Dil ding dong ding dole-ragsan1 Written Episode

Hi sissy’s. I just got another story in mind so just kept starting of that. If u like, I’ll continue…..

‘nind churai meri kisne o sanam, tune, tune. Oooo chain churaya Mera kisne o sanam tune tune’

‘wats this again? M fed up of it. All wake up in the morning listening God songs. But me? Movie songs, that too with loud remix. Don’t know wat to do’

‘ Ragini, ragini’

Janki woke up and comes to Ragini’s room through hall by calling her name.

Jan: Ragini. Everyone woke up with this music and the person who played the music is sleeping peacefully. Ragini get up.

She sees Ragini sleeping on bed covering herself fully in blanket. Jan goes near to remove blanket. But suddenly


Ragini got up suddenly making her scare wearing mask.

Janki crossed her arms and looked at her.

Rag: u dint scare?

Jan made music off.

Jan: no I don’t. Coz I got habituated with ur doings. Now get up and get fresh soon.

Ragini pouts.

Jan: don’t do these antics with me. It won’t work on me. Get fresh soon. Maintain descipline. Don’t get late. Come down soon.

She left room.

Rag: boring mom. Don’t know how to enjoy life.

She got up and move towards music system. She heard voice from down.

Jan: remote is with me. No more dramas.

Ragini goes to get fresh.

Janki comes in her room saw shekhar still sleeping.

Jan: this girl took whole home on her head and he is sleeping peacefully. Shekhar get up.

He din’t move. She removed balnket. She saw him in deep sleep.

Jan: how can he sleep in this music.

She saw cotton in his ears.

Jan: cheater. (She hits him with pillow)

Shekhar: (yawns) jaanu. Y r u angry in this early morning?

Jan: both father and daughter took my sleep. Shekhar u too behaving like her.

Shekhar: jaanu, wat shall I do tell? I tried all ways to make her behave little serious and to maintain little discipline. But nothing worked.

They hear ragini’s voice from her room only.

Rag: dad. Which colour today?

Shekhar: blue.

Rag: but before yesterday only blue over.

Shekhar: violet.

Rag: done dad.

Jan: angrily. Shekhar. Enough.

She goes to kitchen.

Intro of Ragini

Ragini Mehta, only daughter of shekhar and janki. They brought up her with over love. She became very mischievous. She always being doing something. Sometimes pranks and making fun of others with her jokes. No one’s anger work on her. Her lips r always in curve shape smiling. She never know to be quite. Both shejan told her many times that she’s grown up now, she shud b serious. But she never listened. She always does her wish.

Intro over

Janki was cooking breakfast in kitchen. She almost prepared breakfast. Again she heard music. She comes out sees the happening. Ragini was dancing with shekhar on song ‘ swag se karenge sabka swagat’

Ragini was making Shekhar dance in her style with singing song. Shekhar looks janki staring them. He quitely comes and sits on bf chair. Ragini was still in here dance. She saw janki and goes near bf smiling.

Jan: Shekhar Wats this now? U too? Ragini Wats this?

Rag: (acting like Salman) mom don’t u know tiger zinda hai.

Jan: Acha? Kaha hai?

Rag: he he… Me mom, or who else? Me tiger u tigress. And dad cat.

She burst into laugh. Shekhar stares at Ragini then sees janki who’s already looking at him.

Jan: so how r u feeling Mr.cat?

Shekhar quitely takes plate to eat. Ragini also started to eat. Ragini was humming song while eating.

Jan: atleast while eating b quite.

Rag: how can I eat quietly. I’ve to open mouth na.

Someone knocks at door. Trio looks there.

Jan: Raju? Come beta. Have bf.

Raju: no aunty. My stomach is already full by ragini’s bf.

Jan: today wat she did?

Raju: she gave an add in today’s newspaper for me.

He forwarded newspaper to her. She reads.

‘bride wanted for a handsome groom. Groom is ready to give 1 crore if bride knows cooking’

Raju: from mrng m getting continues call for my alliance.

Jan looks at Ragini.

Rag: smiling. Yesterday he told that I can’t cook. So no one will marry me.

Jan: so?

Rag: so. He wants good cook as his wife. So I made it easier. If we tell abt 1 crore then he’ll get best cook as his wife.

Jan: Raju. Sry. I’ll handle this.

Raju: for ur sake m quite. Or else..

Rag: or else wat? U’ll marry me? M not good cook.

She again starts laughing.

Jan: ofho.. this girl. I must do something to bring her in rite way.

Rag: mom m going out. Don’t worry. This time less complaints Wil come.

Jan: but I don’t want any complaints. I’ll make u marry. That’s only solution from ur childish behaviour.

Rag: ( laughing) marriage? That too mine? ( In amitabh style) aisa koi paida nai hua Jo mujhe takkar dear sake hhaaii. She forwarded her hand in style.

Janki kept newspaper in her hand and left from there. Ragini keeps on smiling seeing that add.

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