Divya Drishti 10th March 2019 Written Episode Update: Divya to marry Rakshat Written Episode

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Scene 1
Shantani’s man comes to Lava and hypnotizes.

Everyone is in the hall. Rakshat says I have to go. Mahima says I have called pandit ji you can’t go.
Shantani comes as pandit ji. Mahimda gives kundli to pandit ji. He says what are you doing. He says rakshat has to be married to someone else. Someone who has powers. Divya and Drishti both are dazed. Rakshat says what stupidity is this. Divya says my kundli is rashmi. Drishti says in heart why is she lying. I am rashmi.

Mahima says they really like each other. Pandit says you can’t do against the nature. He has to be married to a rashmi girl.
He leaves. Mahima says how will I change is choice. Rakshat leaves.
Divya stops pandit ji and says what were you saying. Drishti says what were you saying. Drishit says I am sure Divya has planned all this.

Scene 2
Drishti comes to Rakshat’s room.. She says hwat happened.. She says you shouldn’t marry her. Rakshat says do you want to marry me? I saw you were about to raise your hand. she says what do you mean. I have to go. Rakshat stops her. HE says will you marry me? Drishti is dazed. She says I don’t know what to say. I don’t like you. she leaves.

Everyone is trying to calm Mahima. She says to divya please marry rakshat. I don’t wanna risk his life. Divya says if that is what you want. She calls her mom and says I am going to get married. Her mom says how.. She says ma I am getting married to my dream guy. Mahima calls Divya’s mom. She says I wanted to propose for your daughter’s hand.

Drishti recalls what Rakshat said. She falls in the pool.
Rakshat comes to Lava and tries to calm her down.
Divya’s mother comes. Mahima says her parents are here so we can proceed about your wedding.

Drishti is worried. she says why did I see that locket in the pool.
Divya gives everyone juice. Lava is getting ready too. She says my love.. I am going to get married.
Precap-Divya sees Shantani. She stops her with her magic. Drishti sees her and realizes its her sister.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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