Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 1st March 2019 Written Episode Update: Rani figures out Rivaaj’s dangerous plan to get her Written Episode

Ek Thi Rani Ek Tha Ravan 1st March 2019 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Prem Latha taking Manjiri to room and thinks she has to put misri in her mouth and keep bitterness hidden to convince her, else Rivaaj will be unmarried. Manjiri apologizes to her. Prem Latha says I can understand as I have a daughter. She tells that their family is respect and now it is ruined. She says people will not say anything on our face, but on our back. They will hesitate as Shivraj is on high position. She says people will taunt and humiliate you, and tells that there is no man in the house to protect you all. She asks Rukmani didn’t think about you at once. She tells that she is seeing darkness in Rani’s life and says I have the diya with me. She says Rivaaj’s marriage shall happen with Rani to save family’s respect. Manjiri says this can’t happen. Prem latha says who will marry Rani and says I am giving her shelter and respect. Manjiri says I can’t punish Rani for Rukmani’s mistake. Prem latha says this is Prasad and this is the chance for Rani to live with respect. Manjiri says I can’t tell Rani. Prem latha says I will tell the world that your daughter did the mistake. Rivaaj watches Rani and Raghav’s video on his engagement. He asks Pappu and Bhanu to empty his cupboard and lock her inside. Pappu tells that he lost the injection to make her unconscious. Rivaaj scolds them. He thinks he can’t get Rani until Rukmani is here. Raghav gives courage to Rani and says Rukmani might be fine.

Manjiri and Prem latha come out. Rani asks if everything is fine. Manjiri takes her to side. Shivraj asks what is happening? Prem latha asks him to have patience. Rani and Manjiri go out. Manjiri asks what aunty told? Manjiri tells Rani that whatever she will ask her today is much bigger and says this is the only way to save both families respect and asks her to marry Rivaaj. Rani is taken aback and says Rivaaj is Rukmani didi’s love, I can’t do this. Manjiri says you couldn’t search her, nobody will listen to us, we have to pay for the humiliation. Rani asks her not to ask her this. She says I can’t marry Rivaaj. Manjiri says I will not ask you anything. Dadi asks Rani to agree.

Rani recalls the happenings. Mama asks Prem latha to say something. Rani says you have full right on me and that’s why I never refused you for anything. She says I can’t do this marriage. She says I couldn’t accept Rukmani and Rivaaj’s marriage, so how can I marry him. She tells that Rukmani didn’t elope with anyone and is in grave trouble. She asks her not to hope this from her and says she can’t marry. Dadi says if marriage doesn’t happen then we will have bad reputation. Manjiri says how we will face Shivraj’s family. Rani sees temple outside and asks God to show her way. She says you can’t leave me alone, and asks her to show her way. She hears Pappu and Bhanu going secretly and telling that they shall talk to Rivaaj about the plan. Rani thinks to follow them and says she might get a clue. She follows them, but then she misses them.

Pappu and Bhanu come to Rivaaj and tell that they got the medicine to make her unconscious. Rivaaj says Rukmani’s destiny is in Rani’s hand and says if Rani agrees then Rukmani will be saved, else she has to die. He says he has bear Rukmani and trapped her to get Rani since many months. He asks them to handle Rukmani, and he will go and make Rani as his wife. Rani hears him and is shocked. Rivaaj asks them to go with upstairs way. Rani sits down and says I was always right about Rivaaj. She thinks where is Rukmani? She thinks of Rivaaj’s words that he will leave Rukmani if she agrees to marry him. She says I will play a trick on Rivaaj’s trick.

Precap: Rani agrees to marry Rivaaj. Everyone is surprised. Rivaaj feels peaceful.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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