Dil ding dong ding dole-ragsan 3 Written Episode

Hi sissy’s..here with next part of this FF. I updated all FFs today. Hope u r happy.

Next mrng sanskar gets ready and comes for breakfast. He din’t find jai.

San: mom, where is jai? Yesterday only I told him to b on time. Still he didn’t come.

suj: he came beta. Janki’s daughter came. So he’s with her outside. U have breakfast.

After breakfast he goes out. He hear voices singing song. he goes near car. He sees both jairag singing and dancing.

Rag: Tu premi

Jai: Main premi

Rag: Tu raazi

Jai: Main raazi

Rag: Tu..

Jai: aa ha!

Rag: Main..

Jai: aa ha!

Rag: Phir kya Daddy kya Amma
Ek bas tu hi pyaar ke kaabil
Saara jahaan hai nikamma…

Jairag: Tamma tamma loge
Tamma tamma loge tamma

Rag: Rakhun na baby koi bhi shanka
Apne pyaar ka baja doon danka
Tere mere beech mein jo koi bhi aaya
Uski laga doon lanka..

Stops seeing sanskar staring at them. She goes near sanskar.

Rag: hi Ragini. (Forwards her hand)

He’s just quiet.

Rag: hello. M giving my intro. ( acting like In serious tone) m Ragini, Ragini gadodias. Only daughter of shekhar and janki. Now ur turn.

Sanskar is still quite.

Jai: sir. Really she’s very gud singer and dancer. I enjoyed it. Tu premi…

Stops seeing sanskar not talking.

Rag: so u r sanskar. Hi sanskar. I hope u won’t mind calling u sanskar as our mom’s r friends, we too like friends only. So no formalities. Rite sanku.?

San: sanku?

Rag: finally u spoke something.

Jai: actually Ragini he doesn’t talk much.

Rag: don’t wry .. he will..

San: wat?

Rag: and sanku. If u don’t like sanku, we will change. U can call me Ragu. I don’t have any prob. BTW u r looking nice in this suit. Let’s go now. Sanku u just waste time. U shud know value of time. We r getting late. Jai start car.

Trio sat in car.

Rag was sitting in back. Jai starts driving car.

Rag: sanku do u always wear suit only? Or t shirt too? Today u cud have wore red t-shirt. Coz u were meeting me first time. First impression is best impression. Don’t wry in suit also ok. Actually not red, it shud b blue. Coz red is for lovers and we r not lovers. We r friends. Hey I forgot which colour for friendship. Jai.. do u know which colour.?

Jai: yellow.

Rag: he he yellow yellow dirty fellow.

Both started laughing. Now it was more than enough for sanskar. He shouts.

San: stop it both of u. From starting u r doing bak bak without pause. Now shut up.

Jairag kept quiet.

Rag: slowly. Sanku. Getting angry is bad. Ur BP gets high. And if BP gets high then u may get heart attack. If heart attack comes means u may gotak(she made expression of showing tongue out and eyes closed).

Jai: gotak means?

Rag: u don’t know? It means khallas at spot.

Jai gulps hearing her. Sanskar looks at Ragini strangely.

San: just now u met me and u r talking abt death. Jai stop car.

Jai stops car.

San: get out of my car. Quick.

Ragini slowly get down. Jai started car again.

San: wat kind of girl She is? Horrible? I’ll ask sry to janki aunty. She can’t work with me.

They reached company and entered cabin. They shocked to see Ragini playing with a small ball there.

I know it’s small update. As I update my all FF once, I cud write this much only. Next time it’ll b longer.

Hope u liked it.

Don’t forget to tell ur views abt continuing this FF.

Love you all 😘😍😍

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