Daayan 9th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Jahnvi Kills Nandini? Written Episode

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Akarsh drops Jahnvi to her parent’s house and tells her father Narendra that Jahnvi tricked and married him, he cannot continue this marriage and will send divorce papers. Aunt yells Jahnvi spoilt their relationship with royal family. Narendra apologizes her. Pritvhi asks not to apologize for his daughters. Jahnvi runs to her room and closes door crying. Prithvi says since Jahnvi returned only wrong is happening, so they should send her away from here. Aunt says she knows an ashram in Uttarakhand. Dipank enters forcefully telling he wants to talk to Babuji/Narendra while Prithvi tries to push him away. Narendra shouts he does not want to speak to him. Dipank says they already lost Manvi and cannot lose Jahnvi, so they have to perform pooja. He calls Tantrik in and says he is the one was helping them get rid off dayan, but Manvi jumped off terrace before that; tantrik can help Jahnvi via pooja. Narendra shouts he does not want any pooja here. Shanti taiji says pooja will happen here. Tantrik says they should bathe Jahnvi with cold water in the morning and give her new clothes to wear and bring her for pooja. Taiji agrees. Dipank says he will leave now. Taiji requests him to stay back tonight. Dipank says he has to return to hotel to take care of Rimpi and leaves.

Jahnvi sits crying on her room. She senses daayan around. Her cousin enters with milk glass and says Taiji sent it to her to have it and sleep soon as she has to sit in pooja in the morning. Jahnvi feels guilty for putting Aakarsh into trouble. On the other side, Aakarsh looks at Jahnvi’s clothes in his cupboard and gets emotional. Jahnvi calls him and emotionally telling him crying that she did not call to apologize him as she does not deserve it, she troubled him so much, married him by trick, etc., but she did not want to trouble him purposefully and does not know what happens to her and what she does subconsciously, she did not harm his mother today as she lost her mother in childhood and considers Mainka as her mother, etc. Aakarsh calms down hearing her emotions. Next morning, tantrik comes and pooja starts in a closed room. Tantrik keeps Jahnvi’s legs on burning coal and she shouts in pain. Narendra and Harsh react, but Taiji and Dipank ask them to control themselves till pooja is complete. Aakarsh reaches there and asks where is Jahnvi and hearing her voice forcefully kicks door open and rescues Jahnvi from there. Tantrik shouts he is doing wrong, but Aakarsh takes Jahnvi from there.

Aakarsh reaches hotel. Mamaji shouts why did he bring her here. Aakarsh warns that Jahnvi is his wife and this house is hers also like him. He takes Jahnvi to his room and makes her lie on bed. Jahnvi requests him to be with her. He sits with her. Dayaan shouts she has to obey her and has to do whatever she says. Jahnvi shouts. Aakarsh apply medicine on Jahnvi’s feet asks what happened to her, he is just applying ointment on her feet. She leans on his lap and asks to be with her today. He agrees. Nandini barges and tells Aakarsh clients are waiting for him in resort. Aakarsh says he should be with Jahnvi and does not care about losses. Jahnvi asks him to go as she is in hotel itself and will not go out. Once he leaves, Mamaji enters and yells at her why did she return, she being a middle class married Aakarsh for wealth. He continues yelling. Jahnvi’s eyes turn red possessed by Daayan and runs to jungle when Daayan calls her. Maamaji shouts where is she going and follows her. She reaches a ground and lifts stone boulder. Next moment, she sees herself in room and Aakarsh waking her up. She says she slept for long. Aakarsh asks why there is soil on her hair. She rushes to Mamaji’s room and asks if he is fine. Mamaji shouts, but seeing Aakarsh says he is fine. She asks why did he follow her last night. He asks when. Aakarsh takes her to her room saying she is unwell.

Guard enters and nervously asks Aakarsh to come out soon. Whole family rushes to ground and are shocked to see dead body with head smashed with stone badly. Chandrika identifies her as Nandini. Jahnvi reminisces last night’s incident and thinks she killed Nandini. Police reaches hotel; inspector questions employees and tells he will question his family now.. Jahnvi says no need for that as she killed Nandini. Daayan reaches there and time freezes. Jahnvi informs family she is the one who is troubling her. Daayan says she warned she should do what she ordered. Time starts again. Chandrika attacks Jahnvi, but Aakarsh stops her and asks Jahnvi to stop as she is not in her senses sometimes. Mainka says her bahu is mentally ill. Inspector says let him question Jahnvi and his doctors will treat Jahnvi. Dayan comes again, time freezes, Hahnvi shouts she is the one who killed Nandini. Nobody hears that. Time restarts. Inspector arrests Jahnvi and takes her to jail’s mental assylum where she sees an insane woman who asks if she came. Woman says everyone call her Maayi, even she can call her Maayi.

At hotel, Jahnv’s family are worried for her. Maamaji yells they got married mad girl to Aakarsh for money. Aakarsh warns him to shut up and promises Narendra to bring back Jahnvi safely home. In assylum, Dayan emerges again and warns Jahnvi that Jahnvi is her slave and still in Jahnvi body. Jahnvi hurts herself. Maayi wakes up and stops her and tells daayan has possessed Jahnvi, and she is fighting against evil spirits since years and used to save people from Daayan’s powers. She has to fight with Daayan with equal powers. Jahnvi shows her mangalsutra and says she can fight daayan with his. Maayi identifies it as Aditya vansh’s mangalsutra and Daayan cannot withstand its powers. Jahnvi says it fell down and its stone broke down, so its powers are not working. Maayi says it is fake one as real one cannot be broken. Jahnvi says who must have stolen it, there was nobody present. Maayi says this is the reality. Jahnvi says she troubled her husband for mangalsutra. Aakarsh asks inspector why did he send Jahnvi to mental assylum. Inspector says Jahnvi herself accepted her claim, he has to file charge sheet. Aaakrsh says he will rescue Jahnvi today itself. Jahnvi asks Maayi how will she fight with Daayan. Maayi says paatalani can help her.

Precap: Maayi tells Jahnvi that Daayan must have known about her plan by now and shows way to reach Paatalini. Jahnvi asks how will she identify Paatalini. Maayi say by bright blue light on her throat and blue eyes.

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