. Jahnvi rushes to crow room and sees Brijesh missing. She finds him unconscious near bed and sprinkles water on him. He says when he was performing pooja, crows attacked him and he fell unconscious. Jahnvi asks if crow escaped. Brijesh says yes, but he found a sign in crow’s eyes. Jahnvi asks to draw it down. He draws it. She says she saw it somewhere before and realizes she saw similar sign on ancient key, that means keys is of daayan’s room. Veer takes Brijesh for treatment. Mainka with Aakarsh walks in and asks if she is fine and she heard Brijesh got injured. Jahnvi says daayan had sent crows who attacked everyone at hotel and asks Mainka why is she doing this. Narendra warns Jahnvi to behave with Mainka. Aakarsh takes Jahnvi aside and asks if she is alright. She says he never listens to him, so she does not reveal what she saw. He says he will believe her. She says Mainka is daayan and behind all the mishaps happening. Aakarsh warns to dare not allege his mother, takes her to her room and gives her hypnotic pill. She falls asleep. Mainka alleges that Veer is spoiling Jahnvi’s mind and Aakarsh should kick him out of hotel. Aakarsh says he is worried about Jahnvi more and will consult a psychiatrist for Jahnvi. Once they leave, Mainka grins. Daayan in her cave orders cave to do its job and it flies away holding magical flower.

Aakarsh hires psychiatrist who prescribes medicine. Narendra asks how will he give medicine to Jahnvi. HAakarsh says he will somehow. Asha walks into Jahnvi’s room. Jahnvi talks about Daayan. Asha asks not to talk about Daayan. Jahnvi shows key to Asha and asks if she knows which room’s key is it and if she saw similar sign on any room. Asha asks her not to put her in trouble again as Aakarsh got angry when she helped her last time. Aakarsh w walks in. Asha leaves. Aakarsh drops medicine in tea and serves it to Jahnvi. Jahnvi shows him key and asks if he knows any details about it. He says it is nice, but he does not know anything. Chandrika walks in and informs Aakarsh that police has come to question Kundini. They walk out and see Viraaj telling inspector that these people have kept his wife Kundini Roy as Jahnvi. Jahnvi says she is not Kundini. Inspector asks then why did Veer claim deadboy as Jahnvi’s and questions her when did she marry Aakarsh, etc.. Jahnvi answers. Viraaj says Kundini did not like acting much and his business was not doing well, so she married Aakarsh as Jahnvi to enjoy his wealth. Jahnvki says it is wrong. Viraaj asks to prove it via her and Narendra’s DNA test that she is Jahnvi. Jahnvi says why should she. Aakarsh says she will undergo test and once it is proved she is Jahnvi, he will get Viraaj arrested.

Precap: Mainka asks Aakarsh why did he arrange pooja in hotel without informing her. Jahnvi tells Aakarsh Veer that once pooja starts they will search daayan’s room with her key.
Aakarsh asks Jahnvi why is she holding key till now and throws it away. Mainka thinks she cannot get pooja items without key. Key falls in front of her.

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