Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 11th February 2019 Written Episode Update: Rivaaj manipulates Rukmani Written Episode

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 11th February 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Raghav calling Rani. Rani asks Dadi if she shall pick the call. Dadi says ok. Raghav tells her that they are going to get married. Rani gets shocked. Raghav says they will play after marriage. Rani tells that she is very young and will study and do job first. Raghav asks if she will marry him then? Rani says she will think. Raghav turns his face. Rani asks him to tell a tongue twister and tells. Raghav tries and tells that he will learn and then call her.

Rivaaj is madly thinking about Rani and plays the flute. Bhanu comes to him and says I have never seen your this avatar. Rivaaj says nobody troubled me like this before and says lavaa is bursting in his veins and he wants to kiss her, but she can’t come in his hands. He tells that he has played a very big game and made his sister prey. He tells that Rukmani thinks I am his Deewani, and says she is just the ladder to reach Rani. He says he will make Rani as his wife.

In the night, Rukmani goes out of the house and sees Rani standing at the gate. She says Rani..what are you doing here? You scared me. Rani asks are you hiding something? Rukmani says she is not hiding anything. Rani says Mamma trusts us a lot and you are doing this. Rukmani asks what did I do? Rani asks are you going to meet Rivaaj in the night. Rukmani says I love Rivaaj very much. Rani asks if he also loves you? Rukmani says yes. Rani tells him that his image is bad and he is not a good guy. Rani asks her to think again and says one wrong step and our mum’s trust will break. Rukmani says you have lost courage in childhood, but I made relation with Rivaaj using my courage and asks her to come with her. She takes her to the place where Rivaaj is already waiting for her. He asks if he is wanted by her.

Rukmani asks can I ask you anything? Rivaaj asks are you fine? Rukmani asks you love me naa? Rivaaj takes his hand back. Rukmani asks him to answer. She asks him to tell her once and says we are together all day and I meet you in the night secretly. She asks him to say that he loves her. Rivaaj gets angry, takes a knife and slits his hand. Rukmani shouts Rivaaj. Rani who is standing far and watching is shocked too. Rukmani cries and tries to bandage his hand, but he refuses. He asks why did you ask if you trust me. He says I was broken, you will hande me. He hurts his hand again. Rukmani cries and gives her promise. He tells that the broken star will break today in the sky, and says I was about to request wish today about our togetherness. Rani sees the star breaking. Rivaaj acts and tells that God forgot to make love line on my hand. He says I think all day about you and you doubt on my love. Rukmani says sorry and cries. She says she did this to show to Rani. Rivaaj asks where is Rani? Rukmani calls her and asks her to come there. Rani comes to them.

He asks what a joke, if she was spying on us. Rukmani says Rani has a doubt that you love me or not and tells her that Rivaaj loves her madly. She says I hurt Rivaaj to prove you and asks her not to talk any nonsense else I will never talk to you. Rani looks at Rivaaj and leaves. Rivaaj asks Rukmani to go with Rani and says it is late night. Rukmani asks him to take care of his hand. Rivaaj thinks he has to give test for fake love. Bhanu comes and bandages his hand. He tells that he kept less sharp knife. Pappu says when driver informed us that two sisters are coming, we saw news about broken star and enacted this drama. Rivaaj says he is more dangerous than the devils etc.

Rani prays to God and tells that she has to take a step against Rivaaj to save Rukmani. She comes to college and comes infront of his jeep. Rivaaj stops his jeep.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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