Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji 4th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Rocky tricks Happy Written Episode

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The Episode starts with Sandhya saying we should buy some gifts for groom’s family. Pratap’s wife Kuki argues with her. Pratap says you want to give gifts to them, it will be done, we will spend money on Happy’s marriage, but the expenses will be done by using the money kept for Smiley’s education, we will shift Smiley from private school to govt. School. Sandhya cries and goes. She sees Smiley crying. Rocky says Bua, tell Biji and mum that I will stop Chintu and Happy’s marriage, she won’t be able to marry anyone. Bua goes happily. Rocky sees Happy begging for a job at the cafe. Manager says calm down, if there is any job opening, I will call you, sorry. Rocky smiles and comes to her. She asks him to get away from her way. He taunts her. He asks her why is she doing this drama if she wants to marry Rocky. She turns to go. He stops her and says you have to answer me. She says go and tell your family that I don’t want to marry Chintu. He asks then why are you playing shagun and roka thing.

Chintu says mummy, Happy’s family can’t afford expenses. Kulwant says let them manage the expenses, I knew this, you are finding excuses to avoid marriage, don’t worry, Happy’s family will have arrangements done beforehand, like we kept money for your sisters’ marriage. Chintu thinks my family is more eager than me, how will I stop them. Smiley shows her certificates to Sandhya and says I have worked hard, why can’t we keep a simple marriage. Sandhya says we will find a way, don’t tell anything to Happy. Happy hears this and cries. Rocky calls her and says I m standing outside the house, just come out and talk to me, else I will come in. She agrees and goes out. He apologizes to Happy.

Rocky says you don’t have any problem with me, you know Chintu, he is a good man, he is not able to think anything now, but I m generous, I will help you. He does shayari and says I m not as bad as you think, you don’t want to marry Chintu, its obvious, every girl dreams for a prince charming, I can understanding, in between our fights, I forgot to tell you, when you get angry, you and your nose look very cute, I want to help you as Chintu deserves happiness too. We are friends from today, I will help you. She says I don’t want your help, I want a good job. He says I will get you the job. He calls hotel manager and says job done. He says you will look amazing as receptionist, don’t doubt me, I feel very bad, I m helping Chintu and thinking about his happiness, good Karma, nobody trusts if someone wants to help. She stops him and says don’t give up so soon. She takes his help. She says I will come to the restaurant at night. He smiles. Kulwant says we will take the cards and come.

Madhu asks him to come on time, they have to go to restaurant. Happy goes. Rocky gets glad that his plan worked. Biji says Rocky, you know Happy is so clever, she will steal our wealth, she wants to get inside our family and get everything away, if this wedding happens then everything will be ruined, do something. Rocky says I will not let Happy ruin lives, Kulwant thinks I m good for nothing, I won’t spare anyone who attacks my family. She says yes, you save us. Rocky says I won’t let Chintu’s life get ruined, Happy has to come today. Kulwant and Madhu come to same restaurant. Rocky says you did good by coming here, manager would be coming. He thinks of his plans that he will spike her drink and then get close to her, the video will go viral and then she won’t be marrying to anyone.

Kulwant looks for manager. He sees the girls dancing. He thinks who are such parents, they send daughters to such places, they drink wine and sell off their shame. They don’t see Happy and go out. Manager takes them. Sandhya meets someone to ask for a loan. She says trust me, I will pay loan soon. The man says I understand your problem, I also have a daughter like Happy. She says I want Happy to have a good life. Happy asks when will manager come. Rocky says you should take a drink. She refuses. He says you are a good girl. He compliments her. She says lets go and meet the manager personally. He says good idea, we can go. He goes after her and thinks her destruction plan begins.

Happy says my dress got drenched, how will I go home. He asks her to get a new dress and change. The man sets the camera and asks Rocky to get Happy to room. Rocky says no one can save Happy from me today.

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