Do you think Ishq SubhanAllah should wrap up? Written Episode

Zee’s Ishq SubhanAllah brings a new twist in the leads’ lives. While the true lovers Kabeer and Zara have faced many difficulties in life, they encounter a new problem in the form of Zeenat. The trouble arises from within the family and turns them helpless. Zeenat and Kashan change their colours and get troubling the family only because of their greed and personal interests. Zeenat falls to lower levels by hurting her in-laws. Kabeer and Zara find it hard to protect the family from Zeenat. Kashan loses faith in relations. He gets self-centered and doesn’t think about his parents. Zeenat fixes her sister-in-law Elena’s marriage with a rich guy Sameer, irrespective of his bad family background.

Do you think Ishq SubhanAllah should wrap up?

Zeenat sells off Elena for money and business deals. Zeenat doesn’t care for Elena or anyone else. Zeenat wants to give it back to Kabeer and Zara and prove to them that nothing is mightier than financial powers. Kabeer unites with his dutiful wife Zara to protect his sister’s life from getting ruined. The track doesn’t bring anything fresh in terms of story graph. After Ruksar, Zeenat is up to new conspiracies against Kabeer and Zara. Do you think Ishq SubhanAllah should wrap up? Let us know your opinion.

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